The Drawings of Mr. S.

In my adventures across the internet, I have found a modern master of the arts who finds himself in a similar predicament as many of us, for he has been diagnosed with the illness called schizophrenia.  However, this has not stopped this gentleman, who prefers to refer to himself as Mr. S., from pursuing his craft with diligence and using it as a coping method and opportunity for expression and communication.  Please find the time to visit Mr. S.’s blog after reading this article!

Mr. S. has decided to embrace anonymity due to the unfortunate stigma that schizophrenia carries.  Many are afraid of and choose to ostracize that which they cannot understand.  I appreciate that Mr. S. has not abandoned these folks but has taken up drawing and painting as a way to help educate the masses.  And this efficaciousness of this teaching is not mitigated by his use of an pen-name.  He has, however, shared us a glimpse of perhaps the most important aspect of his face, which are his eyes and windows to his soul.


The Story of Mr. S.

As the medical community has tried to warn, there is a percentage of people in society who have a very adverse reaction to marijuana and can experience a psychotic break in relation to its intake.  Mr. S. views his experiences through a spiritual lense and believes he has attracted the attention of hostile spirits that choose to torment him.  This belief is strengthened and supported by his communications with more positive celestial beings and his witnessing of ghosts surrounding him.  He is a very devout person and feels he is at harmony with these aspects of existence.  Regardless if this is delusion or not, it is an important facet to Mr. S.’s coping and integration with schizophrenia and certainly inspires his wonderful art.

The Meaning of Mr. S.’s Artwork

Eagle Sunset

Mr. S.’s artwork is a dual-adventure.  It is an investigation for himself into the reality of expanding our senses in order to perceive and be aware of spiritual phenomenon.  But it is also an adventure for the viewer who is urged to question the fundamental assumptions they have made in regards to these issues.  The vagueness of the validity of these ideas and beliefs is very interesting because it is simple for one to dismiss the man and his art as delusional in nature.  That is the first barrier to learning from this man’s complex message, and is a barrier to entry of sorts that demands a readiness to approach the mystery and magic.

With his interest in the scientific method and its application to paranormal phenomenon, he has been called a psychic-scientist by some, and a soldier of Christ by his father.  His dedication to this task has helped him develop a means of growth and maintenance he calls spiritual self-care.  His artwork is certainly a part of this tactic and it involves managing his subtle body, or energy body as some would call it.  You could think of this as your aura.

Pieces of Work

The first experience of psychosis by Mr. S. was in the year 1999 that involved a large rush of energy in his consciousness.  This influenced his work to become very abstract and colorful, as seen below.

Magician’s Hand



Viking Rainbow Father

Later, after almost a decade of managing his illness with medication, his drawing became less sporadic and far more deliberate.  This lessening of the freedom and increase in direction reduced the abstractness of his work, but that’s not to say that it was very concrete either, as seen below.

Toy Horse

Blue Crosses

Graffitti Steps

Sine Wave

Atomic Wind

Thank you for reading, once again!  Stay tuned for more featured artists!