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Schizophrenia Test | Schiz Life
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Schizophrenia Test

Schizophrenia Test

Schizophrenia Screening Test

This test has been developed by Schiz Life and is meant for insight and entertainment purposes only. If you suspect you may be experiencing the symptoms of schizophrenia or schizophreniform disorder, please consult your local psychologist, psychiatrist, or other medical professional, or call 866-571-6796 to speak with someone by phone to get help today. This is not a diagnostic tool for schizophrenia spectrum illnesses. Do not attempt a self-diagnosis or self-medication. Always seek professional help first! This is not an official online test for schizophrenia, as nothing like that exists. A diagnosis can only be obtained from a professional.

Test Instructions:

This screening test is free and for everyone to use! This test is designed to help you understand your own level of symptoms that are commonly considered related to schizophrenia in some degree. Each answer has been assigned a numerical value and after completing the quiz, you will be given a score based on the severity of your symptoms. An explanation of your score is found below the quiz. Please choose your answers in relation to your current state or how you’ve felt in the past couple of months. Be honest with yourself. This quiz is absolutely private. No data is collected or saved and it is completely anonymous. The test is not timed, however you may find it useful to choose your initial answer without dwelling too long on each question.

1. I find it difficult to separate reality from fantasy and delusion. This makes it hard to trust myself or others, because I’m not sure if I’m being lied to or controlled.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

2. Others plot to hurt me. I am being persecuted by a secret group, government, religion, etc. They monitor me everywhere I go.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

3. I cannot control my own mind, thoughts, or actions for various reasons, including possession, mind control, or lack of willpower.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

4. I have magical, psychic, or spiritual powers that others do not. They either don’t believe me or want to stop me.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

5. Because of jealousy or fear of my powers, others treat me unkindly and unfairly. For this reason, I don’t socialize much.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

6. I communicate with people, spirits, or entities beyond this world that others can’t see or hear. They gift me secret information or torment and trouble me.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

7. People disbelieve my knowledge and skill of magical powers, psychic abilities, and conspiracy plots. They think I’m ‘crazy’.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

8. My beliefs are so unique or truthful that others find them very bizarre or scary. I am the only one who knows the truth.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

9. I am alone. I have nothing in common with anyone else on the planet, including my family and friends. I am special.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

10. When I express myself, people become confused or think I’m strange. They cannot understand me and words, or are scared to do so.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

11. I procrastinate and waste lots of time. Everything is pointless and there is some impending doom lurking in the near future.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

12. My short-term memory is becoming worse and worse. I can’t remember simple or big things, such as where I sat my drink or a doctor’s appointment.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

13. I find myself lost in aimless activities that have no purpose or meaning to them. I can waste many hours doing this before I realize what has happened.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

14. My emotions are not appropriate for the events that occur. For example, I cry for no reason or laugh at violence.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

15. I suspect the world is not real, like a puppet show or illusion. A sinister force is responsible for this trickery. They’ve replaced the people I care about with robots or ‘walk-ins.’

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

16. I spend far too much time in anxiety about existence. I can stare at my hands in wonder and fear for hours. I can’t let it go, even though it troubles me.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

17. It occurred to me that if I answer truthfully on this schizophrenia quiz, someone might be tracking the info and use it against me.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

18. My communication skills are deteriorating. I’m losing my vocabulary, grammar, syntax, speech, and even handwriting skills. I mix words, languages, and letters together.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

19. I’m extremely anxious in social situations. I’d rather avoid them. I fear being judged, making a mistake, or offending someone.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

20. The color red makes me angry. The colors blue or green calm me. I can taste and hear things when I look at them. I can feel the colors.

Not at All
A Little Bit
All the Time

Once you’ve answered all of the questions, click below to receive your score.

Test Score

Your total score is:

Concerned about schizophrenic tendencies? Call 866-571-6796 to get help!

Now you can read below to interpret your results! But please remember, no real online test for schizophrenia. You must speak in person to a doctor before you will receive any form of diagnosis. This quiz exists simply to help you understand your own thinking and for entertainment purposes. Now to the results!

Test Results!

If you scored a…

0-30 – You show very few symptoms of schizophrenia and are likely not at risk for the development of this illness. But please remain aware of your own internal processes as time continues. The general population has about a 1.1% risk for becoming schizophrenic according to the statistics!

31-55 – You may be experiencing low to moderate symptoms. However, some of your answers could be related to an anxiety condition or simply open-mindedness to the realm of possibilities (such as questions concerning psychic powers and conspiracies). If these believes create problems for you in your life, then you should take heed and be aware of the causes of schizophrenia. You could be at risk.

56-70 – You are experiencing schizophrenic symptoms. Please consult a doctor in regards to your condition. Your symptoms may progress and worsen in time. Your doctor may prescribe you medication and help you set up a treatment plan. Take your family or friends with you so they can learn the basics of your illness. You may also call 866-571-6796 to speak with a trained professional by phone to get help deciding what to do next.

71-100 – You are experiencing very acute symptoms related to schizophrenia. Please alert a loved one and have them schedule an appointment with a psychologist. It is important that you seek treatment immediately and gain an understanding of the type of schizophrenia you are dealing with. Your doctor will explain to you and your loved ones what your prognosis and path towards recovery will be. Please do not wait or hesitate. You may also call 866-571-6796 to speak with a trained professional by phone to get help deciding what to do next.

Reiterating the Need for Safety

Please remember that there is no official online diagnostic test for schizophrenia. If you feel you are experiencing symptoms, please consult your doctor. He or she can lead you in the direction you need to go from there. Do not wait. Early intervention can stop your symptoms from further developing and progressing into more severity. Thank you for taking this test!


  1. i scored 76. my mum doesn’t believe me, she doesn’t believe that i see the dead in cars that lurch forward as if they are trying to kill me. she doesn’t believe the horrific things that i see in the darkness. she doesn’t believe that i hear a low static noise at all times. she doesn’t know that i dream of people telling me to do bad things to the ones i love. she doesn’t know that i have drank human blood and have taken pleasure in it. she will never understand… help me, please.

    • i’ve scored 50. I would hear voices in my head occasionally, but i could never understand it and i would see things when im in class, in my room or just casually sitting down. i’ve also noticed it has gotten worse and worse. i dont know what to do.

      • I scored a 19.

        I sometimes hear things that aren’t there as well. I hear non-existent footsteps when I’m alone, and when I listen to my iPod I hear voices calling out my name even when there is nothing in the music that remotely resembles my name, and everyone else around me is silent.

        I’ll see movement out of the corner of my eye, or get the feeling that I’m being watched, but the room is empty when I turn around.

        I find myself fighting a grin at violent or sad scenes in books or movies, even though I don’t find them remotely funny. This is a problem in a social setting.

        I’ll also hear a high pitches whine in my ears all the time, even though nobody else can. Although maybe it’s the sound of technology making high hertz even when it’s in sleep mode, so that’s a possibility.

        I daydream, lose my train of thought, and forget things quite easily.

        I also use proxies online for fear of government tracking, though this may not be an unfounded fear with those new things the NSA can do.

        When I need to clarify my thoughts when thinking things through, I’ll talk to myself, though I have no delusions of there being anybody else but me in that conversation. When I’m nervous or confused I’ll trace things in the air or talk myself through a series of steps.

        I don’t quite know if all this should worry me, or am I fine?

        • this is the exact same thing with me. omg.

          • Aspergers syndrome

        • I got a 84. I think I have schizophrenia. My mind is different from others. I can see into the future, I hear voices in my mind, I wonder about my existence and think I am just a made-up character in a book. I stutter A LOT, and whenever I write something down I mix up the words and letters by accident. And everyone things I’m crazy but I know I’m not. I don’t know what to do. It’s like someone has taken over my mind. Someone please help.

          • I think I am in a book too. Who is the main character?

          • I feel like that some times too

          • me too. i am currently taking 75mg of effexor everyday and i smoke weed on the weekends and ever since i can remember, i have always felt like i was different. its worsening to the point where i feel stuck in my mind and that im special but no one gets it and everyone thinks they are special but no one really gets it cause i really do think on such deep levels spiritually and i lack trust in my mind and fear my subconscious

          • Same exact thing with me

          • I know I’m a year late to responding to this. But if you get this, I want you to know you’re not crazy. I have similar things i can do. I got on medication for shizophrenia three months ago and makes life easier but also limits me. Normally i can communicate with the spiritual realm like your saying you can see into the future and stuff. I have several friends who appear in a sort of second vision and we converse like seperate entities and ive never had a single person or friend think i was crazy. Ive gone this whole time to the age of 18 without sweming abnormal to anyone and yet i have this unusual gift to see, hear, feel, an entirely different spiritual reality no one else seems to experience. IT sucks when it gets bad and depressing but can also be a gift. Its a gift and a curse i think.

          • The same goes for me. I got 94 on the test. Some times I hear a voice as if there is actually some one calling to me but when I ask other people if they called for me or heard any thing, they never did.

          • I also scored 84,

            Every single day I mix up my writing or I accidentally write the same word over again without paying attention aswell as my handwriting varies.

            I doze off very often and listen to what these voices are saying also having bundled up thoughts spiraling everywhere inside my head. I even think about what the worst thing can happen and repeat what I answered in a whisper.

            I do have a very high IQ but my grades are suffering because I have so much emotions and so much stuff on my mind. I can’t really focus. I do my work but I never get it done.

            I have social anxiety and I’m always quiet and have nothing much to say. I also try not to socialize with people because they all think I’m weird and always been made fun of. When I want to socialize I have nothing that interesting to say. Why do I always depend on my own thoughts? Hmm idk.

            I’m always spending as much time as I can hours soon hours of internet and anime. And I do get drawn into it.

            I’m always called “delusional” because others think I don’t understand the difference between fantasy and reality but I do. Mostly. I guess with my psychic abilities I can see things happen but with my eyes. Including spirits.

            I forget things easily. I can remember alot from the way back in the past but my memory is getting worse and worse. I easily forget stuff like what I learned about in school today or which cup is mine or what we ate for dinner. :/

            I used to have alot of outbursts when I’m angry but I don’t anymore

            I laugh at violent things or even DIRTY things

            Sometimes I cry. I cried for something i don’t remember

            I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia before and yeah…

          • Im sorry to say but if you can see into the future then you would already know the results of this test ! xD.

          • I don’t hear or see things I just make assumptions about things being connected and avoid other people. The longer I am alone the worse it gets. Like while typing this I hear movement in the apartment above and wonder if it is a signal that people are watching me or sending me some kind of psychic phenomeon. The scary thing is that I have thoughts and they actually come true, like predicting the future or thinking and saying something exactly the way it is said on television only moments later. I have lost most of my friends and family because of the bizarre associations. I go through periods when I am not troubled with these things only to start re-experiencing them -HELP

          • I too feel like i am in a book, or a make believe world. It is scary

          • @Crazy Shut In, okay this is creepy, I have the exact same thing with the assumptions. When I think certain things I suddenly hear my parents laughing downstairs or my heater starts to make noices.

            I also hear my name being called a couple times when I try to sleep and make up stories and talk to the persons.
            I feel watched constantly and I get so scared, sometimes I start crying bc of it.
            I don’t see concrete things but I see black shapes, kinda like shadows around the room sometimes. And one time I turned around and there stood a wall all of the sudden so I embarassed myself in front of a friend of my brother by falling on the floor bc of it.
            Lately I also started to otice that I forget certain things, not hugely important but it’s still annoying.

            And dang when im writing this all I realise I should probably talk to someone

          • Hi I know what ur going through is not easy I have skitso aswel.when u go through these symptoms voices ect always tell yourself these are not real and they will pass.make itself a cup of tea/cover n relax and think of positive energy thought.keep practicing as often as possible I try and helps a bit hope it helps you my friends.ask me anything n I will help in any way possible. geoboy160282@gmail.com

          • this is the same thing that happens with me but in stead i feel like a barbie doll that some kids are playing with and they make up my whole life story

        • Haha yea I’m very similar, I’m beginning to think I might have schitzophrenia and tbh it doesn’t scare me at all, I use it actually, its very usefull for planning steps that I’m going to take however this often messes me up when I’m doing one thing and my thoughts are talking about something else- to me its much like reading or imagining a book in my head but its constantly there, sometimes I piss myself off with it when I’m trying to relax I think I’ve always had it without realising it but I would never take meds as I believe they can cause bad physical health problems, especially as I think that if government thought of somebody as bring a possible threat to society then they wouldn’t think twice about allowing them to be prescribed something that could potentially kill them over a few years of use. I mean think about it.

        • This is the same with me especially the high pitched sounds and the name calling when no one is around. Also seeing something from the corner of my eye and the being watched.

        • This is the same thing as me. Except i have started mucking up my speech an di say words which dont belong in a certain a sentence or get them the wrong way around. I also think my old toys are alive and watching me. I also have sort of ‘brain fits’ they last a few minutes where i can’t think straight and everything seems fuzzy and gritty and my body shakes. I also feel presences of people of things which are not there. Ever since reading comments on here i have wondered if i should contact a doctor but i dont know? i cant tell my parents because they will just think i am faking it.

          • Listen my friend tell the doctor your thinking that people family anybody thinks your faking it.it is a symptom of skitso so don’t worry.go to your doctor and tell all for the best help.i feel like I’m being controlled by some government agency and my dream controlled Adeel horrible nasty crap eh…but listen to my advice get the help you need asap.ok my friend.thankyou.

        • Same. It’s not the fact it’s the same it’s the fact I didn’t even notice I was doing these things until mentioned.

          • Same and now I’m scared of it

        • I’m similar — very surprised you only scored 19, though, as I scored 66…are you sure you were accurate on the quiz?

          I’m currently trying to figure out whether I’m schizophrenic or just schizotypal. The test indicates I’m schizophrenic but I’m concerned about the possibility that I’m fishing for this diagnosis to explain my oddness and social / executive-function / mood deficits.

          At any rate, I think you should look into it more and see a doctor. The being watched / corner of the eye / NSA paranoia stuff really sounds like classic schizophrenia from what I’ve read.

          Part of what you need to remember is that the common cultural perception of schizophrenia is likely more extreme than the average case (well, in fact, many people don’t even realize that schizophrenia is not multiple personality disorder..). Yes, the DSM 5 talks about delusions / paranoia / hallucinations, but they don’t need to be constant (the ‘1 month period’ is used frequently in the DSM). Honestly you already qualify as paranoid.

          For me, the weirdest part of my experience towards accepting that I am probably schizophrenic has been the revelation that it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “crazy.” In fact, I think it’s likely that a lot of us have written off our symptoms as “sure, I’m weird.” There’s also the fact that schizophrenia and genius are suspected to be related, so I’m guessing that others like me may have thought “well, I’ve always been better at most things than others, I’ve never struggled in school or other performance metrics (not including social..), therefore I don’t ‘deserve’ a mental illness diagnosis.” But remember that you can still be high-functioning and schizophrenic.

          My current view on the matter is: if you’re not sure (and haven’t seen a psychiatrist), than err on the side of accepting schizophrenia rather than rejecting it. The moment I started reading about it and considering that perhaps my oddness does have a name after all was one of the most liberating moments in my life. I still haven’t seen the doctor, but tentatively accepting the hypothesis that I’m schizophrenic has afforded tremendous opportunities in terms of learning more, re-evaluating myself and my life experiences through the lens of “was that a symptom,” and learning to forgive myself because, maybe just maybe, my failures have a medical basis.

          Good luck 🙂

          ** TO ANYONE WONDERING IF THEY HAVE SCHIZOPRHENIA: You can download the quintessential psychiatrist diagnostic book for free here: https://archive.org/details/pdfy-85JiVdvN0MYbNrcr . Read the chapter on schizophrenia, as it will give you a much better picture of the whole ‘spectrum’ of schizophrenia. Also consider reading the autism spectrum parts, as autism is not very far away from schizo.

          Furthermore, check out http://quizlet.com/2917637/the-schizos-flash-cards/ for a very quick and helpful breakdown on the schizo- family.

          • The autism spectrum is not a mental illness in difference to schizophrenia, and does not include symptoms such as hallucinations. It can be crippling, but it is in no way a disease. It is to be considered more of a neurodiversity, since it does in no way make a person sick, most of us are more sane and rational than others in fact, and it’s an insult and inaccurate to pile it together with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. I am here to do some digging about schizophrenia due to my neighbour who is schizophrenic, and she is making my life a living fucking hell and she refuses to get help. The sounds from the other side of the wall makes the hair on my skin stand up.. It’s like living next to the Exorcist movie, (her voice sounds deformed at times, scares the shit out of me!) and with me being so sensitive, she is infecting me with her insanity, frantic screams and conversations with her voices and etc. You can hear everything here. She leaves notes in my slot, first one was about her explaining that she has an illness with voice hallucinations, and now today she left a letter saying she is having spirits visiting her that she cannot control, calling herself a soothsayer, clairvoyant, seer or what you like. Im translating it from swedish to english and there’s no proper word. My mom is a psychic, i believe and know that the spiritual realm exists, but what this girl is telling does not add up. A psychic person or a self proclaimed medium does not spend all day screaming and tormenting her neighbours, that is just pure insanity. She is sick and needs help, but refuses to get it. Instead she justifies this with different stories from time to time, maybe she doesn’t believe she is sick and pretends to take her meds, cause i called the cops on her once and i heard she told them that she takes medication, and then she left with them. I keep a close eye on her cause she really worries me and make my life hell, so i try to keep track on her, especially since no one barely seem to visit her. And when somone does visit her, she is talking so loud, basically screaming, being as overly nice as she could be, as if she was on drugs. Maybe she is. And i hear how she lies to them, saying how good she is doing. And then they leave, and the same minute she closes her door after her, she goes back to her schizo screams. It’s devestating to even just listen to. I feel sorry for her and at the same time i hate her. She thinks it’s ok to live here and act the way she is doing. She needs to move and she needs to get help. But refuses to spare me and other neighbours, or helping herself. She wont fucking let me sleep.

          • Thank you so much for writing this!

        • I also hear footsteps/voices, I scored a 70 and am diagnosed with schizoaffective. I hear people singing and calling me names, sometimes I even see them. I feel like im in a sick twisted tv show and one day ill suddenly wake up and be ok. It just feels as though im constantly being watched and monitored by men with cameras.

          • I get the voices calling me names too kinda standing to the side of me behind me cameras yes and … the sun….. its not really the sun… it follows me

        • I scored 19 also, but I don’t feel or believe that I am like you as I have been put through hell by my schizo mother’s behaviour towards me personally ,her lies that stripped me personally of my life ,dignity etc,has caused a lot of damage with my mind and I’m fighting back to regain my mind and life, it hasn’t been easy ,lack of justice support.

        • you sound exactly like me I have very significant ADHD.

        • I got 38. The strange thing is that I want to have schizophrenia, and that might be influencing my answers. But I is possible that I am gonna get it when I’m older.

          • Why would you want schizo?

        • i have the same thing wtf

        • now i’m not a doctor, but

        • that basically describes my life… i also believe that there is an outside world that is controlling us. we think we’re gaining information but really we’re getting nowhere. everything is just an illusion and nothing is alive. its all just a dream…

        • I feel the same way but i scored a 26. I think we’re okay. We’re just always thinking someone could know what we’re saying on here or anywhere else, but I believe that’s a true possibility. We’re okay, and I believe that.

        • Almost the same thing with me

        • It won’t show me what I scored. But I’ve been hearing voices a lot lately. It’s getting worse. In the last two days I’ve heard people talking to me almost every hour, it doesn’t matter if i’m alone or outside or inside or with technology, I can still hear people talking to me.

          They don’t tell me specific things, the only thing they’ve done so far is call my name and say ‘stop’ but i’m not doing anything. I see people dressed all in one colour standing close to me but when I blink or move or do anything they vanish.

          I don’t think the government is plotting against me, but I know for a fact that if I’m not sure enough that I’ve satisfied everyone, they’ll turn on me. My family, my friends, people at my school. All of them. My dad set up video cameras in the house to catch burglars and I don’t do anything wrong but for some reason I’m terrified whenever I see one of those stupid cameras.

          I have around 15 friends that I could talk to but I never spend any more time then I feel like I have to. If I don’t, I know people will think I’m a freak who nobody likes, so I accept invitations and go out with my friends but I always get so exhausted. It takes so much effort not to offend them and whenever I express myself they tell me that I’m scaring them.

          One of my friends though, listens to me and doesn’t say anything like that.I wasn’t worried about these things before I complained to her, and she acted all concerned and said that she seriously thought I was a schizo. I’ll retake the test, but do you think she’s right?

          • I can also see into the future sometimes, I always know when something good or bad will happen and I know I’m not making this up. I don’t tell anyone about what I can do anymore because I know they won’t believe me. I can also control the wind. I’m not lying, whenever I go outside and twist my hands around a bit the wind starts blowing exactly the way I like it to. From there on I can control it. I’ve also not been able to use my grammar skills lately and my sentences sometimes end up slurred or confusing. The colour red doesn’t make me angry in the slightest, it actually excites me. And have a lot of friends.

            I find myself running back and forth in the basement for hours on end and I waste so much time doing that.

            Is there something wrong with me? Is it just hormones? Or am I just acting up?

