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Signs of Schizophrenia in Adults

Signs of Schizophrenia in Adults

People with schizophrenia usually are diagnosed in early adulthood. This usually means early to mid 20’s. This isn’t every case but most often this is the age that people with schizophrenia described it starting. There are many different signs that may link with schizophrenia in adults. A vast change in behavior is usually an indicator that someone has schizophrenia. An example of this would be someone that usually is very outgoing and talkative being withdrawn and quiet without the impact of a tragic event.


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A person with schizophrenia usually will be unable to keep relationships and often will isolate themselves. There social contact is often with only intermediate family and a few close friends. This means any other relationships or friendships will often fail. They will often want to spend there days alone rather than with company. Human contact will usually be irritating to them and often times they will be lost in thought and will not be verbal. Another indication is taking trips that lead nowhere. Sometimes it will be a walk, drive, or they will move and there will be no desired endpoint.

Other signs that someone with schizophrenia may show is becoming overly verbal. This means that they will talk to themselves out loud. They will sometimes also replay conversations out loud to themselves. Inappropriate emotions being portrayed in situations can also be a sign of schizophrenia. Disorganized speech is very common, this is usually when answers to questions will not relate at all to the original question or a person will use neologisms, words that they make up. Not being able to finish sentences is another sign, they will often stop talking mid sentence and will be unable to go back and gather their thoughts. “Deep conversation” will usually not make any sense and they will be often illogical. Memory will become very challenging, simple things will be forgotten, and concentration becomes nearly impossible.

There will also be large changes in the way they dress and take care of themselves. Often times people with schizophrenia will begin to neglect every day task such as bathing and dressing. The way they dress will generally change drastically and portrays a sense that they don’t care about the way they look. This will usually cause an overall decrease in there appearance. Drug and alcohol abuse is very common in people with schizophrenia. Also the want or desire to begin smoking is a sign of schizophrenia seen in adults.

Emotions will be generally be harder to express. A person with schizophrenia may not be able to express joy during a joyous occasion. Finding pleasure from activities will also be much harder. Sometimes they won’t express any feelings at all and will seem like they have no desires. They might also express a feeling of being detached from there body. Another sign of schizophrenia in adults might be an increase in sensitivity. Insults or criticism will be taken as extremely hurtful.

It is important to remember that each case of schizophrenia is very different depending on the person. A person with schizophrenia may portray these symptoms but they may also portray other symptoms also. If you or someone you know are experiencing these symptoms it is important for you to go and get an examination from a professional. Just because you are experiencing some of these signs does not mean you do have schizophrenia. Many of these symptoms are also linked with other disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. It is also important to remember that it is normal to portray some of these symptoms to a certain extent. When these signs become excessive or uncontrollable that is when seeing a doctor is crucial.



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