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Top Schizophrenia Forums

Top Schizophrenia Forums

An important factor in learning about illnesses is talking about them. Forums are a great way to discuss and learn about an array of topics. It gives people a chance to ask questions they have and to receive responses from both doctors and people that are experiencing the illness for themselves. The only downside to this type of resource is you don’t always get the responses you want or the response comes very late. I’ve gone through and picked out four different forums relating to schizophrenia and summarized what you can expect to find on each one.


Psych Forums

This first forum is Psych Forums, this specific website has a lot of active members. This is important because that means that there is a better chance of getting responses to your questions quicker. Under the “Schizophrenia” section there are over 3,000 posts with over 630 topics. Almost every single forum has activity on it and responses range from tips to experiences. The forums are put into common categories so that searching becomes easier. It’s important to look through and search for forums that might have your same question.

Psych Central

Psych Central is another great sight for schizophrenia forums. This website actually shows you how many users are on the website at a time and has moderators that make sure that everything is “running smoothly” on the forums. Each forum also shows the amount of views it gets which helps you see what is most frequently searched. On this website one of the top viewed forums was “Top Schizophrenia Resources Online“. The only downside is that you have to be a member to write or comment on the forums and it takes 12 hours to have your comment posted. Making an account is very easy and totally free. Although the wait is a downside, it assures that the content of the post is relevant and beneficial for readers.

Schizophrenia Research Forum

If you are looking for a forum site that has specific research rather than discussions than this is the site for you. Each forum is specifically written by a researcher. It does still allow comments for feedback from viewers but they aren’t the ones writing the posts. They also offer a section for “online discussions” which include both live chats and regular discussion forums. They also include old discussion topics and all of the questions that were asked and include the answers given. Another really beneficial thing they offer is a directory of their researchers including: where they are from and what their affiliation is. This is a great tool to see exactly who the information is coming from and how they got it.

Topix Schizophrenia Forum

The last schizophrenia forum is from Topix. This website also shows a lot of activity with comments on every single post. One interesting aspect Topix offers is the option to create a poll, this is an interesting way to get information by offering poll options and collecting the data. They also offer the option to get notified when a specific forum gets updated. This is a great way to keep active on a post that you are interested in. This site also provides a search option to search through forums that relate to your topic.

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