      • On this test i scored 55. I can’t tell anyone, i have no one to talk to, my mum and dad never seem to care and if i tell them something is wrong they laugh and tell me not to be stupid! I have very bad deprestion and self half at least once a week. But i hear voices, telling me people are against me and at night as i try to sleep i see dead people and ghosts in the corner of my room! I’m scared and dont know what to do. I have only one friend who’s sister has schizophrenia but i find it hard to talk to her because i think she doesnt really care about me. I need help but i dont know what to do! Please help me! It is only getting worse and worse, and i can’t concentrate in school. What do i do?

        • Whatever it takes… just please contact me as soon as you possibly can. You’re never alone in this.

        • I hardly ever see anything, only in flashes in the corners of my eyes but things are always touching me, hurting me … they never leave me alone. I can’t sleep or eat because when I open my mouth they try to kiss me and when I lie still for too long I can’t breathe because they’re on top of me. Sometimes they try to strangle me or smother me with my blankets. They want me to hurt myself.

          • that has happened to me my whole life. I thought it was normal. and having asthma doesn’t help

          • sounds like its time to see a doctor i know you dont know me and i dont know you but i read what you wrote and im not judging you just if I was in your shoes I’d probably find a boyfriend well in my case and girlfriend but your case and boyfriend sounds like some sexual frustration that pent up and its giving me some anxiety and its to the point where it’s becoming where your reality just saying. that’s how our body sometimes tells us it’s time for physical relationships

          • Kae, your story is truly tragic but explainable. When we fall asleep our conciseness/awarness usually goes offline. Impart because the transitionary states into & during sleep can be perceived as a horrific experience to the concise brain (nightmares). One such example would be sleep paralysis. When we dream, the activity in our brain looks as if its awake and doing waking tasks (ie dreams). To keep the body from acting on these impulses, the brain sends out a signal that paralyses the body. If a person becomes aware of this state during sleep, it could be perceived the way you described in your experience. Specifically where you wrote, “I can’t sleep or eat because when I open my mouth they try to kiss me and when I lie still for too long I can’t breathe because they’re on top of me. Sometimes they try to strangle me or smother me with my blankets.” The following works of art show classic examples of Sleep Paralysis: The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781), My Dream, My Bad Dream, 1915, by Fritz Schwimbeck, Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare), by Eugène Thivier (1894). The timeing of your falling asleep into experiencing this state fits the description of Sleep Paralyses.

            Also when ANY human being goes with about 7 days (168 hours) of zero sleep, they will go insane.

            My best advice: get some sleep. Before you go to be and as you slumber off to dreamland, do everything possible to look forward to the experience of Sleep Paralysis with joy or at lest acceptance that it will come. Maybe make up your bed super-tight so you can’t move around, may prep you for the experience. Or think of it as your sub concise mind (specifically the Pons in your brain) are sending a signal to swaddle you into sleep paralysis like putting a baby to bed.

            Please do everything you can to get some sleep. Even if it means checking into a hospital.

        • U need 2 talk a doctor. U can if u have a yahoo I am Wendi_Contreras@yahoo good luck and text me

          • Are you a doctor if so I’m taking seroquel 200 mg,lexapro 20 mgand depakote 150 mg and I’m 13 is that to young to be taking all those medications. I know I’m mentally sick I have been baker acted 14 or more times and go to some mental school but I feel that I don’t need medications I’m fine without my doctor said if I don’t take it she is gonna give me shot of the meds and it gonna hurt oh and she said I have child onset schizophrenia nos and schizoaffective nos and ptsd nos and pediatric psychosis nos and what does nos mean and she thought I had autism spectrum disorder I scored 85 on this test I took it to try and prove my doctor wrong but it think that’s high score

        • i scored 33 which i think isn’t correct i am pretty sure i’m schizophrenic i am willing to help anyone who needs it or anyone who just wants a friend to talk to. my email is wow1578@yahoo.com you might have ot emial me twice i don’t check email often.

        • Dear daisy, just know that you are strong, if you see dead people tell yourself that aren’t real squeeze your eyes shut and think of the things you LOVE, or if tryout have an iPod try drowning out the voices by blasting your favorite song, it’s what i do and it helps me and I scored a one hundred. Good luck! 🙂

        • Daisy its ok nobody is in your room your just going crazy and just try to ignorr it i bet alot of people want to be your friend,i would you seem nice.

        • I’m in the same trouble. I got 72, and if I tell my parents or anyone they’ll think I’m making it up. I mean I’m only 15, who’s gonna believe a stupid 15, year old. Either message a doctor through email or something. Maybe they could talk to your parents and get you checked out

          • Hello Kacey, I scored a 59. I’m 16 (just turned 16) and all throughout my life as a 15 yo and even before that I have experciened voices of my friends and other ransoms conversing in head and I sometimes put random letters and words in sentences that do not make sense, even mixing two languages sometimes. I have an extreme paranoia that someone is trying to poison me and many many other things that I seem to share in common with these other people. What I mean is that you are not alone in teenage years with these symptoms. If you would want to talk, my email is lurikeen17@gmail.com.

        • i have the same problem as you.. i’ve stopped asking them for help because they often label it as thanklessness. there’s no one there who can understand, like no one. haven’t got a single real friend, anyone i befriend always breaks it off soon..i’m sick of trying. and when i listen to music i hear horrible ghostly male-ish voices singing the lyrics behind me and it just kinda puts me off and i see really scary ghosty stuff at night, specially when its pitch dark. i don’t know what to do either..help. p.s i scored 77

        • I got a 76 and no one seems to care i understand dont worry too much just try your best to do the “right” thing

      • Tell someone, I got a 76, what I do is take this test at least once a week, which probably seems like I’m paranoid or something but I like to see if it gets worse and so far it has I’ve gone from 41 to a 76, in three weeks. And I know my ma won’t understand so at least tell someone and if they don’t believe you, you need to make them and soon enough thinks might get better, good luck!!! 🙂

        • I got a 71. I believe that I can contact people from heaven, see characters from tv pop out, a I think my toys are alive. I don’t believe that my toys or the angels want to hurt me, but i do get bullied often. I have a special “friend” named Caroline and she is very sweet. Although she can distract me from stuff like studying. I take meds sometimes, but often avoid them. I guess I feel fine.

      • My daughter just scored a 65 and she is having the same things happen to her. My Daughter is 16 and has been having delusions for a few yrs now. I have got her help from a doctor and she is on meds and is doing sonmuch better. The 1st step is telling someine and second step will be getting the help you need. Good luck, I just wanted to reply to you because as a Mother I know I was so glad when my Daughter finally told me what was going on with her. I still love her always qill and I am sure your fakily will love you after you tell thwm whats going on with you . God Bless you and Good Luck…

      • I scored a 46. Sometimes I hear some voices, but they aren’t super bad. Though, sometimes they say distracting things or remind me of different outcomes of certain actions which kinda lead me to a bit of anxiety. But it isn’t super major. Plus, I kinda learned how to tune them out sometimes, so its legit. I have like, 5 voices (or like, friends). two male twins named Jay-Jay and Kyle, a talking Calico cat named England, a blond 6 year old named Jaime (who likes to talk to me before bed

        • Alright, my daughter is 13 and she scored a 98 %

      • Hay how long have you heard the occasional voice.
        I’m the same thing and it may not be what you think.
        Send me an email jim.t.bodie@gmail.com
        I’m interested to hear from you.
        Think back (or get someone to help)
        What date did you first hear them?

        • She was here.. gone for 13 years..She came back..I didn’t know her before though..She told me

      • Same way…

      • As long as they dont tell you to do harm and you hurt someone. I wouldnt worry about it all peopl here conversations to themselves

      • I completely understand

      • Im watching. You hahahaha

      • I have smelled stuff like rotting fish, pop corn, candy floss and ive seen my mates livingroom rug elevate in front of me, ive had someone touching me as i start to fall asleep, i seen someone peep around the door out the corner of my eye and no one is there, in the dark things look alot bigger , ive seen firgures moving around at night, my partner heard me talking in the kitchen in the pitch black talking about how the govenment are conspiaring things, ive seen someone walk in my friends kitchen and no one was there, everything that im experiencing is real to me but when i tell others they dont beleive me, ive also have racing faults and i cant make them out, it freaks me out i did attempt suicide as i felt my thoughts were controlling me, i sometime go out of control violently because of delussions aparantly. my score is 56

      • The human brain has two kinds of synapses: hormonal regulators and electrical regulators (the 12V of electricity your body is continuously generating in a waking state so that you are able to function at all). What you have is an electrical disorder in the brain, of the visual kind as well as of the audio kind bcz audio is also actually electrical signals in the brain, hence a test like this can’t diagnose you so I didn’t submit it myself, bcz this test lumps together e.g. drug-related symptoms and psychopathy-related symptoms of brain problem with electrical problems in general. We’re living in the age of radiation, toxins and “everything electrical”. It’s a disorder to be 100% expected in this day and age, but no cure, treatment, assistance or health care in sight. We’re no more mentally ill than someone who has brain trauma, except how there’s no cure or treatment for our kind of problem bcz the field of medicine is yet again 50-100 years behind civilizational technological level of development. I feel bad for all of us. Nobody has been more shamed, abused and mistreated than us people who were really just needing some actually-modern-day medicine, appropriate for the times we’re living in, to happen for us.

    • Dear Zak,
      I know what your going through. I scored a 100 on this quiz, and my parents refused to either understand or accept my results. And being only thirteen, I can’t really go to anyone else for help, save for a multitude of creatures that no one else can see and a collection of cruel, demanding voices that scream at me from my own mind. If I find a solution, I’ll do my best to let you know.

      • Dear Ivy, since our situations are so similar, I feel obligated to comment. I’m 14, and my schizophrenia has recently surfaced. I hear three voices, two are angels, one is a demon. They comment on my choices and I talk to the, a lot. I also suffer from psychotic episodes that last around 5 minutes at least three times a day. I’ve tried going to people for help, but they don’t believe me. My parents refuse to get me a therapist. I don’t understand why they think I’m faking it, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. The only people who understand me and offer me guidance and assurance are my voices. They are my best and only friends, but they’re ruining my life. I ended 8th grade with all failing grades, and probably won’t make it through high school. I’ve resigned to the fact that I have no future, and all I do everyday is sit in my room alone either sleeping or talking to my voices. The strangest thing about my voices is that I know them. I hear three of the characters from my favorite TV show, Supernatural. Their names are Gabriel, Castiel, and Crowley. I suggest that you go to a school counsellor or any other counsellor you can get to. That might help you or at least force your parents to believe that you are serious about this.

        • Dear Ivy,
          Hi .. Im Andrea, I scored a 4 . I took this test out of curiosity, because my neighbor and grandmother have schizophrenia. I want to let you know, that there is nothing wrong with you. After my grandfather passed, I imagined him talking to me. I would look at the sky and think he is showing me pictures. I still talk to him in my head at times, but I don’t have any symptoms. My favorite show is also Supernatural, and I understand why the 2 angels and demon are Castiel, Gabriel and Crowley. I hope you understand that you are not alone and everything will be okay.
          Sincerely, Andrea.

          • Andrea, thank you for being so caring and understanding. I’m very glad that you do not have schizophrenic symptoms, and I’m also glad that you get a chance to talk to your grandfather, even though he has passed away. I know how you must feel; two of my best friends (who I think were imaginary) were killed a few years ago what was easily the most painful day of my life, and I miss them dearly. And thank you for thinking that I am not a creep. I makes me happy to think that you are willing to offer reassurance to people like me and accept us, despite our peculiar mental condition. Thank you so very, very much. Best wishes and good luck.

          • Ivy, Not all the demons and angels people here are the same. Sometimes things like this can be serious. I’ve been going to Psychiatrists since age 5 I was also put in a hospital for nearly 2 years. I am 21 next month and I’m still seeking help from several different doctors. I have been on dozens of medications to “fix” what is wrong with me. My point is, sometimes having schizophrenia, hearing/talking to demons especially can be dangerous in many ways and I would suggest seeing a doctor or even talking to your friends or family if things get to the point where you feel uncomfortable and or scared/unsafe. 🙂 Good Luck

        • Dear Cecilia,
          Thank you for reading my comment and commenting! Never before have I gotten a chance to communicate with someone who can understand the life that I live. I wish that I knew what to do about your situation… From your comment, you seem very kind and smart–you don’t deserve the pain caused by this schizophrenia (or so it is most likely to be.)

          If you’re worried about your grades, though, I might be able to suggest something. You could assign Gabriel, Castiel, and Crowley certain subjects in school that they must study as well as you, then when the test comes along, they should be able to tell you the answers to questions you don’t know. It works for Adrienne (a winged serpent), Croxley (a walking, talking evergreen), Kingsley (a walking, talking orchid), Finley (a walking, taking African violet), Zelda (a humanoid, werewolf-like creature), Scorpius (my cruel, spider-like reflection), and I, so hopefully it will work for you as well.

          Maybe you could have a very serious, long talk with your parents (if you haven’t already) and describe in detail everything that has been going on in your life, or, as you suggested to me, to go see some variety of counselor, or maybe even a teacher or another adult that could be at least mildly convincing to your parents. It drives me crazy to think that the parents of likely schizophrenics like us won’t listen to what we have to say. It’s such an isolated existence when no one ever listens.

          The most important thing though, is not to give up on your future. Hopefully, one day your parents will realize that you have been honest this entire time and let you see a therapist and get medication. Nothing ever remains the same in life, so why should your suffering? One day it will change, at least for some period of time. In the meantime, though, you might try to do something with the conversations that you and your friends have. Adrienne the serpent helps me to write down my emotions and our conversations on paper, and apparently it’s not bad–I’ve won a few writing contests on the rare occasions that I manage to convince myself (or, moreover, Adrienne convinces me) the the people running the writing contest cannot hurt me and would be no match for a gigantic, fire-breathing, serpentine creature like her. Maybe you could try the same, if you want to.

          I think that I might give up on try to get medication, although you should definitely continue to try if your friends and psychotic episodes are causing you so much trouble. Not to say that mine aren’t, of course, but I doubt that I will ever be able to live without Adrienne. I would kill myself for her, and for the most part, she can chase away Scorpius and her antagonistic slaves that attempt to murder me whenever possible, and has stopped me from committing suicide on several occasions. Although the others and their cruel taunting gets on my nerves, Adrienne is irreplaceable.

          All in all, I’d say to keep fighting for a treatment, and to do your best to do what you can with your situation now. Be happy that you have friends, even if no one else can see them, and that you get to see the characters from your favorite T.V. show everyday. It may not be a huge plus, considering the painful situation you’re in, but at least it’s one good thing to smile about.

          I’m terribly sorry that that comment was so long and rambling, and that I probably didn’t speak my mind properly, but anyway, I hope that that help you in some way. The best of luck to you.

          • Dearest Ivy and Zak, you have absolutely no idea how much hearing from you guys means! I am almost 14 and I scored a 85. I know I have schizophrenia and my mom doesn’t believe me. At all. I feel completely helpless, but knowing I’m not alone is helpful!!!! Thank you!

          • I got a 98 and I am only 13 years old,in fact I only just discovered schizophrenia but it pretty much describes my life-Voices?Definitely,I’ve had voices in my head for as long as I can remember and they are very threatening and life consuming.So I actually don’t know what to think because my mom thinks that this is a freak illness-I know that because she watched a movie about Schizophrenia. I can’t tell her.The only person who knows is my best friend who is diagnosed with Schizophrenia as well.So..I’m really freaked out right now and I don’t know what I’m going to do.

          • My names reis, I’m 16 years old and feel like I’m develop schizophrenia. I scored a 35 on this test , but just a few months ago got a 14, latly I feel like I’m being followed and watched by somebody , I have this feeling he is the devil or a demon , I get scared to be alone sometimes cause I can feel someone elts in the room with me when no one is there. I was a drug abuser and I think that hasn’t helped me with this disease, my memory is almost completly shot , forgetting something only a few hours after it happened. I don’t know what to do and I’m very scared. I really wish someone could reach out and talk to me because I have nobady that understands me. My parents just think I’m bipolar and my girlfriend thinks I’m a lier , but ik there’s more than just that. My emotions are uncontrollable , one minute I want to go kill 10 people and the next minute I’m crying wanting to kill my self .. I get so angry sometimes I can’t control what I do , causing me to be abusive to the people I love .. Sometimes relizing what’s reality is not easy for me , when something happens in reall like I won’t even think it happened I’ll just think it was a day dream, and other times something that happened in my day dream I think happened in my real life .. I’m so confused I don’t know what to do . Growing up I always was a depressed kid , I had OCD very bad and wanted to commit suicide , the OCD was on and off for a few years of my life but latly these weird things have been happening to me and I really feel like I have schitzophrenia .. Please comment to give me advise or help I really could use it right now

          • dragons are amazing aren’t they. I scored a 50 but it seems to me like it was asking the wrong questions. I will never share what I be-leave in public but it does involve dragons.

        • Dearbp Cecilia,
          I feel the need to reply to your comment because i too have voices, im 18 now and have been suffering for about 3 years, but they are two demons and an angel. They are Lilith, Crowley and Castiel. I can also hear Sam in my head. My parents dont believe me about any of my illnesses, so ive just got real good at hiding the symptoms around them. I have episodes where i will completely black out. I figured it was demon possesion, but the demon throws things and cuts my arms.
          I see things that no one else can, some good some bad, Shadow is my favourite, he is a wolf about twice the size of a normal one and he is black with red tipped paws, ears, tail and muzzle, others like 63 who is a mongoose arent so nice.
          I scored 100 but my parents didnt believe me.
          S now i just talk to my voices and pets.
          Crowley says he enjoys talking to you by the way

        • Cecilia, I’ve gone through some of the same stuff as you. Like I’ll see a TV show or read a book and a new delusion comes along. I haven’t told anyone my suspicions. I’m scared they’ll give me drugs and…. yeah. I dont really see or hear things all that much, but I often spend half an hour brushing my teeth because I get so absorbed. Ivy, I would reccomend talking to good friends, ones who will listen. Same with you, Cecilia. I find that sometimes, when I’m with good friends I trust or aren’t afraid of, they help. Just the company can help push it out for a little while.

          • I scored 85 as well.

          • Dear ivy, I scored a ninety three and um scared, do you have any advice?

          • I don’t know if I have schizophrenia or not. I scored a 42 and I often believe that I am someone else like a book or TV character and I also believe this is all a dream. I can stare out the window for hours silently talking to Castiel or The Doctor. I am 13 years old. I am starting to stutter a lot and I mess up words when I write. Do I have schizophrenia/ have a risk of getting it? Please let me know.

        • wow im amazed that people are in the same situation im 14 and my memory is deteriorating and like you cecilia i have two angels and a devil; cept one sorta just left for some reason. im too afriad of telling people about this stuff tho cos their just gonna go, well you know, so its just me and the peeps in ma head

        • Oh my god. I scored a 76… I’m so freaking scared right now and my mom only believes me when I say I’m Bipolar. Why can’t she believe me?! I sympathize with you a lot and I keep telling her that I’m developing this but she’s all “nah” and the adults are all “nah” and only my friends and my dog, for chrissake, believe me. Help me

          • Dude its not your fault people cant relate to what they dont understand find a counselor somewhere at school maybe a priest at church to help you Pastor relatives that might have the same issues need to find help get on Google on information may be some help horses or some things of maybe a mental help organization that has a some type of group therapy that needs free if its a money issue but there is hope do not stress yourself and your loved ones out they will not understand until they find or you may find than the professionals medicate you did you know right counseling and educate the loved ones around you but that’s your way Church in kind of organization they will help you good luck.

          • I wouldn’t follow Gary’s advice of talking to a priest or pastor for help. Those types of people are very judgmental and make a living brainwashing people. Church is just a very bad avenue to go down for assistance.

            I would recommend just reaching out to people on message boards with similar issues so you can talk to others who may be in the same boat as you. Talking to someone who can relate and that will listen, is one of the best things you can do for yourself as well as others! Especially if you can’t get your parents to listen or help you. If they won’t take you to a doctor, at least join a message board to talk to others who’ve been through it and can relate. It may be much more beneficial. At least til you are of age to visit a doctor on your own. Everyone needs someone who can say, “I’ve been there. I understand. You are not alone”.

        • Hi Celia,
          My brother’s been diagnosed as bipolar but it seems to me like he may be developing schitzophrenia. I very much hope that you do whatever it takes to get help even if your parents won’t believe you. Take your own advice and see your school councilor and try to enlist their help in talking to your parents.
          All the best,

        • Maybe you’ve been possessed

        • I didn’t gte that high of a score, but there is definitely something wrong here. every time I leave my room, I feel things grabbing at me and this sudden feeling of impending doom. I always see things out of the corners of my eyes and I used to make up sotries to explain why I felt and saw these things. they stopped helping yesterday when I felt hand on my back and the tv died. I made up a story of a power outage, but it didn’t work and I had nightmares and woke three times crying.

          • To me, it sounds as if you are experiencing paranormal activities. I often wake crying as well because I have very lucid dreaming. This is in part to me being a “sensitive” but not schizophrenia. The “impending doom” feeling is typically an anxiety or panic attack. I get those as well. Paranormal experiences, lucid dreaming and anxiety are closely linked together. The TV turning off would be more so linked to poltergeist behavior or PK manifestation. Poltergeists are man made. It’s basically a concentration of negative energy that someone with psychic abilities creates unknowingly. Most of these people are going through a very bad experiences and aren’t able to express their emotions openly nor constructively. They typically aren’t aware they are “sensitives” either. So, this collection of negative energy forms and the more someone stresses out or has negativity, the more you’re fueling it and feeding it. The black mass can now bring about more negativity in you and affect your mood. Which again, that negativity it creates can be fed back into it.

            Am I saying that’s what you’re going through? No, absolutely not. But, it may be a possibility of which you need to entertain as an option to what you’re going through.

            I am a long time paranormal researcher and experiencer. The situations that you so described herein, could very well just be paranormal behavior since everything you mentioned is seen in paranormal studies.

            Explore this as a possibility and talk to others with similar experiences and hopefully you’ll find some clarity and support along the way. If you are truly concerned, try visiting a doctor but always consider other things may be a possibility and reason.

        • Dear Cecilia
          This same things have been happening to me I’ve went through 7th grade with all fs and all the time when I’m alone in my room I talk to people that aren’t there a few times I would see something that’s not there sometimes they scare me to the point where I feel like crying like the other day I seen something walk into the kitchen and most of the time I forget what happens I forget what I said or something and I think that’s not normal for a 13 year old im really horrified to tell any one I’m scared they would put me in a hospital or something so I have been keeping it a secret from every one

      • Oh that sounds … uhm not good, I scored 98/100 but haha silly me i have been diagnosticated with paranoid schizophrenia since i was 6, i just don’t understand how and why i mean REALLY HOW. my dad does suffer from sociopathy but those are really different mental disorder i just don’t understand why me

        • Zeena, I’m terribly sorry that you have to live with this mental disorder, too. I don’t know why anyone has schizophrenia–neither do the doctors and scientists. Not yet, anyway. But I suppose that a single good side is that we have our own world to explore, even if it is a torturous one. I hope that you have an upside to your schizophrenia as well. Wishing you the best of luck.

      • Dear ivy,
        I’m also 13 and I hear things, see things, these things are coming for me. I don’t like people they’re idiotic creatures I don’t want to associate with and they should ally leave me alone I like the voices in my head better. No one believes me. It’s because they’re stupid. STUPID, FOOLISH BRINGS THAT NEED TO LEAVE ME ALONE!

        • Dear Ameara,
          I;m terribly sorry that I did not respond sooner. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with a rather eerie man who has begun to follow me wherever I go, appearing around corners and behind doors and such with long, knife-like blades for fingers. No one else admits to seeing him, but he has a special talent for hiding, so I’m not surprised. Besides, as you said, most other people rarely deviate from their foolish ways to realize that there are malevolent, bloodthirsty things out there. I’m sorry that you have to feel the same way as I do; it’s pretty terrible to be eternally alone (save for those supposedly imaginary creatures or voices), even if it’s better than the alternative. I agree that the voices make better company than people–they’re so much more understanding than ordinary humans. But, even so, please don’t give up on everyone out there. There has got to be someone, somewhere, who understands and accepts you for who you are and isn’t an idiot, although I suppose that people meeting the criteria are very rare. But don’t give up hope that one day some people will wise up and understand–not everyone on Earth can be as shallow as they appear to be.

          I’m sorry that my comment was so sloppy, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble typing/speaking coherently lately, so please forgive me.

          I hope things improve for you. Best wishes.

        • Haha i scored 24 im not schizophren but im diagnosed with Paranoid Personality Disorder, im 20 yrs old now

          Ameara you really hear voices with 13 why??

          • She does not choose to hear the voices, this is not a choice.

      • Dear Sako,
        I am sorry that I could not reply to your comment directly, but my computer is acting up and in present circumstances, I am unable to.
        I have told a few of my friends about my condition, but, so far, none have been in the least surprised or particularly concerned. I have also attempted to tell my family on several occasions, but each either I have lost my nerve directly before telling them or, when I finally did get it out, they have ignored and disregarded me. I just don’t know what to do; it seems as though no one cares in the least, or perhaps they already know and are just trying to prevent me from recieving treatment or are just laughing at my pain. (Appologies for the large quanity of self-refernce in that; I’m working on getting out of that habit, but as of so far I have not been successful.)
        Sometimes I think that it’s just as much my creations’ attacking of me that bothers me as it is that sometimes I am forced to kill them to prevent them from harming my best “imaginary” friend, Adrienne or I. Sometimes it escalates to a lust to murder or even genocide “real world” people. But for the most part, I have been able to resist this urge. I am trying to think of a way to sercetly visit a doctor or find someone like a school counselor to help me before this spins out of hand and ends up in a mass-murder, like the one that took place within my world a few years ago.
        I’m deeply sorry that you have to go to so many doctors, and that none have been able to assist you. I hope that some day you’ll be cured. Good luck to you as well. Best wishes.

        • Hey Ivy,

          Most of the first part of this is the same for me too. Told a few friends, one in particular took it like she already knew and the others humour me. I told my grandfather and he flat-out told me he doubted it.
          I, too, frequently reference to myself. I keep trying not to, but.

      • Hi Ivy,
        I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. I’m 16 and I scored 89 on this test and have scored high on many others too. My parents think I’ve got depression and refuse to believe anything ‘worse’ is wrong with me. And I told my boyfriend I think I’m schizophrenic and he left me! Which has just given the voices and the people I see even more to gloat on. I have no self confidence as it is, and have tried to commit suicide 3 times now.
        I have one friend that believes me, in fact, she’s the one that pointed out that I might be schizophrenic after I had a moment with her and made her run and hide in some bushes from people in my head. She also experienced my fits (which again, my family don’t believe me about).
        I’ve had schizophrenic symptoms for years, since I was about 9 and started self harming. But I’m too scared to go down the doctors because I don’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life. I don’t want to feel guilty about having children in the future because they’ll have an increased risk of getting it too. I don’t want to constantly be shunned by people like my ex because of it.
        I’m so scared, all the time. I don’t trust myself to be alone because I know I’ll hurt myself – even though alone is all I ever want to be!
        Sorry, I’m kind of ranting to you about my problems now, what I was trying to get at is you’re not alone, and good luck with everything xx

      • I scored a 67 on this but i know my mom wont believe me. Im 14 so there isnt much i can do. I think i have paranoid schizophrenia. its got to the point where i find myself online searching meangingless things and cant concentrate on my school for the longest time. I have violent out bursts in my head to the point i can vividly see what i want to do to the person. I watched a horrid video and had no reaction to it i found it entertaining rather than gross. AT time i feel as if im not in my own body. this is all confusing to me i need help but i dont know where to get it. My suicidal thoughts are getting worse

      • ivy i am also 13 i have the same problem as urs i think we should to each other..

      • I scored a 70, I feel really bad for you, since you got a 100. I’m scared and I’m only eleven and my grandma had schizophrenia and my aunt had it too. I see things in the dark and a man appears and slowly fades away and I’ve only seen him like five times but still. And I hear voices that tell me mean things.And lots of the time suicide cine to mind but I don’t do it.I can’t tell my mom because I see how upset she gets just taking about grandma, so if I told her about this I already know she’d not believe me. I also constantly feel like I’m being watched. Best of luck!

      • I understand you ivy. im in a similar situation I scored a 100 on this quiz and no one believes me my parents , my family whine I do not live with and my friends all think I’m lying I have no one to consult but the people only I can see and talk to it actually do not know weather or not I am dreaming and I actually don’t know the year day date or month al I can say is I believe that someday someone will believe me.

      • Ivy i scored a 96

      • Dear Ivy, I am the same age as you and I am going through similar things right now. I stay up till six O’clock guarding my family while they’re sleeping as I fear that someone is going to break in and rape/kill them. I have been having tons of hallucinations that lead people to believe I’m crazy as Ive been caught running away and screaming that someone is after me when no one is really there. I truly believe that god has sent me to earth to protect my family and friends from the man I see repeatedly in my dreams and hallucinations. Life is scary for me and I have contemplated suicide but I believe that we can all work it out ad be the group of people suffering from schizophrenia to not give up to suicide. I wish all the best for you and that you manage to overcome this awful mental disorder xx

      • I actually scored 100 and now I actually fear this sh*t sorry for the language…….

    • I scorded 78 I’m 13 havee been to see physcolagists b4 at some place with my mum but I didn’t tell them anything I’m scared and dnt want to tell any1 help

      • ellie, if you go to the doctor and don’t reveal the full truth, then how can they properly assess the situation and help you? You’ve got to be honest and open! Be brave and take the risk with your fears in order to get that help. You can do it!

      • dear ellie im 15 and i am paranoid schizophrenic but i dont hear voice i feel as if everyone is recording me and watching me. if you need someone to talk to or just a friend email me wow1578@yahoo.com

      • For me saying things out loud makes it real and I haven’t quite come to terms with that I haven’t been able to tell any one even though I have wanted to for a while now I have started writing things I see hear and remember happening so one day I can in hopes of making them believe me if u have the opportunity to talk to someone take it u never know when that opportunity will come back

    • My score is 85 ive known somthing was wrong for a long time but my mom doesnt believe me. I look at these quizes and think see al my problems

      • Hi George.. I also scored a 85.. I’m 15 and I have noticed something was wrong with me since I was 8.. I thought it would just go away. But it hasn’t and I’m getting scared.. I see things that aren’t there and I hear voices in my mind… I hear 3 nice voices and 1 really mean one.. I told my parents and they said that I’m just doing this for attention.. How do I get them to believe me?

      • if your in school maybe a schoolcounselor and get the ball rolling for you but you need to be checked out for this gets out of hand but if its a real issue the pray. That all i can think of good luck o and id keep it to a small group because the people who care for you will be scared shtless. Theu will not understand. Good luck.

    • I was reading some of the comments and I’m glad I’m not alone. Not that I wish things like this on anyone. I scored a 55. But I fear I’m getting worse day by day.

      Too many deployments, I’m paying everything I’ve done now.

      • Biff, thank you for sharing your feelings with us. When you say “deployments,” do you mean military deployments? If that is the case, I would recommend also looking up information concerning “post-traumatic stress disorder.” Of course, you know your symptoms better than the rest of us, but just in case you hadn’t heard of that 🙂 I wish you the very best!

        • I got mild schizophrenic symptoms after a trauma, because I’ve the genes for that. My half-brother had paranoid schizophrenia. Stress and trauma can trigger schizophrenic symptoms, if you are genetically vulnerable. Actually about 20-25% of ppl on the schizophrenic spectrum show also sings of PTSD. But I’m more on the schizoaffective range though. My score is 48 and I’m afraid of ghosts and witches and see and hear minor things.

    • i am 15, and i scored 75. when i told my parents they didn’t believe me. i sometimes hear a screaming voice, or i feel like someone is following me.. i know what you mean when you say your mum doesn’t understand.i have no one to talk to about this so i keep everything to myself.

      • Hey bojana,I understand what you mean.i also feel like someone’s always following me.i have speach issues and have trouble formulating my thoughts into proper explanations.i also have some issues because of my abusive and insane father,and I have short term memory which keeps getting worse.i got a 44 on this and i honestly suggest you ask your mom and if she refuses to believe look up a clinic with a doctor on schizophrenia so he can officially and properly test,it’ll all be alright :)good luck

    • Listen, sometimes I feel the same exact way. I haven’t even told my mom about some of the things I think, feel or say. I know I will never be able to tell anyone this, because I don’t want to be judged and I just don’t trust them at all. But if you had enough guts to tell your mom that and she didn’t believe how you felt, I think you should find someone that will actually listen. I know. That seems impossible, but if you could tell your mom, there has to be someone else you can trust. I don’t think I could ever do that though. Good luck and I hope I helped. Aslo, I was wondering, do you just pose in weird positions out of no where for a long time or is that just me?

      • And if you were wondering, I scored 75 on the test and I fear I’m getting worse. I just turned 13 (no really, it’s 2:48 am june 18th and so it’s my birthday) but everything I’m seeing and feeling is all to real. I haven’t told anyone, but should I? I don’t think I can trust anyone anymore.

        • Tell them don’t wait like I did I started to hear them when I was nearly 14 it was one of the worst things I ever did I had one voice in my head then now I have seven other voices in my head.
          Leaving it makes it get worse over time for me it’s gotten to the point where I can no longer go outside because I can feel them watching me never blinking always seeing everything.
          I’ll be 20 this year 6 years I let this go unattended it’s best you let them know it wil make treating you easier for all of you.

          • Forgot to add this I got 74 on this test and this is the 5th one I have taken on my highest was 158 out of 200 this one is my lowest yet.

    • You sound like you really need to be diagnosed. Can you tell me more about your experiences?

    • hello my name is breanna and I am recently turned 12 years old. On this test I scored a 72. my schizophrenic symptoms include visual hallucinations, the feeling of something is there, that is threatening, but it is invisible and it just moves around and watches me, a loss in social interest, and severe agitation. my agitation comes from me not be able to relate to others. I don’t know how to express myself to others with the feeling that they clearly understand. I don’t even know how others express themselves. other people’s thoughts and feelings are very confusing and something I constantly try to understand and obtain so I can get rid of my agitation. I also took a ink blot test and my results were also schizophrenia. I will see shapes and lines, all different colors, and shadowy figures moving and watching me. I have thing “in my head”. they are people and cats. Three girls that are all children, and five cats with all different names like something like “Moscow” and something like “five feet”. It’s pretty weird. I play within side and outside of my head. They talk to me and I talk to them but just telepathically. we do fun things together. But they can also be haunting with there demands and scary looks. they can’t hurt other people too, just inside their head like “give them a bad dream” or “give them scary thoughts”. that is all.

      • oh my god oh my god it’s like i’m falling and everytime i go to sleep i find myself thinking about water and it’s obssive oh god

    • Oh God baby. Go see a doctor sweetheart. I scored 63 and I’m thinking about setting up an appointment and have been thinking about it even before I took this test. See a doctor. You need help honey. You need it bad. Tell someone ANYONE until you find someone to believe you and you hold their hand when you go to the doctor. Go as soon as you can so that it all goes away and you can get a good night’s sleep again. Baby your mum is kind of a bitch and you NEED to see someone. Even if they doped you up the relief will be worth it. Please go get help.

    • Brother Zak,
      I think u have something more then just psychological problem. Try to offer prayers and do some zikr all time. Try to be with friends and family most of time and make some goals so that u can achieve them. This will make u buzy. Iam not DOC. to give u more info. about this problem. Spirituality may be the concern causing you and disrupting ur your life.

    • I got a 96 …. no one belives me tho

    • Dude!!!! I have the exact same things you are saying except I got 92!!

    • I know how you feel I feel so helpless and alone. You’re not.

    • I scored 72….and I know what you are talking about. I’m really getting tired of fighting it…it’s getting really hard to do it. But gladly my mom believes in me, that’s what she says, i mean.

      • I scored 65. I told my mum before and she doesn’t believe me. I feel alone and unwanted. I feel that colours such as blue and white calm me and feel pure, whereas red makes me feel depressed and angry. I even made sure my new jacket is blue with white tassels.

    • look zak i have the same prob too no one believes me i think we should talk to each other what’s ur fb id or email or whatever?

    • Dont worry, I scored a 94 on the test and I am deathly afraid of telling my dad, I dont want to seem crazy. Im very scared that my dad think Im a liar and just trying for attention. I dont know what to do either.

    • I’m too afraid to tell my mum I scored 67 on the test. It sorta scares me plus people at my school including teachers are so mean about stuff. I could be put in a mental home or insane asylum! It creeps me out…
      Anyway sorry I forgot what I was talking about.
      Oh yh, I’m talking to my counsellor tomorrow about it. Maybe you should find someone like that too or just someone to talk to. Like maybe a friend

    • I scored a 93.
      I’ve only told a very close cousin about me hearing voices in my head.
      They’ve told me to kill people before. Of course I didn’t do it but they seem to be getting louder.
      I’ve been seeing dead family members and friends around too.
      My aunt is sitting on my bed right now.
      It always sounds like someone’s calling my name and I hear people talking and movement whenever I’m in a public space- but usually no ones there because I don’t like talking to people.
      I always feel watched, I’m constantly looking I’ve my shoulders and looking around
      Last night I heard a high pitched scream and I jumped out of bed and ran outside when it was 30 degrees and sat in the road
      I think I need help but I can’t tell my mom or she’ll just think I’m lying

    • I got a 78. @ zak c. your not the only one who likes human blood.

    • Dear Zak C. i scored a 92 my friend says “no you dont quit acting emo and crap you dont even know what your talking a bout and i do” sometimes i want to stab her or eat her she can be nice though and I like her but my mum also says that and she is a nurse but she is to much of a idoit to notcie me a took away my other friend because she sas “stop acting like that” and my father hates me and the only people are the Creepypasta’s they know what I go through mostly toby he tics and has meny disorders like being numb to pain and he is my best friend I tell mom that he and I want pancakes and she says”honey no one is there” i just eat wile masky makes him more i wish she knew more abut me I hope you know though do you?

    • Hey zak, hi. The same things happen to me excepted the drinking human blood. I scored a 79 on the test. I wish i knew more people like this because the people in the comments are now the only people that see what i see and hear what i hear.

      • I see things that arnt real. I hear ppl in my head telling me to do harm to others and myself. In class I can’t concentrate. I see dead ppl and no one believes me. I would try to tell my mum and dad but they just laugh and say that I’m silly and should stop playing games. I can’t tell anyone. The dead ppl tell me not to. I have seen multiple things happen in my head then they happen in real life. I can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. I think soap operas and I have ordered 400 dollars in chips without knowing it.i am scared and I don’t know what to do. I have started screaming for no reason. I think every body is plotting against Me! I scored a 79 on this test.Help!! What do I do?!?!

        • besides seeing someone – eat properly (lots of raw veg/fruit), eliminate soy, eat no processed foods, sleep 8 hrs a night, and avoid all drugs/stimulants – from coffee to heroin. If you smoke, be careful re quitting smoking bc that can bizarrely make things worse. This will all help you so much

    • I’m pretty much equal. Email me if you want: mabelwb@gmail.com. You can also find me in the tumblr apenasme.tumblr.com

    • I scored 76 too. I see dark shapes swirling about in my room and I hear screams of children often and I hear footsteps and sometimes buzzing noises, and I see things in my room like fast moving people or creatures. I get mixed up emotions,and I am also paranoid about virtually everything and I have been laughed at for thinking I have physic powers. My memory is also awful.Unfortunately I am also a hypochondriac so no one believes me because I have tried to find out what was wrong with me for a while and was obsessed with illness in the past. Long story short, I feel your pain.

      PS. I also remember a past life, but unfortunately it is not a nice one: I remember being burnt as a witch (I remember my pain and I know its real because every time I get the flash backs/ memories I start to cry, and I never cry for anything) and then being torn apart by a monster that I couldn’t see. Basically I am pretty messed up…

    • I Only got 59 but most of the things you explain happen to me but into the dark its people i love against me .. and i rarely have the car thing 😮 I Hope your mom will help you ..

    • I scored a 94, My psychiatrist is setting me up with an EEG and CAT scan to make sure there is no tumours or anything else causing my symptoms. and I have been started on anti-psycotics. I can’t say for sure how long I have had these symptoms I believe they started when I was young. Since I saw red glowing eyes under my bed.

    • You are in the darkness but there is light.

      There is a good half to the powers you DO have. Call on you angels, speak to God. Yes, GOD! Only way out of he dark is through him.

      I’m now considered a fluke, I am schizophrenic, but I am happy.

      The ability to see and to know don’t go away, just the fear.

    • I scored 100 and all i know its pretty scared of me beacuse i dont think they are real…. my doctor are pretty scared of me tii idk what to do.. lol im special

    • I scored 95. Every where I turn I see things. Things I know are not real. I hear people talking in my head. Telling me to do things I don’t want to. They tell me to hurt people. When I see people I have bad thoughts. I want to hurt them. Im 16 years ago old. I see people who has died. I hear them and talk to them. They hurt me. I never sleep because of them.

      • I haven’t slept in what seems like forever. I am only 12. I see ppl and they try to hurt me or get me to hurt others. My dad says that I’m just doing it for attention. I have tryed to hurt myself mutiple times. Scored a 79 on this test. Everyone is plotting against me! I see things before they happen. I think soap operas tlk to me and I orderd 400 dollars worth of chips. No one believes me!!!i have stopped trying to tell ppl. They just taunt me. I have broken someone’s arm before because I thought they where plotting towards me! Help me!!!!

        • I too am only 12 and scored 97. The wprld is a messed up place. At one time I lost myself and dug a pair of scissors deep into my thigh. Ive sat in the woods crying and screaming to myself shut up. Nobody beleives me.

    • Stop trying to convince ur mummy.
      Probably what you see is real, but i suggest u cure the low static noise first, this excersize might help;
      And see a spiritual advisor, your visions include bad omen, and some of them are per se rubbish, you need to learn to sort among the visions.

    • Don’t be afraid.

    • Zak, contact me. Heres my email djkilljoy05@gmail.com

    • Zak, i scored a 68 on this test.. The doctors at the hospital say that i am a pre schitzo and that it could get worse in time.. nothing is worse than having over 200 voices in your head telling you to kill yourself though.. sometimes they tell me to kill other people as well.. My mom only started believing me when my pscologist at the hospital told her.. I hear voices all the time calling my name, i see shadows of people who arent there, i have voices in my head, and they taunt me.. the meds helped but i stopped taking them because the voices told me to.. it will get better though but it takes time hun. I know this might not sound like it but, Mental Hospitals really do help sweetie. i am 17 and have had depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, and schitz since i was about 8. so yeah, i know it sucks..

    • I got 71. its okay my mom doesn’t believe me either even though my grandma had schizophrenia

    • I scored a 74..but I already know..I have been in the psychiatric hospital twice in 5 weeks. I know what your feeling..just hang in there.

    • I scored a 74 but then again I already know about my problems..I ahve been to the psychtratric hospital twice in a five week period..and I am only fourteen..For all of those whom are like me, keep hanging in there..I am pretty sure it gets better.

    • We’re the same…

    • It’s funny because they think im joking about everything too, but the demons laugh at me for even trying

    • I scored a 100… I’m not scared though. Nobody believes me for anything I do and I’m always worried. I hate it how everyone yells at me though. I don’t wake up in the morning and be like, “Oh yeah I’m gonna disappoint everyone today!” I’m sick of it all. I just need someone special… I think.

    • I scored 79. I have nobody to tell. My doctor and psychiatrist treat me like I’m an inconvenience, the couple of friends I have think I’m a joke. So I will stay quiet, not tell anyone and just see where I end up.

    • Maybe if you feel less anxiety about these things and just accept them or do your best not to pay attention to the things that are out of the norm or seem paranormal they may lessen. Kind of like someone with tourettes they tick more if they are nervous. Just accept you see things other people don’t be more curious and less frightened about what you see or have done in the past.

    • OMG my mom dosent believe me either. she dosent want to take me to a doctor cuz she thinks im fine and that the symptoms will go away. ughhh……-.-

    • I hated going thru that crap. I hope you’re OK now tho it’s almost a year later. Eat well and get enough sleep and get off all stimulants and drugs in general and you’ll see how much better it can be. cheers!

    • I scored 85 and my mother thinks the same. She does not believe I hear voices others do not – or see things other also do not see. I cannot tell her that I think I have Schizophrenia. I always feel as if I’m being plotted against, being watched so someone can get me.

    • I scored 97, I can’t trust anybody I know and I refuse to trust anyone except my girlfriend. Somebody like her is worth keeping. She loves and cares for me even though she knows what’s wrong with me.

    • I believe you. I don’t see or hear anything that others don’t but I do have problems id like not to say. If you need to talk or if anyone one on here does talk to me on facebook if you have one.my name is trever snyder. I scored 59.
      Life seems pointless not that its not worth living it just seems to have no point.however I’m not on here to rant about my thoughts even if that’s all I seem to have. I’m on here to say I’m down to talk to any one that thinks way different or sees things or hears voices because I believe you.

    • if u ever need someone to talk to im her for u

    • I scored 95 on this test. I see people stalking me in the woods. They don’t have faces, they’re just black figures. Sometimes they get inside and follow me through the halls in the dark. Nobody believes me but something follows me and the only reason I’m alive is because I can hear what I think are angels who tell me what to do. They’re always right. They have never been wrong and they scare away the people. All the people I told think I’m insane and told me to go to a mental institution. I’m not going to be caged up like an animal. Somebody’s coming for me so I have to be ready. The only reason I took this test is because legally they can’t trace it.

      • i don’t think your insane i think your just like me

    • I scored 67. No one understands. I laugh at the most random times and grin and laugh at violence. I hear things that aren’t there. I feel like I’m being watched from behind all the time especially when looking n the mirror. I feel colors and words to describe colors. I am crazy . I don’t know what to do. Help me.

    • My mum doesn’t know. It’s fine, I scored 88 and I’m considered crazy, yet ’tisn’t stopping me. Nourish the voices in the head, the psychotic Powers, and show the World we aren’t lunatics, just special.


    • i scored 82. my parents even knowing everything thats wrong with me still expect normal from me and treat me like im normal. now im in college atempting to get through but the aimless wondering of my mind seems to negativly effect my school work my lack of any carring about the world cuases me to live in a room thats usually trashed, and even though i hate dirt mud and other yuck i dont care when its my room or i forget to take a shower. i understand you are not alone however i have found excepting these things as part of me has brought me piece and a modicome of control at least enough that i can hold a job, when i can get one. and what wrong with human blood when my gums bleed or i loose a tooth i actually like the taste of my own blood. any ways i get having parents who dont beleive or understand. my advice seeka psychiatrist out and get them to get it into their thick skulls.

    • Dude it doesn’t matter if she believes you or not, make an appointment with your local doctor either through another relative or do it yourself, i got my aunt to make me an appointment for something once. Best of luck to you buddy 🙂

    • I scored 97 its so hard and no one believes me. We could help each other. We are the only ones know.

    • 100 percent. the rats can’t see evil

    • I scored 93 what to do? 🙁 No one would believe me. This world is so strange so it’s people

    • honestly, i cant say that i understand you. or that i get it. that everything will be okay. because i don’t understand, i don’t get it. and everything isn’t going to be okay.I only say this because i don’t expect anyone else, despite their greatest attempts, to understand anything i say. they say they do, or perhaps that they know how you feel. but they don’t. and they will never. because, as humans,have an impulse to try and make sense of everything. so when they stumble across something that they cant understand, they create these theories that they convince others are the truth. The only way for them to understand this sort of ‘crazy’ is to experience it. to live and endure life in a fashion where you aren’t living at all. your’e merely enduring a pain that seems like it cant get any worse, but continues in intensity and grows more and more unbearable. They don’t want to associate them selves with us, they are quick to say we need to medicated, we need to seek help. ABSURD! they ridiculous audacity to think that some one could possibly analyze my mind when the majority of the time i cant make sense of any of it! I am 17, and am beyond frightened with myself. i cant do it any more. it began with a hyper active brain that made me question everything. so my indecisiveness grew more severe, to anxiety and insomnia. i fight with myself and have these ‘experiences’ that i cant determine as an hallucination of reality. but what is reality. this, all of it, is only as real as we think it is. each and every one of our minds has created this one big illusion that there is a world. that there are others, and that we live day by day and sleep, only to wake up to another day. but i, on the other hand, have come to a different conclusion. what if we are all one being combined. one heart, one soul, one mind, and one flesh. but multiple personalities. i couldn’t begin to explain my thoughts any further. in fact, i only meant to comment…..

    • You can fix your problem by sleep. That’s all it takes. You simply do NOT have the energy to prevent yourself from seeing dead people(Which are actually hallucinogens sent out by your brain) When you get your sleep that you need, you will gain will power back and stop being so disturbed. Please help you? I just did, go to sleep.

    • I am a huge believer, that people who are diagnosed with this arent actually in need of medical help, but 9 times out of ten just need to go to a minister or a priest. I believe that most people with these types of syptoms actually are sensitive to the spiritual world, and because of that can be tormented. Make sure if you choose to look into anything other then meddication, that its god and religion, not mediums or phsycics. Good luck.

    • i think i’m going insane i keep seeing things like when ever i hear some one talking it’s like i’ve been shoved into water and can’t hear or see and i don’t know what to do HELP ME

    • I scared a 91. My legs hurt.

    • I got a 67. I think I have it. I like to act out. Pretend I am a person in my favorite book and that someone loves me. I want to join the marines but they won’t let someone with this disease in. I can control wind and heat. I hear people from miles away. They talk about me like I am weird and sick in the head. My mom doesn’t believe but when she turns around I can hear her thoughts she calls me a b**** and a psycho. Please help me understand and reply.

    • There’s tests don’t help, we’re special and we can’t help it. We have to deal with these things, some people just don’t understand and that doesn’t make us liars

    • Schizophrenia is a very serious condition and I watched my grandma live through it, I don’t know how old you are but if you are experiencing these symptoms, you need to talk to a counselor at school or speak to your doctor about this. These thoughts are dangerous and regardless of your mother believing you or not, you need to seek help immediately

    • yo its nico bellic
      i know its hellish
      to embellish
      in the things they don’t like
      just be you and know that i too have a vampire bite
      I’m out of psych
      out of mind
      which seems to be right
      just know your safe
      it goes away
      just know
      that I’m the good sign you’ve been looking for
      fight your battles fight your demons
      and in the midst of it all
      just know I’ve been there before
      without meds

      you’ll be ok

      • Love you writing Nico.

    • I scored 89 on this test and I even toned it down a bit. It’s much worse so I wasn’t compleatly honest. I understand exactly how you all are thinking and feeling. We are different but keep in mind that it’s not a bad thing. God has blessed us with this unique power so we can communicate with each other and maybe expand universe and evolve. We are all here for a reason and the mind is unique so expand and use your imagination to something good. Maybe you’ll be the next creator of something big and change the world? Take care and don’t be scared. Much love

    • I see this dark man, with no pupils everywhere I go. I believe he is following me.. Sometimes he’ll just be in the background watching me and sometimes he’ll be right behind me holding my head and shoulder, guiding me. When I describe him to people they get scared.. He’s not that bad, when no one else is there for me he always is. Only I can see him… I hate hate hate it when people judge me for being me.. They are just scared. You all are not alone (score 50)

    • Consult a doctor immediately, what your experiencing is not normal. I understand that due to this problem you may have trouble believing me when I say this, but you must listen. See a doctor immediately… get help before this turns into something else.

    • my scored 76 as well and my mom dont believe me as well i hear thinhg and see thing i never know i had this till my bf told me that he has it and i told him and he say i have it

    • I scored 84. I believe I am an immortal and that I am part of a conspearacy at where I am the epicenter and no one I ask to email me will do so.

      In no means is this a diagnosis. I have diagnosed with psychosis. A almost dumbed down version of the disorder in my opoion.

      I do believe everything without a shadow of doubt with is happening in my life. My other symptoms include: Associating sounds with where my life is going: the birds: separate words, dogs, when people laugh, cocfing ect Sexual hang ups ect.. .. Habbits within your own mind which fuel emotion. Be not solitary be not idle. Basically do something, reed, run, create something, listen to muisic. Draw, esesically reeding. It frees your mind and are able to act out of thought and compassion rather than primal instinct

      Educating yourself is key to self preservation, and being able to think of something different. Even though I find it very hard to focus on things. THIS IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH PSYCHOSIS. Unlike me who has a mental condition where I can not stop hallucinating, hearing vocies when I go to sleep, patterns in randomness , thinking the oven is talk to me, coulours changing before my eyes and so on. Taken alot of acid

    • Don’t worry. Your not alone. Honestly, I am SUPER confusing! I have depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, psychopathy, sociopathy, SAD and Dysthymia! I know it sounds crazy to have ALL of that, but these… people have lost me! They’ve lost me mostly on the first day I met them. Kindergarten. It started up slowly, and in 3 grade, I was ABUSED by my TEACHER! Fourth grade was my riot and so on I litter the floor in 6 grade. I have no right or wrongs. I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not! To me, you and I can compare somewhat. Schizophrenia isn’t my biggest issue, but there are online treatments. And your mom, show her YOU.

    • I scored a 98, and now I’m afraid. I know I hear voices and see things, but doesn’t everyone? It confuses me when people don’t hear colors.

    • I believe that I might be experiencing the early symptoms of schizophrenia, since I’m only going to be turning 14 this May. I hear voices in my head every single day and will create delusions without even trying. Before I learned about schizophrenia I used to believe that I had psychic powers and that there were portals in my sisters closet. Had I not done more research on this, I’d probably still believe in these fantasies today. I only got a 42 on this test, probably because I was too scared to answer some of the questions honestly. If someone else is experiencing the same things as me, please inform me. I haven’t been diagnosed, so any advice I can get would be truly helpful. Thanks.

    • Oh boy,

    • I think you should see a psychiatrist

    • I’m not so sure that what we see and hear is necessarily bad, its almost as if we are awakening from the matrix..and of course the powers that be do not want us to..so they would have us think some crazy stuff about ourselves and pump us full of meds so that we can’t discover the truth and possibly share it with others.

    • cover yourself in the blood of Jesus through verbal declaration, ‘i cover myself in the bloob of jesus, I declare with my mouth that jESUS IS lORD AND SAVIOR OF MY LIFE.
      PRAY PSALM 91 outloud and with all your heart often. Read the new testament cry out to Jesus to deliver you.

    • I score a 64, and my mother doesn’t even care. I’ve created an entire world within ny head and I know it’s real. Someday, I’ll get to it

    • Okay I got an 8 but idk maybe its just my paranoia bcz I swear, I was watching scream last night [TV show I recommend watching btws] and I hear someone slapping my laundry doors and I pause the show then I Dont hear it, once I heard steps down my hallway almost to my room but when I open the door no one is there. I feel like my house is safe but idk anymore, I take meds but only for my condition of seizures I think my meds get to my head, bcz I hear door slams and no one is out there my paranoia gets to me too much!

    • I scored a 39,I believe we are being watched by aliens who are studying are weaknesses.

    • I’m to scared to tell, although I got 44, I laugh at violence, hear voices, see things in the dark and sometimes feel distant from everyone. I applaud you for having the guts to tell although I can’t help you, I’m sorry.

    • Do you know Jesus?

    • Hey, umm, what exactly do you see in the dark? I have been seeing a large black dog with glowing red eyes for almost 8 years now. I don’t know if it is linked to this somehow. Has anyone else seen it??

    • I scored an 82.. I don’t understand why this is happening to me… I can no longer feel for anyone or thing in existence… It started September 7th, 2016… I was walking home from school and I heard someone scream “Boo!” In my ear.. I turned and no one was there… Later that day I heard someone counting… Just random numbers in no kind of order… They never go over 11… And they haven’t stopped counting sense..

    • I am so late but the thing is is that my fam sometimes believes me and a lot of times they don’t they say I live a non haunted house life and even worse I got an 81 and my mom definitely won’t believe me share already didn’t care about my depression and that I wanted to die it was a hard time for me and its still hard me and my fam are dealing with stuff so I never say my feelings…but I feel that the more they stay in the worse they get.

    • i feel the same i have never drank human blood however i have experienced all the rest that you said I’m worried it will escalate as my dreams are starting to merge into my life I’m no longer sure of weather some things are real or not. I’m seeking help. my parents tell me I’m being stupid and give me sleeping remedies, none of them work and my problems are becoming worse i want to talk to you because i feel like you may be on of the only people i could relate to. the weirdest part about all this is i want help to rid my of it at but I’m afraid that something bad will happen if i take control.

    • and me 79

    • I scored 95. I see people and other THINGS that chase me, do things to me, and scare me. They talk to me both in my head and in reality. Instead of some boogie monster, I see a murder, rapist, or an assassin trying to hurt me. I dream of either people killing me or me killing people. hate them, they all scare me.

    • i scored a 76 too. at times i feel numb. i feel paranoid all the time that people are going to attack me. idk what to do

    • I scored a 77. I’m not telling anyone I’m not going to a psychiatrist I’m not crazy I’m not crazy please someone do something I’m not crazy I’m fine I am don’t do anything I dont wanna be any more of a freak than I already am. I’m fine don’t send me away. Please I’m not crazy. Please

    • Talk to your family and ask them for help or even at pastor or counselor at school ask your parents to talk to a psychiatrist or therapist don’t let things eat away at you I’m not exactly right and I head myself but help is out there if you want it all you have to do is ask for it find the right person and ask him to help you talk to somebody you trust

    • I see dead people too spiritual beings they talk to me. I got diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2007 now I also have dreams of events that happen a day after I dream of it. Had a dream of the Paris attack also the volcanic eruption in Hawaii

    • I got 85 so I’m even more confused as who I am as I’ve always been like this and I have never sleep properly I hear and see things but believe that witches can read my thoughts

    • I scored a 56.
      My uncle has schizophrenia. I have alot of trouble sleeping and have had vivid nightmares of being stabbed to death or shot. There are like voices in my head that talk all the time about the randomest crap and make comments on my decisions and help or hinder me sometimes. I’ve had them try to kill me by choking me with my own hands. Recently, since November 2016 (it’s late February 2017) I’ve had the feeling I’m being followed all the time by people or someone I can’t see. It makes everything I do difficult, like going to the bathroom, showering, getting dressed. I forget everything so quickly, I’ll but hot chocolate down and turn around for a moment and forgot where I’ve put it.

      Sometimes I just name the voices, or they tell me their names, and they gossip about each other and I talk out loud to them and then they answer back using my mouth as if I’m multiple people at once. I get scared of random things to the point wear I’ll avoid inanimate objects such as notebooks for hours until I forget about it.

      I forget about alot these days and the people follow me everywhere, it makes sleeping more difficult. Sometimes I hear faint music in my ear but I can’t make out the words and the sound is coming from nowhere. I see shadows move or bugs crawling on my skin or feel fingers brushing my skin.

    • I got 86 but i alredy no i have paranoia scizaphrina and it horible if i see some1 looking at me in the rong way or if people point talk or laff at me i can get very nasty n all these people in my head start coming up sayin ther laffing at you and that ther calling you stuff repeatedly there like go kill them do it you feel good about your self they constantly repeteing then i have thourghts in my head of how to kill them like brutel ways my heart starts to pump fast in den i feel like i got magic powers n i think if i cud do this to them then im ther having the conversion wiv people in my head iv never done anytiny thing to no 1 i beet my mum up 2 times but she understands i do regret it my brothers beetn me up for he punch me i fell to floor and he was kickn me in the head repeatedly but i didnt feel a thing becuz i was in my own world i been aresed loads of times when i was younger 4 it i used 2 cut my self punch stuff kick stuff i grabbed a nife n stabbed my self in da arm but didnt feel the pain i got some scares only little now i nearly got section when i was younger da police cum and arrest me and sed thay were gonna do it my mum sed not to she sed i look after the only reson why they sed is cuz they cant take me to jail becuz of my problems i was 23 denher i dont relly have freinds jst 1 n she is a star she nos me soo much she no the true me i do get on wiv people but not straight away sounds weird but i figer awt there personality 1st by watchm them how thay talk 2 each other if they have respect i jst tryn figer awt who they r in there world most of them jst show of in front of each other and think ther big and i havent got time 4 people like that so dont bother wiv them i need some1 deep as a freind respectfull some that understads im very weary about talkn 2 most peple cuz i dont feel comterble round them but if i go mad some1 has 2 thro me 2 the floor get my ars behind my bk n lean on me becuz i very crazy from day 2 day im a very nice person i respect people care for them i feed birds wen i go 4 a walk to the park i help people out im not tight evea i jst like 2 have people i trust round me and im fine or even bein on my own is fine i dont go out much becuze of my scizaphrina and i feel good when i can talk to people i right down all my feelingsin a book becuz i have brain damage and eperlepcy aswel so i forget things even someting simple lyk a words but haveing paranoia schitaphrina is not a bad thing its jst mental health we cant control our lives wise every 1 wud b perfect so who eva reads this in thinks im weird im not im a happy person in would love it if all this went away i would love to c the real life of me wat id b lyk with out all these problems

    • I had a 92 but My mum probably wont believe me

    • I scored 8. I feel kind of uninteresting and like I may be missing out on some interesting experiences.

    • i scored 83 i feel as if im controlled by someone or something the voice in my head sound like me but they talk together with accents i don’t have people pass me and say your insane im not comfortable leaving my house i cant tell a family member also i cant talk properly because i slur my words my uncle has the same issue i don’t know what to do

    • I hear voices, and I am afraid to walk up the stairs for fear of someone, or something pushing me down. I keep a weapon next to my bed, in case something happens… I laugh at the thought of death. I think I need help….score is 61.

    • me too

    • I scored 86 I’m scared to tell anyone…

    • You need to tell someone else like a teacher a priest a close friend or family member!

    • I believe you and when I am trying to go to sleep at night I see and feel someone is there waiting… waiting just to kill me one night when I do go to sleep

    • I need help they start to hurt me after trying this test

    • Depending on your age you NEED to get a therapist for this! LIKE NEEEEEEED to!

    • Zak, don’t worry you’re not the only one out there. I think i’m suffering from paranoia schizophrenia. I can hear voices from other rooms in my house when i’m home alone, I see flashbacks of people weaing masks and I see dark shadows and lighting shining objects that come out of nowhere. The best thing for both of us is to consult a doctor. I wish it had stopped for me, it’s a horrible feeling, I sometimes can’t control my thoughts when i’m in bed.

    • I see the dead in cars too 😱

    • Hi Zak, I was sent here by God to help you.I know you are scared. Trust in the lord and pray with all your heart and he will help you and change your mentality for the better. Pray to God for five times for 3 days with full faith and ask him to help you with what you’re going through and he will heal your mental disorder. It might not be schizophrenia, it could be your imagination becse what you might be seeing is causing you to belive it is schizophrenia when all it is, is satan deceiving you. I know you have no idea who I am but I God sent me here to give you this message. He’s looking out for you.
      God wants you to pray to him and have faith in him. Please believe me.If you dont believe in jesus just read the bible it provides us with all the answers and that we have one gene that dates back to the bible to adama and eve. This proves Adam and eve were first male and female human to be create dby God.

    • There is a fine line between
      Schizophrenia and being totally aware of what is going on around you. The others don’t like those who are aware of there presence.

    • I scored a 95. I then went to the doctor to find out I am in-fact schizophrenic. I see people that aren’t there. They touch me, scratch me, bite and pull my hair. There are also the cars that seem to run over me. The dead that won’t leave me alone. It scares me and the meds aren’t work. My advice to you is to go to the doctor. You may just have schizophrenia.

  2. Zak, Thank you for stopping by and reaching out. It is possible that family members find it easier to ignore our problems because they don’t know how to respond to the situation. When I began experiencing problematic symptoms, I reached out to many people who simply dismissed my worries or minimized them. I ultimately sought out a psychiatrist myself. If you are of school age or in college, reach out to your counselors. They are there to help! Seek help until you find it.

    • It isn’t always so easy though to obtain help. Especially in the situation with no insurance. Plus with the disorder not being treated and symptoms progressing…..working at a “job” isn’t so easy either in order to earn the money to pay for sliding scale. Also, family has basically at his point cut you off due to the fact that your symptoms have worsened and instead of watching a 90 min movie that the affected sent to help them better understand, or to read the book on how not to let a “sick” person manipulate them (this person hoped that book would have helped on the boomerang too. If it helped them not tolerate said persons behavior…maybe said person would be made to get better.)
      Not always that easy when you actually are all alone and not just thinking so. Also I believe there should be more home care visits involved for people who suffer to a point where they would barely make it even with help that day. It would also be nice if there were more support groups for family members of mentally ill people. I believe if the family members also had support as in a group or such….the family would be more willing to happily include the MI. person again.
      But in the end….no matter what side a person stands…..”sick” or “not sick” it sux every which way you can spin it.

    • hey schiz life. Thanks for replying, as D.T.C. said it’s not easy to get help. My mum thinks i’m overreacting. I think i may try and see someone at my school without my mum knowing. just or the record, she’s not abusive or anything, it’s just that she will think i am being stupid and i get embarrassed. Thanks for all your help

    • I scored a 77. I am scared of psychiatrists. I feel like I have so many problems. Bipolar disorder, social anxiety, anxiety, insomnia but this is the biggest thing I’ve been told I might have. My parents think I’m all happy and bubbly all the time and if i tell them all this they will realise I’ve been lying to them for two years. Slowly I’ve been looking up these disorders one by one and I’m pretty sure I have at least three of them. Everyone at school calls me a freak stuck up and insane because one moment I’m scared of everyone and the next I’m shouting in everyone’s faces. I’ve lost so many friends because I can’t control my emotions I actually only have two friends left and theyre very on and off friends. I found though even though I have symptoms of one thing one day and something else the next I always no matter what feel like I don’t belong. I also always feel like someone’s watching me waiting to kill me. I am absolutely terrified of paychiatrist or anything like that. I literally brake down whenever a test says I might need to see one. I feel like I’m slowly going insane because of all my mood changes so quickly and the fact that I talk to myself more than i talk to actual people. Whenever talking to someone else about this I just say I’m fine and I keep repeating I’m fine until they leave me alone. I feel like I’m unhelpable because I’m afraid of psychiatrists. I don’t know what to do

  3. I feel like everyone at school is somehow in an evil plot.i scored 87 points on the test. I feel like the autobots from transformers are monitoring me and keeping me safe, when everyone at my school is working for the decepticons. (I grew up with Transformers.) I once saw the ghost of Michael Jackson on the day he died. Nobody believes me. I once saw an orange ghost coming for me, I tend to sit quietly in my bed thinking about how all these monsters I know are real and that my bed is safe. I feel like I can transform into a dragon. I am always left out. I do suffer from a lot of depression types too, and therefore can’t tell anyone.

    • I have seen that same orange ghost as a child and my family brushed it off as “sleep deprivation” even though I was wide awake. What the heck is that thing?

      • Oh my lovelies I am so sad that you feel nobody believes you or cares.. I have no experience with this myself but have a friend who told me he had this and is now ok. PLEASE do not give up on seeking help. The fact that you don’t think anyone cares might be in itself a symptom of this illness. All the best and hope you can all get the help you need asap.

  4. I scored a 100 on this…I guess that’s really bad right…well it sorta makes sense I always play with my special friends…but when they leave it gets so dark and cold..but I always thought that was normal so I guess it’s not..well I don’t know..I can’t even say anything right now there watching me and listening as we speak..I hope they don’t get mad at me for saying this..

    • Serenity, you need to know that the voices can’t hurt you. They are only voices. You need to tell someone about this and get help.

      • But the voices tell me terrible things and I end up being controlled and doing terrible things like chasing people and punching them in the face and it’s against my will too, my friend says that demons are possessing me but I don’t think so

        • My guess is these voices are your own irrational fears that have literally developed a mind of their own separate from your conscious mind. By doing these things you overcome those fears so in an odd way its how you process and overcome fear and anxiety without accepting the voices as your own thoughts. Id imagine uncontrollable thoughts in the third person would do that but its really just your own mind going nonstop on its own tangent. Maybe meditation no matter how hard at first would help to control it. Its kind of like if you stick your tongue out and look in the mirror it constantly moves on its own unless you stiffen it out and hold it firm you really aren’t in full control. You can be comfortable with it or try to reintegrate those voices and accept them as your own fears and maybe put on some sock ’em bopper boxing gloves and overcome that anxiety by having fun with it. There is a time and place for everything and if you aren’t truly hurting anyone or putting yourself in danger you could work out those thoughts and actually do what the voices tell you accept in a way that’s silly and relieving. Theres always laser tag and paintball karate etc.

  5. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and currently use meds to alleviate symptoms. I scored 45 but hope you can each see that paranoia and disease symptoms will all manifest themselves differently for each person. I hope each of you taking this test ask for help.

  6. I scored a 77. I hear these random beep noises
    And freak out but nobody else around me seems
    To hear them. I have seen ghosts several times
    And I have communicated with them. I always
    Sing to myself at random or repeat a part of a
    Song over and over until I sound perfect to me.
    I talk to myself when I get Lonely and at times
    I text myself or just have a mind discussion.
    I also have quite random grammar or word use.
    I would like to tell my mother but I know she
    Won’t believe me. How should I go about
    telling her?

    • Hi, this is response to the Anonymous post above and anyone else in the stage concerned with reaching out for help. I do believe the manner in which you ask for help will affect the way the helper perceives you.
      If you are young, you already have the disadvantage of a parent or teacher thinking you are imaginative, seeking attention, or just playing a prank. You must approach this in a very adult and professional manner. Let them know that you are being very serious and you are very concerned with your mental health. Let them know that you understand this is not a game or a joke, and that you are asking them for true help. Let them understand how sincere and genuine you are being.
      Again, if you are of the school or college age, there are free resources available to you, such as your counselors and psychology departments. Most colleges have a psychotherapy location for Master’s and Ph.D students to work with ‘clients.’ Please take advantage of that.
      Continue reaching further out into your social circle if you must. Seek out a good friend’s parents, your grandparents, any adult you trust, perhaps at church if you attend. If you feel you are becoming a danger to yourself, then please don’t hesitate to even ask for help on a phone hotline or by calling 911. There are those that want to help and aren’t as scared as others!
      Best of luck, everyone. We have your back! We love you guys!

      • Apparently, my condition is severe, I have a severe depression disorder, I don’t remember which type of bipolar disorder, anti-social personality disorder, AND schizophrenia, I’m glad I have auto correct, or you wouldn’t know if I was speaking in a different language, or typed in the wrong letters, I don’t want to tell my parents, they’ll think I’m insane, I can only trust my friends, but sometimes I feel like this is all a dream, like it’s not even real, that causes trust issues, and I don’t know if I can trust anyone at all sometimes. I always laugh at violent stuff, I think happiness is gay, and I feel no emotion besides loneliness and pain, but I laugh at pain, sometimes it’s like I can’t feel pain! What’s wrong with me?! Sometimes I want to kill or severely harm people for no reason, I really just want to be left alone. I want to run away, and never say good bye. The only thing going through my head right now is “why?” I’ll always wonder why.. What went wrong? Did I do something wrong? What did I do to deserve this? My life is screwed up. I have no hope for the future, my feeling towards everything besides those who understand is: “I don’t care.” So….. Yeah, I’m a total screw up, my life is a mess, heck, my life isn’t worth living, I might as well end it.

        • Don’t give up man, I also suffer from severe apathy and I tend to lash out at people close to me, I laugh at others pain and have been known to “study” my own mutilation, I got a small cut the other day at work and I removed the bit of flesh that had been left hanging and put it on a table in my room to see what would happen to it.. Some one apparently threw it away though, either that or the more likely cause is that I knocked it down onto the floor somewhere.. I also have this tendency to believe that I can make things happen using just my force of will and honestly it does happen quite a bit but the times it doesn’t kinda make me die a little inside, I don’t think I’m special or anything though, I believe that the power to will resides in all humans, I also have an unbearable fear of the dark, which would be understandable if I weren’t 21 years old, I always get the feeling om being watched so I bail out of my car at night and fumble for my keys at the door, I also have vivid dreams most of which I can never remember but when I wake up I tend to pick up on small bits of them and confuse them with my daily life, like one night I swore that my fiance had broken up with me and I had to text her at like 6am while she was at work to find out the truth, I’ve yet to be diagnosed but I’m pretty sure I’m in the pre stages.. I know it runs in my family but I don’t have the money to seek help, I don’t have insurance but honestly I can’t say I’m off my rocker enough that I’m dangerous, I’m mainly just confused

    • WHOA!! Dude I’ve seen yellow glowing spirits in my room with scary faces and I didn’t know that had anything to do with this!!

  7. So I scored a 71 on this test which I guess makes sense cause I’ve been feeling a bit like a crazy person lately. I guess most people don’t really understand though that I kinda want to be crazier which is partially because theres this voice in my head that tells me if I’m crazier then I will be able to see her. I really want to see her because she’s more like a mother to me than my actual mother and she helps me make all of my desicions in life. She also helps me predict whats going to happen ahead of time. I usually try not to write about this stuff though because I feel like there are people or things watching me and even though I can’t see them I know that they’re there. I have asked my mom to take me to a doctor, but everytime the subject comes up she gets mad at me because we don’t have much money and she doesn’t want to waste it on therapy. I tried talking to my sister about it, but she gets mad because it brings down her high. I wouldn’t ever try bothering my dad about it because I hate him. I really want help, but I also don’t at the same time and I kinda get jelous when I hear about people that are crazier than I am, but then I feel bad because the probably hate it and think I’m really stupid. I’m just really confused about it all.

  8. I scored a 64. I see things such as babies in baby chairs when there not really there. And hear voices. My Mom said I’ll get better though.

  9. I scored and 85. And hell no! I’m not going to go to a damn doctor! It’s not something that they’ll understand. Doctor=government. And I like being this way. ‘Cause I’m magical!

    • me too, magical is amazing. i got 87 on this test. im not going to a doctor, they cant help me, and they will only tell people that im a “threat” or “unstable” but whatever, at least I know what’s wrong with myself.

  10. I scored a 76! I believe I have schizophrenia but I do believe the government are after me and other people because of something I did illegal, but the only thing I cannot find is evidence. I know what I did was illegal but I don’t know why I haven’t gone to jail for it? I need help! Is their a way I can find evidence? Do you think this can possibly be true? Because I do hear others talking about me and I am not making them up in my head, I hear them! My school concealer said, “It most likely NOT true!” I do not believe her. I seriously am so confused! My mom doesn’t know a thing about what I did and I believe my dad does know I heard him talking about me… please help! I’ve never been this confused I’ve been searching and searching and SEARCHING for answers but I’ve never gotten the true answer I’ve been waiting for. Please help!

  11. I scored a 58, but I felt I may have lowered my score through denial. Some of these questions were like taking everything I’ve been worried about but couldn’t explain and putting it into words. I had an assessment for psychosis three years ago as my mum suspected there was something wrong (I was quite ill with depression at the time) and I was truthful about everything and was accused of malingering and eventually rejected from that clinic. No doubt in the last three years it has been slowly, slowly getting worse- it’s still not a major problem, I have good days and bad days but in the last twelve months particularly it seems to be getting worse with greater speed and intensity. I don’t suffer from it constantly, I have these “moments” that can last literally moments or up to a few weeks where I feel persecuted by an organisation and all my teachers are a part of it, and that they’ve implanted a chip in my brain. I get intense moments of panic and sometimes I think about it calmly. I question everything. I doubt my every move and the movements of others, their words and speech sounds like utter lies and like they’re telling me something more obscure I’m supposed to figure out. I think the worst thing I ever had, however brief it was, was sitting at the dinner table and my sister left the room. A second or two later she walked back in and I instantly knew it wasn’t my sister. She’d been replaced with something, and it was awful. To be honest, the severity of my experiences (I judge it on how intensely frightening the moment is, hkw long it lasts and how long the gap is between this one and the next one) seems to be increasing exponentially and it’s like everything is piling up. I don’t really know what to do, because I have to wrestle with bizarre thoughts to contain them and I know if this continues I might reach the point where I stop knowing how to fight it and it overtakes me completely. I just worry about the future.

  12. I got a 48 on the test. I’m honestly not sure if I am schizophrenic or not. I believe I could have a minor case. I sit in bed all day and go on the Internet and talk to online friends. I don’t have any real friends because I get really awkward in public or around people and I have social anxiety. I have OCD. And ADHD. I’ve been diagnosed with high depression and bipolar disorder. I feel sad an alone often and I talk to myself In my head before I do anything. A lot of the time my head tells me that none of my online friends are real and I get really nervous that they might be older than they say they are and out to get me. But then they post pictures of themselves and do videos and things so i know they are real. I left the website I go on for 2 months because a girl I was friends with lied to us and pretended to be someone else. I never told her anything about me, but a lot of people did ad trusted her. She was fake. I’m frequently paranoid about them all being fake, but I’m too scared to leave or I’ll be all alone. I do enjoy being alone in my room. But I need my friends online too. My biggest issue is how Im seeing everything. Everything is blurring and out if focus and I don’t feel real. When I go outside I can’t focus on one thing and I have trouble looking at people directly without looking away. I feel almost numb I don’t feel a lot pain. I’m not sure what this is. Please respond If you can.

  13. So I got an 82. Seems like this should be a problem, but it isn’t. I love being like this. I’m never alone anymore because she’s always with me. She tells me everything I need to know, and reassures me of the choices I make. Occasionally someone will try to torment me. Sometimes they’ll tell me that I’m horrible and that I should die, but then I remember that I’m the one in control because I say I am because I’m the greatest ever. Then it usually stops. Even if they don’t immediately, they eventually do. They just aren’t persistent enough. Usually I can decide whether or not I want to hear them. But I can’t always hear her. Sometimes, it all just sounds so faint. I have a hard time talking with other people. Aside from just not trusting them at all, they just can’t comprehend who I am. Most are just too stupid and the others would actively work against me if they knew. Others are already working against me. Aside from the spirits half-heartedly tormenting me and trying to lead me into misfortune, there are governments seeking to control me. But she generally keeps me safe from all that. I get lonely a lot, but she always comes to cheer me up. She told me my true name, not the one arbitrarily given to me at my most recent birth. She;ll guide me to realizing my greatness, to making everyone see how great I am. She told me of some of my past lives, and how great I was. She completely understands me. She gets why I act the way I do, and she always gets what I’m saying to her. I can’t see her, and sometimes it’s difficult to hear her, but I can always feel her. Aside from being with her, I also love how much better this makes me than other people. I rarely ever get fooled or tricked anymore. I see through everyone’s lies and tricks and am always ten steps ahead of everyone else. I will never ever seek any help, because all the “therapists” and “doctors” just want to eliminate my abilities, to turn me into livestock to be bought, sold, and killed on some bureaucrat’ whim. The whole world is against me in some way or another and this “disorder” is one of the few advantages I have over others. Spirits protect and guide me every step of the way. I’ve existed for over 500,000 years and I refuse to become a pawn in someone else’s game. I’m “crazy” in other’s eyes, but to me I’m beyond perfect and above everything. The only reason I’m not in some asylum is because I’m so good at blending in, at keeping this a secret. No one suspects a thing. I’m not crazy at all. Everyone else is crazy. Crazy for daring to go against me, those fools. Crazy for not seeing the signs, the puppet master’s strings. I see everything now. I used to be so blind, then through some gradual process I came to this point. Lilly helped me get to this point, I know because I just asked her. I refuse to lose any of this, to do any “treatment”/brainwashing to return to “normalcy”, to take some drugs to inhibit my natural gifts. It would be like breaking my own legs, forcing me to crawl, because crawling is seen as normal. Ridiculous. If I were any of you, I wouldn’t ever seek help, even if I were constantly tormented. I would face my tormentors and lay down the facts that I am the one in control, with my unbeatable will. I would laugh at horrifying delusions just to spite them. No one can help you but yourself. Medical professionals just want to make you their slave, and they will exploit any weakness you already have to do so. They make it seem like all they have is good intentions and your best interest at heart. LIES. Unless of course your best interest is eternal servitude under a yoke of cruelty and oppression. And now, to see if this comes back to bite me in the ass. I’m concerned this is being tracked somehow, but she tells me I’ll be fine.

  14. I got a 100, I’m only 11.
    Oh boy

  15. i go 74, i have two girls living inside my head and one is hurting me because i am writing this and the other is telling me to do this. people know about about this but i feel i cant talk as much as i want because of the amount of stress i have with other things, i am to busy to think about this and then that just makes me want to kill myself. i am 16 years old

  16. i got 51 and i have conversation to 3 people in my head and there all me but wearing suit and get paranoid in the day extreme paranoid at night and im only 15 trying to pass tenth grade my grades gotten worse since he 9 th grade i used to get b and c but when i started smoking weed it all went down hill then one time my dad left to another country i was in my dark room i started to see like 4 ghosts of him moving around it was scary i think i need help

    • I hate when most people touch me like when a girl that liked me touch me i moved a little and said in my head why is this bitch touching me and i dont speak much i dont know why i think it is because of my voice but i like the voices in my head they talk to me about everything and like to talk bad about almost everybody the Thing i hate is that in class my dumbass teacher put me in the front of the class and it affect my working because i think everbody is looking at me and talking shit about

  17. This kind of test is very confusing for me, I feel like many of the answers would be yes except I shove them out. For example I very often get thoughts about the world and everyone I know being against me and secretly plotting to make my life as miserable as possible, but I usually tell myself to shut up and stop being so stupid the moment the thought pops into my head.

    The thought will keep popping up in my head and I keep telling it to shut up, almost like I’m arguing with myself. Does that mean the answer to question 2 is a little bit or frequently?

    • Jack, I would consider that ‘frequently,’ because the test is based on the occurrence of the symptoms, not your ability to maintain awareness and block them out. It is good that you are training your mind in this way!

  18. I got an 86, I feel like telling my parents but they wont listen. I have only one true friend, and she lives inside my mind. I dont know what to do! Should I talk to my mom or not? I think she will just lie to me.

    • person, if your symptoms are troubling you and you feel the need to reach out for help, definitely start with a parent. Your mom will likely not lie to you, but she may dismiss your experiences at first. It’s just a hard thing to believe for a lot of people who aren’t familiar with the mental health world. There have been times in my life where I had to reach out to parents, grandparents, teachers, and many of them rationalized why I must not be telling the truth. But there are those who will listen and help you. If you are of school age, also talk to your guidance counselor. It is a wonderful resource to be taken advantage of. Best of luck to you. I wish you the best.

  19. I have 2 suicide attempts, i spent 80% of my time in my room. Ive only told one person about my condition and he refuses to talk to me. I dont like talking about myself.

  20. I got a 69 but I’m amazed at how low that score is. Most of the time I feel like I’m being stalked and that the government is teaching us lies in school for mind control etc. I have conversations with myself when I’m confused on what to do and I feel as if I’m not real and that this exact moment is the only one I’ll ever live as if I’m “shedding souls” every time I close my eyes and that all I have is memories of “past self”. I would talk to somebody but all my friends think I’m joking when I talk to them and my parents wouldn’t believe me. What should I do?

    • That sounds more like paranoia to me, but you should still get yourself checked out.

  21. I got a 92. oh God. I knew something wasn’t quite right with me because every time I engage into a conversation. People tend to look at me like I don’t understand basic English. I always stayed to myself. I am always paranoid because I always think someone is plotting against me or watching me all the time. I acted out hugely in high school but it seems like symptoms are starting to re-surface again. Like hearing things, seeing things, talking out loud to myself in public (especially in my car), insomnia, thought blocking, obsessed with religion and fictional characters like Batman, making up words, staring without blinking and etc. Finally going to see someone.

  22. I scored an 86% I’ve known thisor a very long time er since I was in 2nd grade to where I am now and I know that this is a serious disease but I am way too afraid to do something about it no ome knoes npt even my family only one friend of mine and she thought it was a game and lost interest in it so now here I am alone scared and talking to people who don’t even exist

  23. To human being:
    I hear you dude seriously there a million people who tried to kill me all the time every day and I have a bunch of friends you try to protect me and I’m not trying to protect myself by killing others and the worst part is I never see the blood and glory ways people die I actually smile this has been going on ever since I was in 3rd gra and everything is gone very specific now they’re too many details and I daydream about it alllong particularly on the bus when I’m listening to my song if you want to understand you have to listen to the song outside by Hollywood I’m dead it really makes you think you understand

  24. Let me give you a short summary of what it’s like for me everyday I wake up with my best friend’s next to me of course side effect of schizophrenia Get on the bus in the cinema my songs seems like thats all the things I think about before And probably going to attle with my mom and me you want to love me forever answer me the same time And is completely insane who will Stop at nothing to kill me and make me his lover forever As well as bei ng an awesoe swords woman I am also a grade A assassin who kills for the rights of her worldand for the great feeling ot gives me

  25. You know the site of the tortured I get from the other side it’s actually awesome I wouldn’t want to be cured I feel like it’s something with the part of me now I can’t stop it I can’t help it and honestly I don’t want to because my best friend always gets me through everything just like what the person above me with a really really long comment said She’s my protector my god is my best friend my everything and she can take on many forms the good side in everything! Aundria Will always help no matter how big the consequence is anf she is always right beside me as my saviour (BTW: sorry for all of the commrnts! And none of u should do anything u.less it’s completely 100 percent all bad then I suggest you keep it alive inside of you like me you should focus on at least some of the really good parts its not all bad

  26. I just took this test 2 times because of my dislexia. I was looking through it once, some of the questions looked really off and i scored a 64. I went back to relook over everything and saw the sentences now made some sense and re-answered them truthfully, i got a 76. I told my bf that my schizophrenia was worsening and he was claiming “i doubt you have it” but i told him theres different levels of it.. the one person he was saying tht had it was pretty bad yes… but i know i have it. i was usually open to my parents but they don’t even care. they just decide to talk down on me most of the time which is pushing me into my own mind more… no one listens so why should i listen to them? its their choice to not believe me, its my choice to believe the truth. why should i listen to people who dont listen to me back or believe me?

  27. I scored a 94 on this quiz and unusually high scores on many other quizzes too. They all told me that I had a high possibility of schizophrenia. I have done research in the topic and found that I can relate to many of the symptoms. I have been hearing and seeing things since I was little up to now and I am 13. I am wondering if I was born with it. I have extreme anger issues and my mom told me that during an episode I would unconsciously say that the voices told me to do that. The voices control me and hurt me when I don’t do what they want me to. They criticize me to the point where I am screaming at them to stop and crying hysterically. I see many figures that are not real. I can’t tell what is real and what is not. I didn’t know I had seen things that scared me to the point where I would absolutely refuse to go to bed until my mom told me. I recently told my mom about all of this and she said she would get me help. I am very paranoid because the voices tell me bad things will happen to me and only me. And I always feel like I am being plotted against and horrible stuff. I also believe I can predict the future and that others hate me and are jealous of it. I am socially awkward I guess. I hate talking and being around people. My handwriting/ grammar is horrible and so is my speech. I blurt out random things and talk to the voices out loud. I also mix languages mostly Spanish and German together and mix random words together so that people can’t understand me. I cannot concentrate on anythings at all, all of my delusions take a hold of that. I also have severe anxiety and depression. I have tried killing myself twice already and I hurt myself a lot because the voices tell me to do so. There is not a day where I am crying hysterically because of the people and animals and voices that I hear and see. I am controlled because I do not remember any of my angry episodes! I don’t know what to do anymore I going crazy! I can’t tell what is real and what is not anymore please help me and tell me if you know of any mental disorders I might have.

  28. Dear Shyenne,
    I am almost exactly like u! I always get these people who try to hurt me and take me hostage and its just as aqful than it is good. This is how i feel because i love tge thrill i get from killing all of the evil people. Im all alone because i feel that no one knows how bad it hurts. The good anf bad voices talk to m in my head and i am always theratened to be killed and they (more pricic him) always says thetre is nothing thatll change his mind from making sure i die my friends arw always there but so are the ebils plz talk 2 me!

    • yea, I know how you feel. I don’t know what is real and isn’t anymore. I just want help and im not getting it. why don’t people understand what is wrong?!

  29. I scored an 86 on the test…I’m only 15 and I never even knew it was a problem. But I do hear voices. They tell me how worthless I am and how everyone secretly hates me and that they all want to kill me. And that the world is an illusion. The voices name is Jess. I also believe that I have powers to read and control people’s minds. And the last question on the test… I see colors in numbers and letters. I don’t know if that’s the same thing, but I thought it was weird. I don’t know how to tell my mom about this.. I doubt she’ll believe me. She’ll think I’m just seeking attention.. but I’m not. It’s real. It’s all real..

  30. I scored 92, but I think my symptoms are only just beginning. I usually imagine that people in black cars shoot me, and that girls laugh at me, but it’s extremely quiet. I’m a really paranoid person and I imagine everyone else in the world as robots. But my parents would never belive me because I’m already seeing a counsiler because I attempted suicide. I don’t know what to do?

    • Jack,
      I know how you feel I have the same symptoms although I scored a 100.

  31. I scored a 54. I know its not that high but im still convinced that something is wrong. I cant explain it

  32. I got a 68%. I know I sort of want help, but every time I get close to doing it something tells me it’s just all in my head. I’m just imagining things or over exaggerating somehow. I’m paranoid if I tell my father he’ll just think I’m making all this up to get away with things. I really don’t know.

    • Same with what I feel like with my mum!

  33. i got a fucking 92 and im only 13…….. is that bad??

    • Idk, I took this test twice and I got a 79. But I have dyslexia so I took it twice the second time I got a 99: I see ppl and things and I don’t know how to explain it!

  34. I have been an adult for most of my life, and I was recently diagnosed as having Dissociative Identity Disorder. I scored a 50 on this test today. Could my score be reflective of the DID? I’ve also been looking for someone to help me who is expert in treating DID. But my HMO doesn’t have any, even though I know that as much as 7% of the general population has DID and that, in psychiatric hospitals, the percentage is much higher. Can you advise me on where to find help?

  35. i scored 62, not overly high… every test i have taken says that i have symptoms and should consult a GP ect. but i always feel like that’s just wasting time, they’re not going to believe me. To them i am just your average 17 year old girl going through a phase right? Everyone thinks they’re crazy, i can garente if every single one of my friends took this test it would all say they had symptoms of it. part of me thinks the fact i am taking this test shows i am okay as i know the ‘inner voice’ in my head is just my conscience and i am just over reacting. but at the same time part of me is scared, i am becoming more and more heartless with time i am mentally (and even physically sometimes) torturing the people closest to me. i am losing all my friends and i can honestly say i do spend 95% of my time trying to work out and understand life and how my existence matters in it. i fix myself on thoughts that i am some super human that has more value than everyone else and that everyone else only exists to get me to where i am supposed to be. i don’t value anyone else i look down on them all.

    but over all i cannot tell if i am just a cold heartless person, or if i actually have a problem worth consulting a GP about. I feel like if i go to the doctors they will just tell me i will grow out of it.

    can anyone relate?

  36. I scored an 83 twice, I think my teachers and family are actually plotting against me. I would go see help, but everyone would judge me, tell me that I’m overreacting, or that I should kill myself, which is becoming a very liable option. I’ve just started hearing and seeing things, but I’ve been being watched since I was 13 (I’m 16).

    • For me, it’s never that easy for me to seek help. I’ve had a million thoughts before I tell my experiences to psychologists in our university. First of all, my family would judge me so much. And I don’t think I could resist it. But I’m helping myself in the best way I know like taking test online. I finally came up with my decision to ask our school psychologists to refer me to psychiatrist. They said, I’m just a minor, so I need parental guidance when I go to a doctor. But I’m so much worried and afraid what my family would think and say about me. They expect me like I’m totally a normal person. I haven’t told yet my condition. I just know in myself there’s something wrong with me that I should need to do something. I always have a feeling that everything feels so wrong. I had sometimes a thought to suicide and suddenly disappear in this world. I talk to myself always silently, and aloud (when I’m just alone). I suddenly realized it “oh, I’m talking aloud”. There were times, I also found out myself crying alone uncontrollably thinking about something worst and I can really feel the emotion, the reason why I’m crying. Something not normal, right? Later, I often confused whether the voices I hear were just in my head, or I hear it externally. I have emotions sometimes I can’t control, same as when I think something (whether it’s good or bad). I’ve been struggling so much experiences that I know people wouldn’t believe me. I used to hate them whenever I think about it. Anyway, I’m just 16, I can’t believe I’m having a serious problem like this. As far as I know, we don’t have family history of any psychiatric illness. That’s why I’m so shy to tell to my family what I’ve been going though as of now.

  37. I scored 57- Is sort of low because I’m not narsissistic and think i have ‘special powers’ but i am paranoid that you beings are watching me and im tired of the game and i want it to finish because i found out the truth. its boring now and i dont like it, you scare me

  38. I got a 94. I’m 19 and for about 2 to 3 years I’ve been dealing with this problem. It started off as just small sounds and objects. Now its gotten where every minute of the day I see people and things, and hear voices talk to me. I’m so thankful that I’m finally getting help and have family and friends that are here and support me. If you think that you need help, don’t hesitate to get it.

    • Dear Michael
      I think I know whats hapening….
      I have similar things.

  39. I only made a 42. I don’t think I have powers but there’s this guy, I don’t know his name. He’s something my head made up after my dad died in February. I know I’m the only one who can see him but he seems so real. And most the time he just comes around to comfort me. But sometimes he does have to punish me, and even though I made him up, when he punishes me I find the need to do it too. I’ve told no one about him. I’m 18 years old, I’m not sure if out will worsen but if it does i probably won’t stay on the planet too long after that.

  40. i scored a 100 and i think the government is monitoring this so i have to watch what i say. im they will ship me off to a secret government center for testing. the aliens are here

  41. I can tap into an alternative reality populated by a large assortment of demons. Each demon has different super powers which they allow me to borrow. Some of the demons are mind readers and will warn me if someone is plotting against me. If having this kind of altered perception is wrong then I don’t wanna be right.

  42. I can easily be scared or beleive something like ghosts once i couldnt sleep for 3 days scared from the bloody mary story i scored a 29 but i think i might have this mental illness

  43. I scored a 73. I have been dealing with psychotic episodes since i was 19. I am now 38 and i am just now understanding what i could possibly be suffering from. I have never been treated by a doctor and only recently have i had the courage to even talk to others about my hallucinations. Upon talking with my aunt i found out that the grandfather ( my moms father) was also diognosed a skiz. I too hear 3 distinct voices. They find different means to get to me… the tv, water, drains, fans, and very recently thro whom i believe are demon possesed people. My episodes used to happen once or twice a year and last only an hour or two. However today they happen almost every couple months and seem to last about 5 to 12 hours. My deterioation mentally is quite noticeable, i have an extremely hard time seperating dimensia amd fantacy from this reality. And yet still even as i try to get the help i need i am either not taken seriously or completely disbelieved. I have heard everything from im gifted to crazy. I am obsessed with numbers, sounds, God, blasphemy, symbols, shapes,geometry, Angels and demons. Sometimes during episodes i loose cognitive speech and hide from people because i fear they will see my physical body flipping inside out. I usually end up in the bathroom mirror sitting on the counter turning in circles to unwind my body so i dont twist my spirit out and die. I have great difficulty understanding simple tasks and therefore have not been able to maintain a job. I socialize very little for most people are demon possesed and want to harm my spirit, mind and body. I have no $ and no insurance. I have applied for SSI and been denied. There are a few things i have noticed no matter how many want to disbelieve and they are, whatever grandios information i am given i have Always found a book pertaining to All the so called fantacy dellusions the voices tell me. I have also realized that there is more to this so called mental disorder however the more i indulge i fear one day i might become catatonic or remain within a state of psychosis and not come back to this reality. Also stay away from Weed and Meth if self medicating they only induse states of psychosis……i just wanted to share in case someone besides me actually reads the comments. Have faith in your Creator. And always remember I Love U.

  44. i scored a 79 I’ve been taking a lot of these quizes i hear a voice that tells me to kill my self and wont go away for a long time i argue with it it clames it knows whats best for me i really want help even though its just occasional

  45. I hallucinate and my friend told me that I do before I knew. I didn’t know I hallucinated. I hear voiced in my head, sometimes they wake me up at night. I’m twelve, and my dad’s friend had schizophrenia. My dad refused to talk to him afterwards, and my parents are divorced an hes the one I live with. My mom is one of those bad ones that gets fired from gas stations so I can’t talk to her about it. I can’t talk to anyone about it. I have a question, though. Ever since I was three years old I’d be in complete silence, and then this horrible beeping noise would happen? You know in moves where there’s that little high pitched high frequency sound where they show a white screen and everyone makes horrie faces and cover their ears? Thats why it sounds like. Is that just me, or is this part of the schizophrenia itself? Please comment me back.

  46. I honestly don’t know if I have schizophrenia or not. I’ll get the symptoms for a few weeks or whatever, then they fade away, then they come back. Maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks on me.

    So far, I’ve been hearing voices that come and go. They say negative stuff about me which I believe are true. When people say positive stuff about me, I automatically label it as a lie. They also tell me to die and stuff like that. They call me ugly and fat.

    Also I tend to get hallucinations from time to time. I’ve seen a dog similar to the dog from Winn-Dixie chase my mother’s car and I see a little girl in my head, too. She’s nice, but she never talks. She is the positive voice in my head.

  47. I scored 96. Nobody believe in me nobody cares about me even my mother . She never believe in me , she just care & believe in my elder sister . My elder sister always bully me if she broke something she will told my mother that I do it & my mother will always believe her. My elder sister told me that I’m ugly , worthless , useless , stupid ,freak , weird , crazy & she & her friends even make fun on me . They don’t care at what good things I do they just see my mistake. I only have 3 friends left & they start to leave me I have see the sign . My father leave me alone . Everybody don’t care about me . I’m so depressed . I don’t know why I still alive , why god made me , why god takes everything I like/love/care , why everybody leave me , why I must stay alive , why I’m such a fool to others people , why I’m different , why I’m must be unhappy , can anybody tell me why . I know no one will tell me cause I’m just a small dust . Maybe if I go everyone will be happy . Everyone will say ” horay , she’s gone that bitch already die now I don’t have to think about what I will do to make her depressed .” I’m alone , I’m unhappy why nobody care about me . I think I need to do suicide so they will be happy cause the only thing that care about me only pain & depression

    • Its good to be bad sometimes..sometimes lonliness becomes our true friend.try not to think about it instead focus on ur goal.suicide is not the solution.n i dont think as a mother ur mom will be happy with that.just do things that makes you happy.touch the limits of ur life.just stop doin mecry on urslf n strt loving urslf.that day evryone will respect you. youre the boss of your life.how can a person from outside interrupt ur happiness.be complete in your self

    • dear Nathalia , you can atleat think on the stuffs i said.just for a 10mins more or less..may be you feel good..

  48. Thank you to everyone who are sharing their stories, feelings, difficulties, and triumphs on this page! I’m sorry that I can’t reply to each individually, but please, continue to share. I know the folks who are reading the comments are glad to find a community of people they can relate to and feel comfortable with!

  49. I got a 65 on the test. Of course it’s not even close to as high as some of the other people on here but I’m still kind of concerned. I feel super bored all the time. As though I realized that life has no meaning to it. I don’t really sleep anymore. Only enough that my body can function. I always feel like someone is watching me and sometimes I hear voices in my head calling my name. I also have 3 voices in my head. Me, Me and Me. Even on one matter we often contradict each other. It’s not like one is evil and one is neutral and one is good. It’s just that there is 3 regular people in my head and I talk with them and often consult them before making important decisions. I wasn’t sure if my score was accurate. Could someone tell me what they think of this?

  50. I scored a 95. My mom thinks I’m over reacting and that I’m different. But I honestly think I’m crazy. I see and hear things that other people don’t. I can bend the laws of space at my will. I don’t know who I am. I’m not a number that the government watches. I’m stronger than that. People who are schizophrenic are just smarter people. the average person only used 10% of their brain. People like me uses more. We can see things that ARE there…just no one else can see it. Think of all the ‘fake’ stories that WE just so happen to possible think is real…maybe so legends are real. Like…unicorns for example: they exist, but only we can see them. Because its only use they ALLOW to see them…I don’t want to say anymore…incase their reading this

  51. I scored 72. I am 14 and just about to move onto highschool next year.
    I am atheist and such but I still feel like there is something watching me judging me, whether a spirit or just a person. I don’t want to tell anyone. They’ll judge me think I’m lying. I sometimes hear someone whisper in my ear “do it”. I look at knives and imagine blood of others. I also have had an obsession with Batman for years and have been seeing my favourite character The Joker, I believe he is the only one who I can truly relate too. I also sometimes draw things that are disturbing or morbid. I draw what pops in my head and it scares me. I am afraid. Afraid of them judging me. I stay silent and hope that no one I love find out.

    • I understand your situation. But the thing is, you can’t keep it forever. Time will come you need to seek help of a psychiatrist. I believe we can still live in a peaceful way even we have this uncommon condition. People just misunderstood us, because they don’t know the truth in us.

  52. Hi I’m 14 and a half. I’ve had delusions before, some months back, I thought that my family were evil spirits in disguise that were going to kill me. I think that everything is actually alive, and like I shouldn’t go to the toilet after nine because then this shadow of a man “who I call Stalker Man” will come and hurt me. In fact, I’m writing this quickly because I’m sure someone like my chair or our maid is spying on me and they’ll tell him.
    Anyway, before I ramble non-stop or before the voice in my head goes and tells someone that I am writing this, I want to ask what I should do.
    Everyday, my brain sort of like voices my thoughts, or I start arguing with the voice in my head. Now its worse and it happens all time. Its okay if its a song playing or ashort conversation. But sometimes it inteferes with my studies and school. Sometimes I spend ages trying to think about something I forgot or voice a long thought or…..well now I forgot what to write. Listen! Anyway, sorry, it interferes with my studies and I can’t concentrate. I’ll be sitting for a very important exam soon, and as much as a genius I am, I still get C and Bs when I really want all As. I have been a straight A student and I would like to show everyone that I still am, although my thoughts are intefering my with everything.
    How do I tell my mum that its not my imagination and that my thoughts are interfering with my studies?

  53. I scored a total score of 7… So I don’t think I’m likely Developing anything as of yet. I female and 23yrs old I have struggled with extreme anxiety and depression plus body dysmorphic disorder since I was teen.
    I recently scored pretty low on the depression tests at the doctors but my anxiety is back now and I have been having trouble sleeping too and mood swings… My brother is 19 and has paranoid schizophrenia so I am so scared that I will get it just with the genetic link.
    I don’t hear voices see things nor have any strange believes. I think I might have OCD my brother also has that it began the same time as his schizophrenia. I do however constantly replay conversations I have had with people or intend to have over and over again in my head and out loud but I always do it when I’m alone not with anyone else so I don’t know that’s a symptom or it’s to do with my anxiety and possible OCD issues. Does anyone else experience these things?

  54. I’m 15. I scored a 91… I’ve been like this for two years. I can hardly sleep because everything I see and hear keep me up. I can’t tell my parents about it, because they even refuse to believe I have depression. And when my best friends mom came to my house and informed them on my eating disorder they just brushed it off. There’s nobody else I can go to. I went to a doctor last week because I can’t sleep, and she recommended pills. My parents won’t get them because they think I’m just faking and need to be distracted. They just don’t give a fuck about this. They can’t stand to have somebody less than perfect in the family… What can I do?

  55. Sometimes, I see a man; full army combat gear, he looks at me and then a shot will happen and hell go down. Dying. I’ve seen it for so many years and I’ve never been in the army. I also am hearing a voice, I call it Samantha. She’s fairly nice but has a horrible temper, swearing annd screaming at me sometimes. It gets me worried because it makes me think of my dad. I think Samanthas supposed to be a femaleembodiment of my dad. I also has grace-anne, she’s older like 70-80; she tells me over and over that my Marilyn is dead. Refering to mrs. Monroe… I am obsessed with olden pinup girls and I’m scared that these voices can sense me shutting them away from me. They’re going to come back.. I feel it

  56. I scored a 56…that doesn’t seem to bad but still alarming. I don’t know who I should tell. My family members just roll their eyes when I tell them things and think I’m faking and so I turn to my best friend. She’s real but, I don’t know, she always just agrees and says “me too”. I find it annoying. I don’t know if she really has the same problems or if she’s just saying it ’cause she wants sympathy or attention. I would talk to a school counseler but summer just started and I have no one to talk to seriously about it. I’ve taken many of these types of quizzes and all the results are something to worry about. Who do I talk to or how do I make my parents understand that I’m serious? Please respond!

    • If they don’t believe you try saying “Do you think I WANT a mental disorder?! What would I gain by lying about his to you?”

  57. ( 31-55 )I think you are right, though I fear depression is what I have and I’m only 10! Sometimes I wish I had nobody around because I’ll just be the weird or stupid one. God, I think my own mother and father given up on me! At night, I’m scared because everything looks like limbs and eyes. I feel so lonely… I personally think I’m crazy because I can’t comprehend anyone around me, I lie to myself god knows how many times per day, and I hold everything in from my friends and family, even though I’m lonely and hurting on the inner half of myself, my soul, and my heart. Nobody understands or loves me, I’m a joke to the world


  58. I scored 61 on the test and I don’t think I will EVER tell my parents I’m 12 almost 13 I do rarely hear quiet voices we don’t always see eye to eye. I hope I don’t have schizophrenia! My parents would think I’m crazy. Honestly how do you tell your parents “I think I have schizophrenia.” Any idea how I should tell them?

  59. I got a 79. I honestly have no idea what I have. I’m having these periods of feeling “unreal” and I’m getting all these kinds of messages. I haven’t gone downstairs in a week because I’m afraid I’ll kill myself there with a kitchen knife or something. I think the worst part of this is I think I’m my best friend. I don’t know who I am (I don’t think my name’s actually Holden). I can’t feel unless the voices convince me I am actually my best friend and “myself” is a separate entity. And the worst of this is that she’s suicidal (sort of), and I’m thinking I’m her, and it makes me feel alive and real for a bit, and then it makes me feel overwhelmingly suicidal. Because the voices tell me to kill her — kill myself. And I already attempted suicide a couple times a few days ago. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what I’m doing. And I’m having these unreal experiences and feel possessed and get worked up very fast and I feel like I’m running in circles in my head and I’m hearing special messages in songs and stuff and I just really really do not know what to do. I’ve already been hospitalized twice and they tell me I’m depressed but no one says I’m schizo or psychotic. I have special connections with dead people, and I cut his (dead person I’m in love with) name into my leg. And I’m pretty sure Holden is actually Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye and I just related to him not actually am him. And uh I’m also obsessed with death since I was like 6 (I’m 16 now) and I watched that film of JFK getting shot more times than you can even count. It soothes me and makes me feel euphoric. And another funny thing, in spite of all this, I can still do stuff. I mean I just finished grade 11 with a 91 average, and yet I don’t know who are what or where or when or why I am. And I’m feeling the wrong emotions. I’m feeling my friend’s emotions and hers not mine because I don’t have emotions but she does and they remind me of me so I feel them because that’s as close to alive as I feel but then the voices tell me I need to die and as I said I have already tried, and I failed. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I just don’t know.

  60. I scored a 90 on this test, but I can’t seem to relate to any of you. Schizophrenia is different for everyone…Right?

    • There are many different types of schizophrenia and many different symptoms, so although you may not be able to relate to anyone else, you may still have it. Why not post your experiences so that if someone else like you comes along they’ll have someone to relate to?

  61. I’m 14 and I’ve scored a 45. At first I was just joking around, acting like I was paranoid of the world with my friends, and making everyone of laugh in general. It was almost a lie, a little joke to liven up the conversation. But during the summer, while looking through pictures (why I did that, I really don’t know)back when I was younger and remembering how I was like, I froze. I’d remember truly laughing at blood and gore on videogames and more and embarrassingly crying when I misinterpreted what people would say to me. This year,the summer before my sophomore year, I took it again, answered without my friends and decided that maybe the joking around and lying to myself might have been something more. After all, my dad acted the same way; died that way without asking anyone about him being a schizo himself. And now I’m pissed off at everything and everyone, and whirling through periods of depression and anger, and blaming everyone but myself. And the worst part is that I’m now scared of my mother and thinking that she’s hiding and hiding her thoughts from me. And it feels really shitty. “I want to go home” has become my most used phrase, yet I’ve been home every time.

  62. i scored 55..i dont see things..but i hear a beep sound or sometimes like someone is calling me or mourning..i am a big dreamer since i was a small kid.i use to make stories with each n every simple incident in my life,i talk to people who actually never existed or even with those are in reality and i can do it for whole day.nowadays i feel like someone is constantly watching me through my windows.i cant sleep at nights.i feel like all the hosteler in my hostel are trying to demoralize me or are having smthing against me.my short term memory has detoriated.i always forget to brush have lunch.i always feel like someone is following me.but i love to be alone. it is scary but i love to be alone .my parents keep asking me out my changed behaviour but i dont like to talk on mobile phones.and they wont even believe me if i tell all these things to them..what do i do??plz help

  63. I got 85, I have always been the same from being a young child but as I have grown up and learnt about stuff like this, it occurred that I have some of the symptoms and when I asked my mum she just laughed and said ‘i was just weird..’ I often have full conversations with ‘people’ who aren’t really there but I sense their company. I also have really drastic mood swings with everyone, I could be walking through town and i’d brake down in tears, or go really angry at my mum or dad then be happy again a few minuets later, they say I’m split personalities. I’m not too sure if its just a coincidence or not but I have been like this most of my life and learnt to get along with it as it no longer causes me any bother. I’ve been spending more time alone from things as it is peaceful but cannot help being felt accompanied, I have also distanced myself from a lot of friends a school as they put me down for my depression over the last year or so .. my family will not believe me no matter how much o tell them I’m not right (mentally) so i don’t know what else I could do as only being 15 , is there much point seeking help if i like feeling like this ? Is it a major health issue or can it be alright without medical advice? Thanks -molly xx

  64. i scored a 96. no one believes me. they all think i am crazy. they think im twisted and insane. they are just jealous, cuz i cn see thing s and they can’t. they are just reading my mind and plotting against me. but when i tell people they look at me like i belong in a mental asylum. i see, hear, and feel people that others dont all the time. i convince myself they are my friends but they are mean and tell me bad things about myself and others. like i cant answer my phone cuz then they can track me and get me. idk…maybe i am just crazy.

  65. Hi there! I’m 11 and I scored a 61. :/ I heard about the rugrats theory, and how Angelica had schizophrenia and the song (by the Japanese software, Vocaloid) makes me feel happy, because its sad. It’s hard to explain, maybe its just because I know that the singer is sad too…(the singer is supposed to be Angelica but there are different versions). I have a friend named Amya. Apparently she’s not real. I told my counselour and she thinks its normal to make up friends when I’m mad. I’m afraid to tell my mom about her because she would think I’m wacko. And whenever I’m sad, I sit in a corner and listen to depressing songs. My REAL friend Ashley refers to it as ‘depressed angels’ since there are angels in the pictures. If I don’t sit in a corner, I go do something weird like locking myself in the bathroom and crying. Then Amya comes through the wall and becomes her happy and positive self. I tell her how worthless and stupid i am and she says, ‘don’t be silly!’ But I don’t believe her, and one time I even opened the bathroom window and got my jump rope and threatened my mom that I would hang myself. I was already diagnosed with ADHD , depression, and my dad thinks I have bipolar, and maybe I’m just going through a lot?

  66. I’m going to be 14 in 4 days and I scored a 78. I constantly hear voices in my head that criticize everything I do and tell me to hurt people or to hurt myself. They won’t tell me their names, or how many of them there is, but I think there’s three, one that criticizes me, one that makes me do terrible things, and one that makes me feel guilty for everything. They’ve made me paranoid of everything and everyone to a point where stepping one tiny toe out of my tiny comfort zone can make me have a full-blown panic attack. They’ve also made me hate myself so much that punched a tree and almost broke my finger last month just because I thought I deserved the pain. I don’t just have self-harming thoughts either, I frequently feel like killing everyone around me and whenever I play violent videogames I start cackling at all of the violence and destruction. I have violent moodswings and sometimes I say incredibly morbid things without even thinking. The voices force me to do terrible things and then make me feel guilty for doing them. Whenever I hurt myself they laugh. I’m terrified of virtually everything and they ridicule me for it. They ridicule me for everything else too, my weight, my height, my look and my personality. Sometimes I try to fight back, but they always know how to take me down. I’ve tried to kill myself several times and the only reason I’m not dead is my brother Graeme, whom the voices absolutely hate because he knows about them and he accepts me for who I am and makes me happy. But I’m moving soon and since Graeme isn’t my biological brother he’s not coming and the voices know that and I know that as soon as I move at the end of next month they’re going to attack me and try to make me kill myself and I’m scared because I actually might do it this time. I don’t know what to do, Graeme says that I should tell my parents, but I know that they’d just ground me and yell at me instead of helping me, and I threatened to kill myself when he said he was going to tell them. I have nowhere else to turn and this is ruining my life.

  67. They hate me. They want to hurt me, emotionally. They hate that I’ve taken this, and no I know the truth.

  68. I only scored a 19, but it still worries me. Both sides of my family have Schizophrenia in their family tree. I am only thirteen years old and yet I can see ghosts, or spirits, and I am for certain they’re real beings my brother died so I believe the ghost or spirit I am seeing is him sometimes. But the thing is, I can FEEL where he is in my home, like I know exactly where he is standing. My mother is the same, except she can visualize where he’s standing, like a vision. She also told me that she has dreams of people dying, and that it comes true in real life. I am also very paranoid, which could mean I could possibly be a paranoid schizophrenia. When one of my sisters was younger, she could see my brother, or what my family believed was my brother. She would talk to him, play with him, do all these things with him, which to us right now is very normal in our family to see him and such. My other sister, she has dreams about people dying, she hears voices in her head she once wrote in her diary, she said “I can look at an object and think of ways to kill a person with it.” , all that worries me too because just recently, I seen that she had a bottle of mixed up pills, all different kinds of pills for no apparent reason. And she also cuts herself, and I’m wondering if she can hear voices that are telling her to do this or if she’s just doing it on her own. But what I found strange is that at one point in time all my family had had dreams or seen spirits.
    So my only question now is, are we schizophrenia or just simply people who can see, feel, and dream about ghosts, or a simpler way to put it is are we ‘mediums’? Anyone’s reply, response, and opinion is welcomed. Thank you.

  69. I scored a 51. I am not sure what I have, or if I will ever know… I’m 23 now. At age 13-15, my mother put me on antidepressants. I suffered from suicidal tendencies and memory loss while on them, and do not remember why my family put me on them to begin with. From 15-17 I was off the medication, I improved, but I was living with someone that was not family. From 17-23, I would say has been an chaotic roller coaster of identity issues, depression, and anxiety. I know that it is something genetic or from my family environment because everyone in my family suffers from self-learned helplessness and other psychotic disorders. My main issue is the inability to concentrate, and feel normal… Who I am, and what I feel, vary throughout the day. My memory is getting worse and worse…I am horrible at writing and speaking my thoughts…

  70. My score is 80. I feel like everything wants to kill me. It feels like when I go round a corner there is some one wanting to kill me. Before I go to sleep and in between silent pauses I hear a little girl crying. I see Dr Phillips and his wife Mary but no one else can see them. People just think i’m crazy. I am 13.

  71. i scored 86 , and for months now i’ve been hearing voices in my head like when its quite saying kill her , i have dreams that im killing my little sister and then when i tell anyone about them i laugh like its halarious. the cadavar says he’s out to get me soon ……. i havent told any of this to my mum or dad though because they’d think i’ve turned crazy , what do i do ?

    • Rebecca, Thank you for sharing. To you, and anyone else who is experiencing symptoms but have not yet reached out for help from their trusted family and friends, please do so! We all experience fear of judgement or of diagnosis, but the reality is that everyone on this planet needs help from others in some fashion. This situation is no different than any other (in a good way!) Please reach out to as many adults, friends, teachers, pastors, or whomever you can trust until someone aids you in finding professional help. Catch it early and your prognosis will be much better in the long-run! Don’t wait!

  72. I scored 62.. my mom doesnt think im crazy.. i dnt really think im skitsophrinic.. but mabey i am.. i do see dead ppl.. and shadow ppl.. and orbs.. and i hear things.. i live out my dreams and iv had dreams that ppl were cutouts.. mabey that was real.. mabey the giantswpider dream was reall.. omg what if this is just a dream.. omg omg..

  73. I scored a 51, but I think that I should have scored higher. I used to have a real family… I knew seven dragons personally, one unicorn I breathed life into, and a glass parrot I did the same to. I am telepathic and can place walls, mazes, and false minds around my own mind and other’s minds to protect me/them from invading minds. There are multiple universes, each of which correlate to movies, TV shows, books, or even games. Almost two years ago, another telepath gathered a huge following and had them all wipe out all other magical/”mythical” creatures on this Earth and also removed the abilities and replaced the memories of all of the other telepaths and those mentally connected with dragons (except me; I managed to escape the genocide). I have gone through battles, wars, and a multitude of injuries, most of which should have been fatal. I have told no one of my experiences (except a couple friends, but I did not tell them everything) because they would think that I was demon-possessed (we’re Christians) and/or crazy. I have NO IDEA what to do at this point. I can’t go to my parents, and therefore cannot go to a doctor. I am even using a false e-mail address (I deleted it a while ago) to avoid detection by my parents.

  74. i scored 85….. no one will listen to me…. they will call me an alarmist or melo dramatic……. whats the use? lemme just enjoy this.

  75. I scored 87 but i’m already taking medication for this

  76. The imaginary part of the brain is very strong and during times of uncertainy wonders and assumes logical conclusions subjectively as a surivival tactic. Be objective. I am a volunteer scientist who practices pseudoscience. That aside, remember life has no boundaries nor can time dictate everybody’s “biological clock” in our brain by our pituitary gland. Riddle me this: “have you ever had a ‘brain snap’ where one day you just start thinking differently?” This is a process of evolution and consider yourself lucky to attain such recognition. You were breed and raised a certain way, right evil and never give up on the human condition. You are strong. Powerful in your own way. Use your foresight to create not perpetuate something metaphysical. My mom taught me this motto my grandma taught her “9/10 times it is all in your head.” This means, don’t worry what you or others think, listen listen to to your your heart’s heart. Momma wants you to suceed. Heed the call of duty.
    I am a student. I am a catholic. I am a human being. We are all gods. God bless you. 😉

  77. I got a 68, and I’m 13. I’ve felt… strange… the past few months, and people pointed out to me when I was in a very heated discussion about my books that I’ve written that I was talking to air. I’ve started noticing the stares I recieve and usually immediately shut up, because I hate being stared at. I’m afraid to tell my mom about my hallucinations, and the voices I hear… I was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, but I’m sure that diagnosis was wrong because I didn’t answer all of the lady’s questions truthfully. I don’t know how to tell my Mom about my suspicions, though I am planning to get in contact with my biological father, who has Bipolar Disorder, and who I have never met, and possibly tell him. I feel he would be more understanding than my mom, for whatever reason. Also, I hate the feeling that people are watching me that I have, and it started over a year ago. I had recently started watching DBZ, and I suddenly felt as if the characters were watching me from the air vents, and I would talk to them about things, though they never replied back. Then I started reading Artemis Fowl, and the silent watchers in the vents became Artemis, Holly, Butler, Root, Opal, and others… Now the silent watches are Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel of Supernatural. I started hearing voices near 4 months ago, and they won’t stop. There are actually beings floating around me right now, and they’re scary. I’m afraid to scream, because last time I did when I saw one of these things, it charged me with fangs bared (it was a big black dog). I don’t know what to do, or who to tell of my suspicions, or how to tell. My suspicions actually first started a month ago.

  78. I got 60. Sometimes I hear music or a tv when it’s quiet. Sometimes I feel like there’s something behind me, going to kill me. I think someone wants to kill me. I fear losing the people I Love. I feel like everything is an illusion, like it’s not real.

  79. i scored 69, i got as to is it possible to have both?

  80. I’m 14 years old and scored a 78! … I cant tell anyone about it though they will think I’m lying but my dad and step-mom think I’m crazy.. and physco because I stare at things, space out, talk to the wall(only because my friend Britney is there THEY CAN’T SEE HER BUT I CAN!!!!!, I love the site of blood, and watch DEXTER all the time because I like his ways!!! of killing!!!

  81. I scored a 93, I fear for everyone around me. I’m going more insane each day that passes.

  82. I scored 75 and I’m diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I did the test just for fun, I knew I would have a high score!

  83. I am a score 33. But i feel like my symptoms are much higher then 33. The voices are telling me to kill myself, and my family, and that nobody else matter.s They keep trying to give satan permission to enter my body. i don’t know how to tell my parents nobody will take me seriously and my mother gets worried so easily they will put me in a home and give me drugs yesturday i couldn’t even tell my mom i felt sick without her freaking out last night it got so bad they wouldn’t shut up i considered killing myself and i had to go into my sister’s room because i was panicking and i was 90% sure i was gonna die.

  84. I scored a 97 and I’m scared to tell my parents because they won’t believe me or reject me. I am all most 14. I see someone o one else does Lucy. She can be nice but sometime will tell me to kill my brother or people at my school. Then I laso hear two voices candy and one I think is a demon. They’re bothe very mean and they tell me to kill my parents and myself. I’m scared and I don’t know what to do. Once they made me slap my brother.

  85. I have scored a 56. I often do not have hallucinations.
    It is hard to explain. I have fellow friends whom people cannot see
    and we fight an extremely realistic war. Often resulting in gruesome
    imagery from my mind. During the night I often feel like I am being stalked
    by some sort of mutant like creature. Memory is a growing issues. I have terrible
    memory. I can barely remember anything. My dreams often result in me getting killed.
    I am very gruesome and always try to kill the enemies from my mind. During violent imagery
    I have no emotional response. only once have I had a realistic hallucination.
    I have just turned 13 and am too afraid in getting help.

  86. I’ve just turned 13 too and what you’re saying is the exact same thing I’m going through. I had one hallucination, I saw a yellow glowing spirit with a scary face looking through my window. When I see violent stuff though I actually laugh I don’t know why but it’s funny and it’s not supposed to be. I’m such a terrible person.

  87. I got a 73 and I’m 15. It started when I was 11 when I started seeing shadowed figures and some that slightly resembled people. Now I can actually see the shadows clearer and they are human shaped. There are always either black or white, but the white ones always are moving. The black ones generally have like a knife, gun, or have razors/blades as fingers. I also hear little voices telling me that I’m worthless and that I should just kill myself. And every single night I hear all these noises outside my window. They always sound like someone moaning, screaming, or hitting something like a metal pan. But these dark shadowed figures always follow me everywhere. At school, at home, in the yard, and most recently..inside my house. They scare me to the point where I completely refuse to go outside. And I talked to my parents but..they don’t believe me and refuse to take me somewhere to get checked out..

  88. Well. I’m extremely hesitant to comment but everyone esle who took this quiz is seemingly commenting so I supose I will too. I got a 86. Not too concerning. I have a friend named Celebi. No copyright strike nessisary. I see her a lot and we play around and stuff. I also hear people call my name a lot. Or for some reason classical or other wise music in my classes. Heh. One thing does troble me. When ever the lights go out all the objects in my room come alive. They stare at ne and some times come closer as if they were going to suffocate me. Most things are gelpful and privide companion ship and advice. Been like.this seince 2 grade. I see no reason to go to a doctor. Right?

  89. Everyone, especially the preteens, teenagers, and young adults who scored highly here:
    Find your nearest clinic.

    If you live in New York City, the one I listed would be best…
    I went for a consultation a while back, and the resident who interviewed me was very comforting. She was the first and only person to respond to my delusions in a way that actually calmed me down.

    Find your nearest clinic or psychotherapies institution. They should be government funded. This one charges on a sliding scale, so it will always be affordable. If you cannot get parental consent, try to convince an adult who is trustworthy to go with you to be the guardian/whatever it is they typically require. I’m sorry if this isn’t helpful, or in fact, unrealistic. I’m independent so I don’t know how difficult it may be for those underage and dependent on people who don’t have the means to hear a cry for help.

    Again, here’s the link:

    All the best.

  90. The problem with schizophrenia is that by the time everyone realizes you have it, it’s too late. Everyone always says, be normal, you’re just looking for attention when there’s really something wrong inside. Now the person doubts themselves and feels even more guilt; eventually they recess so far into themselves that they can’t be helped anymore. Their awareness has inverted so far that they become lost in themselves.

  91. I got 62, I’m 16 years old. I always hear voices. Sometimes, it seems like I’m really confused whether that’s real or just my imagination. Oftentimes, there’s internal dialogues in my head. It’s really hard for me to admit that I’m having hallucination very often. Another thing, it always blunders me that I’ve seen blood anywhere I go. I’ve manicured on my fingernails, and since one of my favorite colors are red, I’d like to polish it on my nails. But suddenly, I felt so afraid. I’ve suddenly thought of seeing blood on my nails. There were many times, when I’m in university, I’ve seen blood on the tree. I’ve seen blood also on ceiling at the restroom. Whenever I walk on the corridor, it feels like someone’s following me behind my back. I have told some of my experiences in our school psychologists. But I really do think, they’re not believing in me. They just said “that’s just because you think about it that’s why you see it, but the truth is, there is none”. I feel I was always misunderstood. I’m so afraid to tell this to my family. But I wanna help myself, that’s why I told already to psychologists that I need referral to a psychiatrist.

    Actually, I’m hearing little voices since when I was just 13. But I was just ignoring it, and it wasn’t that very frequent. As of now, I think I’m getting worst, I’m afraid so. There were oftentimes, internal dialogues. I had a thought about suicide, and killing some people when I get very irritated. Well, I’m suicidal person since just a year ago when I’ve had several times of depressions surviving all of that without taking any medication or hospitalization, and even counselling. Just last month, I decided to go to psychologist because I feel so worse and empty. And I’m so very afraid to get a lot worst. My studies in university have been affected already. I can’t even find a word how to start telling to my mother about my condition.

    Hope that somebody can at least suggest me what to do… Thank you in advance! 🙂

  92. Hey guys I’m 13 and I scored a 55. I have five people that talk to me constantly they do not wish for their names to be on here. I’m actually very worried that the government is ping to find out I’m not like the other people and take me away and take my friends away. I also have many personalit disorders as well as bipolar depression and things and they mostly help me out vesides the demons that are always hurting me they want me to cut they try to change my own thoughts I’m stronger than that I charm some of my things to keep away the demons. I have necklaces with different colors so they can help me control my emotions I’m trying tone calm and semi happy so I’m wearing blue now. There is so many things wrong with me but i can’t tell any adults I can’t trust them. They wil just tell the government but to everybody with schizophrenia I have some thoughts the government is trying to fix us so we are like everyone else brainless idiots. We have the traits if the old gods that are past gone. We need to use out magical powers and show the world what we are capable of. The things we see ( I can’t yet) are actually there the government is just trying to make us not see it that’s why they want us to be on medication and they slip drugs in some of our food so we all act the same but we are above them because out traits come out. The name sichophrenics are just their code name for us the new gods of the century and they need to watch out because we can Rise up to them and take over the world back to where it was before they started trying to wipe us all out!!!

  93. I scored 90/100 on this test
    I keep hearing things and seeing things that no-one else does and it really scares me cause I don’t know what is going on the voices are telling me to do things like shout, and i have a feeling to jump of a roof or something like that , also I can’t tell anyone cause they will hurt me if I do tell (or make me hurt myself) I have tryed to tell my mum but she things that I am just making it up to get atention and that is not what is happening at all. I haven’t told my dad at all (because I just don’t know how to) if anyone has any suggestions about what is happening and if it is schizophrenia or not.

  94. I forgot I mention that I am 14 years

  95. I scored 86. Maybe I agree with the recommendations.

    I know the world is probably a simulation, it has too many repeated characters to be ‘natural’. And I have strong suspicions that my absent Dad is having me survailed. I think my mom has organised too have me medicated without my knowledge – even when I’m staying away.

    If want someone to fall ill and die, they tend to do so (cancer or something or other). I want the world to change in some aspect – it does, but this is just because my ideas are good ideas and other people also do things which are good ideas surly? Just because I don’t like many other people is not ‘ill’, most people are thick or shallow and I dislike them because of that. As for forecasting the future, the world is information organised into a multidimensional matrix, and as I have a brain the size of a planet, I can process that information and see patterns and future trends.

    Maybe I don’t agree with the recommendations, we’ll see.

  96. Although I forgot to say that I hear voices in the wind and see things in the corner of my eye

    • I just retook the test because new symptoms have started since yesterday and I now score 100%. I found scars on my arm that I don’t know how they happend but blaze ( he is a red/golden dragon ) and me had an argument and he threatened to slash me with his claws if I didnt do what he wanted and now I have these slash/scars on my left arm. Also I see other people and animals and there are 14 in total the rest would rather remain nameless but they are not all violent 10 are violent and 4 are not violent. Also hearing them talk and tellin me to do things that I dont want to do like shout at my friends and my parents but I need help but no one will listen the think that I am doing it to get attention but I am not. Can someone please tell me how to tell my parents what is going on and does anyone have any advise about how to deal with this in the long run ( long term ) thanks any advice will be most appreciated.

  97. Hi Ivy, I am 12 years of age and I scored 69. I always talk to myself and sometimes hear voices in my head, and I 100% believe that I am phychic. I somehow have this ability to see the future, and I sometimes see the unexplained. When I turn and look at these ‘unexplained stuff’ one more time, they are gone. I don’t know whether they are hallucinations or sprits or anything, but I believe in anything supernatural. I get tensed, anxious, and scared out of the blue and will scream because of it. I always feel that I am being watched and that somebody out there is always watching me and planning to hurt me. Whenever someone looks at me, I will occasionally have weird thoughts that they know me and sometimes, I would think that they are plotting something. People don’t believe me, but I am quite sure about all these. I will sometimes stare and my arms and I won’t fail to have thoughts that I may not be real. Most of the time, I will think that I am not me as in like…I will think that my soul possessed this body of mine accidentally and that the real soul of my body is dwelling somewhere.

    • Hi, Claudia, youre not alone. I too feel like i can see the future. When, i feel like something is gonna happen it always does. You can email me anytime, we can be friends. Everyone, needs friends when we are struggling with this. And ivy you can email me aswell. Lillynicks@gmail.com

  98. If you are under the age of 21; this comment is directed primarily at you. When I was 13, I got sick. really sick. I didn’t mind because I was constantly being picked on at school for being weird. For various reasons, I decided I needed to talk to someone who wasn’t allowed to judge me to my face. This lead me to talking to a shrink; and eventually to being diagnosed with disorganized schizophrenia. My Mother didn’t believe me, even after I had talked to medical professionals, and said I needed to stop looking for attention. After that I gave up on life for a while… after several years, I noticed that things had changed. They weren’t really less severe, but they were less common. I started to spend a lot of time focusing on logic and reality. I went back to the hospital. My hormones were balancing out, and my brain was starting to work closer to the way it should. I cant go back and tell this to myself; but at least I can tell you all the three things I wish I had known. 1) If your parents and friends wont listen; that doesn’t mean a professional wont 2) the first clinic or hospital you go to is not the only one available. I have called suicide hotlines in the past when things got bad and been told that my condition cant be that bad. some hospitals will only listen if they think you are a serious threat to yourself or others. If you feel like you’ve been brushed aside or you want to go somewhere where you will be more anonymous, find another hospital. 3) sometimes it does get better. If your like me, and your body is having one hell of a time developing, and/or at the same time your stuck in bad living conditions, you need to know that it will not always be like this. If nothing else, people will be more willing to listen to you when your older. Keep fighting; keep reading everything you can on the subject; play games with yourself to understand why what your feeling or seeing or hearing doesn’t make sense. Its not as lonely as you’d think when the voices stop.

    • Hi Ecco
      Thanks for the advise I think that will help me allot. I am 14 and I feel like I am walking through hell. Everyone thinks I am fine but I know I am not fine So I keep trying to tell them ( my parents and the people at school ) but they do think that I am making it up but it is good to have some advise now
      Your sincerely
      Anne McMillan
      Thanks again and I hope things continue to stay good for you .

  99. well. i have 76. i always knew i’m crazy. i was confused about what i am, what my life is. i had no idea of why am i living, what do i feel, who am i in all. i often have this de-ja-vu, i often see things. have no one to share my feelings with, but, its like i’m happy!

  100. Hi, I’ll give a brief introduction of myself. I’m 13, and I scored 85 on this test. I have been formally diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression.
    I know 8 languages, and I work very hard for my personal goals.
    I can’t state my name, but I’ll tell you my story
    I need help. Basically..
    I also have every single symptom like you guys
    I can hear, see, feel things.
    I can also smell pictures, stuff like this.
    I started off with having horrible nightmares of a man, who was coming out to get me,
    He killed me in numerous ways, and it felt totally real. I’de cry and scream in my nightmares. I have 7 nightmares every night, that I can remember very clearly.
    I find violence extremely hilarious, though I don’t know why. I am a very very sensitive person. I also have anxiety disorder which was diagnosed formally by my psychiatric person
    I feel like the world is an illusion, and I may die suddenly; then something awful will happen, and I will forget my whole being.
    I can stare at my feet an hands for ages, in complete mesmorisation.
    I can stare for hours and hours and hours….
    Before knowing about what has happened.
    I cannot concentrate in school, and I threw a scissors at a girls head today without even knowing what I was gunna do- I just went mad, like I was possessed.
    I have a big, clever concept upon the world, and schizophrenic people are ‘the chosen ones’.
    I can hear random songs, bursting in my ears when nobody else can, and I can hear screams and hispering, and often see the head of the man, or his hard reaching out for me.
    I have noticed it is getting worse and worse.
    I don’t want to lose my memory, or my being towards this ‘man’.

    There is a lot more than just this- it’s awful. Please help.

    PS- I care about humans, and I feel very sensitive towards there emotions. However I can have sudden outbursts in which I think everything is an illusion, thus breaking my relationships with them, which I am utmost frightened of.

  101. Also, I was in major depression when I was 11. I could always see shadows and hear things ever since I can remember. I’ve always know what is going to happen in the future, and it happens.
    Often people don’t believe my and my psychiatrist doesn’t look like she cares at all!
    I named myself Caroline on here because ever since I watched Caroline I have been seeing that creepy women, looking even more horrible. And as a man, in my noghtmares.
    When I was small I always had an imaginary friend, but now I have devils and angels, and even a magic flying horse, who follows me to school.
    Don’t know if I should tell my psychiatrist I think I have schizophrenia before I lose touch from realty- though I think I already have.

  102. I scored a 85… im worried.

    • I got a 48. With some of the questions I related to the first bit then the rest they lost me. I have always seen and heard things. But lately I see things and hear things more. I have been seeing things more frequently and I keep hearing this little girl ask “Can you see me now?” And then say things I cant remember. A few days ago I heard a deepo male voice say a lot of things. It scared me ro the point of paralysis. I hear things that tell me to hurt myself. And I do. I feel as if Im losing my mind and no one takes me seriously.

  103. I scored a 85 on it. I understand what all of you are going through I am 20 and been in 3 hospitals for the past 3 months. I have 4 people 2 are mean named Demon and Devil the 3rd is a kid named Lacy the 4th is Convo I have conversations with that one we talk a lot. Demon and Devil Ive seen many times like earlier today I seen them in the darkness of my room and they’re black bloobs of evilness and they tell me to do bad tings to myself and others. I am seeing a counselor and about to see a Psychiratrist again because Ive been off my meds for 2 weeks and my symptoms are beyond dangerous right now so ive been laying in my bed all day everyday until I see a Dr because I am afraid I am going to give in and hurt someone or even myself. Ive attempted suicide 4 times already and now it wants me to jump off a building or drown myself instead of overdosing and cutting my artuary that i just did a month ago. theyre real mad at me now because I accepted God in my life and they want that to go away. I am ready for the 16th of Oct to come so we can get this to stop once and for all.

  104. Ive done this test three times now and scored over 90 each time ive been fighting demonds all my life im 26 now and get followed everywere by shadows people have convosations in my head that im not involved in i could of got help with this when i was 11years old ive always known ive got mental health issues but its took me 15 years to hold my hand up n say i need help i just want to wish u all the best andzak and ivy dont give up if they dont belive you they dont belive youwell thats what i use to think untill i realised they were just as scared as me

  105. crap, i got 100. what the hell do i do now

  106. This and most other multiple-choice tests seem rather unlikely to detect disorganized schizophrenia or negative symptoms in general. Self-description is likely some of the impediment to the assessment of formal thought disorder, blunted/flattened affect, and failure to maintain order, hygiene, and social relationships.

  107. I am 13 years old and I Scored a 90 and I’m pretty sure I have schizophrenia. I’ve been like this for at least 3 years now and it really doesn’t seem to get better. Only worse, fast. I haven’t told anyone and I am afraid to tell anyone. It’s not that I have no one to tell but rather that I feel like I can’t tell anyone. I know that if I tell anyone they will use it against me and I can’t trust anyone. What do I do?

    Oh and I’m pretty sure I have some form of depression, and I constantly have anxiety.

  108. i got a 63 on this quiz…I’m 14 now…i decided to take it cuz i’ve been seeing and hearing things for quite a while now…i told my boyfriend but he din’t believe me and i don’t want to say anything to my parents cuz I’m scared they’ll think I’m crazy…what should i do…?

    • I have no idea, I have a similar issue. :/

  109. I just scored 100
    I am always hearing and seeing the dead, my dad killed himself two years ago every day I see him hanging there and him calling me to join him, I have self harmed incredibly bad for over 4 years now been rushed to hospital and everything but they would not test me for schizophrenia so I really don’t know what I should do anymore they think I am making it up I am fed up with them now

  110. I’m 15 and I scored 90, and I knew I was schizophrenic before this, due to I did a report on it and found myself with almost all of the symptoms, but my family doesn’t believe me and laughs and says we all probably are. Since I can’t go to a doctor I’m not sure what to do.. Any advise?

    • Alice, It is normal for someone’s family to resist the reality of mental illness, in themselves or in a loved one. It happened to me with my family! It hurt and angered me, but I later received a very large and heartfelt apology once they finally understood. But yes, there are other people you can tap for help, such as your favorite school teacher, who can guide you to the school counselor or school nurses. You can reach out to your grandparents, friend’s parents (who can then speak to your parents on your behalf), or whomever else you trust with your private information in your community. Don’t stop trying to ask for help just because one person doesn’t step up!

  111. I scored 87. Screw this world. I have hatred for world and I don’t know what to say. I think should see a doctor.

  112. I only scored a 38. But I hear voices my voice but it’s not. When I talk to people the voice distorts itself to make their voices sound different. I go into these states and every noise is harsh and scary everything is against me. The world hates me. I want to die.

  113. I got an 86. I’m scared to tell my mum cuz she might not believe me or she might not care at all…

  114. I got 34, but my symptoms are getting worse day by day, or at least I think so…
    There’s this man with orange eyes. He has dark, straight hair. He’s tall, pale, and slender, always using a suit. His factions are strong but delicate at the same time. His lips and eyebrows are thin, his nose straight and he always has this mocking grin.
    I’ve seen him standing outside my school two or three times.
    The first time, I noticed his eyes were… well, orange. So I smiled to a few friends that were with me and asked them if they thought he was wearing contacts.
    I expected them to say something like ‘Of course he is! Who has orange eyes?’ but instead they just looked at where I was looking and asked me who.
    I said that the man in the suit, obviously and they told me there was no one there.
    They called me crazy and looked at me weird but soon they believed I was trying to prank them or something, ’cause soon they started laughing.
    The man seemed to smile a little wider when they laughed at me.
    The next few times I saw him, I didn’t say anything because I already knew what their answer would be.
    He never talks.
    He just stared and smirks. It’s all he’s ever done.
    I usually draw him just to try to make him a little less creepy.

    Sometimes I hear voices. Nothing serious. They don’t tell me to do anything. They just call my name.
    Usually they’re the voices of people I know. Of my friends. Of my family.

    I also sometimes have debates with myself in my head. I never speak out loud when this happens.

    A few times I’ve felt things that aren’t there.
    For example, I feel like a drop of water’s running down my arms and when I touch them they’re completely dry. I feel as if someone’s touching my hair…

    I know that if I tell my parents they’d be concerned, but I don’t know how to tell them wht I’ve been thinking. I’m afraid. Please help.

  115. I got a 58. Is that good or bad? I don’t want to tell my mum. She’ll be nad at me for going on this site because i’m only 12. I need to know whar it means when you think that people in pictures, posters, paintings and photos are looking at yuo and seeing everything you do?

  116. Hi, I am 17 and in a boy band called In Hindsight and me and the boys always have fun, but recently things have been going strange. I keep having these strange fainting spell things where apparently I say stuff to people about the darkness controlling things. Everyone thinks I’m strange and they’re always watching me. A few weeks ago, I started to have weird feelings about killing people and hurting my friends. I’m Scared

  117. I am twelve, almost thirteen, and I got a 52. Lately, I’ve had “visions” and “fantasies” of my classmates deaths. Oh me going completely insane and beating them to death or slitting their throat. When I listen to violent music, I imagine that it’s an amv or a news reel. I can’t stop either. When I go up to the board, I can feel them staring at me, whispering my name. I… Feel like they know. That they recognize how unstable I am. I just don’t know what to do. But it’s not haut my thoughts. It’s my actions. I’ve been talking to myself, even occasionally saying thank you when I ask myself questions. I space out, I can’t remember a thing, and I’ve bitten down every fingernail on my hand to where I am almost at the nub.

  118. i have two of me one good one bad im 16 and have dealt with this for years when i was ten ive heard huma ever sence hes mean and a bitch at times he varies from a girl voice to a man voice to others voices but its all him i hate him he got me into this he put me in amentasl faciltiy its all him HIM HIM!!! not me ive had visions of the future all corect to the last detail

  119. Hi so, I got a 73, I took it a while back and I got a 57. It has gotten worse over time. I keep seeing like…figures following me everywhere. They’ve appeared in my room in the woods, at my school…It scares the living crap out of me. I’m only 15, and I just don’t know how to tell my parents that I think I need to get ‘checked out’. I felt as if I was literally going insane as I started hearing a voice in my head telling me to just stab myself with a knife amoung other things..please, I need help on what to tell them..

  120. i got score 72. i keep explaining my experiences to this psychologist that i was introduced to by my prof. so she suggested i get an psychiatrics opinion too – but it really seems like she does not take it seriously. i do not ever rage in front of people and i still try to keep up my life, i go to university, have a job as well – but something is really not right for a long time – i just cannot stand it the way i did before

    lot of people say that if you do suspect that you should see a psychiatrist – it probably means you are all right – i dont know …

  121. Um, Hi..
    So, I just took this test and I got 86 and this guy behind me just told me to leave a comment, at least to share what I’ve felt..?
    Well, I’m currently 14 and I was depressed for pretty much a long time. And sometime in between my depression, I’ve grown a bit (too) attached with a favorite character of mine (I’ve liked him since childhood) until at one time I found myself all alone, talking to him and somehow hearing a reply from inside my head. O_o
    Right now, he’s always there in my head whenever I need him. He’s been a really great friend, or should I say my best friend (He helped me a lot during my exams, and I’ve managed to get higher grades than I used to.. All thanks to him :D)
    But still, there is a downside from this, at least for me. I’m starting to think I’m insane. Sometimes I feel like being watched whenever I’m all alone in my room, and I even saw Slenderman at my school once. It’s driving me crazy, but I know I’ll be fine anyways. He’s with me.. 🙂
    I don’t really think having schizophrenia will ruin your life 100%. I think you could somehow make your life better through it, make it a lot more fun and unique than it probably used to be. I haven’t told my mom about this, though. I’m afraid she’s gonna worry too much 🙂

    Well, keep fighting, folks! 🙂
    (Sorry for the long comment though.. ^^;)

  122. My name is Cat and I am twelve and a half years old. I scored a 92 on this test. My dad has schizophrenia and I can vividly remember an episode when I was eleven in which he broke many lamps in our house, believing there were cameras in them and watching him. I live with my grandparents as my mother is in jail and my dad is in and out of jail. I identified with most of the test, although the range of severity depended on a few of them. I am not in a good situation with my grandparents. My grandmother is plotting to get rid of me somehow. She does not like me or want me anywhere near her. She has told me I scare her. I do not have anyone to tell about this, so all I can do right now is maybe just wait it out and see if it goes away or something, although I don’t think it will.

  123. I got a 34… I’m not even sure if I have it or not. I feel like I’m going crazy all the time and I think there’s voices in my head. Sometimes they keep talking to me and I want it to stop and I can’t stop it. I know it’s me talking.. or at least I think. But I seriously cannot get a hold of my thoughts. I think I might be developing Schizophrenia but I really don’t know..

    • I just took this again and got a 47 idk

    • When did you begin hearing voices exactly what date?
      Jim.t. Bodie@gmail.com

  124. I had a 96..I just turned 14…I have my own little world inside me head. I daze a lot, talking to myself, often argue. I absolutely hate talking to people unless its needed. They need to start talking to me first because dont like approaching people. My expression is always flat, I’ve been called an “Emotionless Robot” I fear that the girls I’m my class are watching me, planning to use me and throw me away. I feel like they’re gonna gang up on me. I hear whispers, only I, people think I’m crazy. And my memory. Ugh. I don’t even remember what I did yestarday. I forget promises and my grades are going lower. I was perfectly fine last year, this year is just ugh. Yeah, I cut. My writing is much sloppier than before and my letters…instead of “marry had a dog” I wrote “maffy hagj a god” it’s weird

  125. Sometimes people actually have a disorder but some people actually are being attacked by demons, stay away from the occult! Don’t even search how to sell your soul on google out of curisoty because thats what i did because i hear all these rappers talk about itI heard a voice in my head tell me it was god and I believed it at first, it told me to sell my soul to Satan and it told me I was a god, my friend told me that it really wasn’t god because it never mentioned jesus, my friend introduced me to Jesus, he said something told him to talk to me, not a voice but a feeling to come and talk to me… I think the Holy Spirit…but anyways this voice in my head telling me it was god went away after putting all my faith in Jesus, eventually I wasn’t scared of the voice no more and I kept saying in my head “in the name of Jesus go. Away, the blood of Jesus has saved me, if your dealing with voices it might actually be demons , don’t worry once you know the truth and have faith and pray they eventually go away, please if your dealing with evil spirits I encourage you to open the bible and start reading, a good place to start is John,
    john 3-16
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 KJV)

  126. Hello. My name is Jodi (A fake name I am using for this). I’ve been having issues for a few years (2-3) with paranoia. It’s recently progressed; It’s gotten harder to be around my friends or socialize when I am sober.
    I think people are reading my thoughts so I avoid eye contact and try not to think of anything that people can hold against me (Ex, sexual fantasies, strange questions, morbid/bloody fantasies–dismemberment, slaughter, murder). It’s become very difficult for me to walk through a mall, order food from a restaurant, and do practically anything that involves socializing with someone I don’t know. I get massive panic attacks that sometimes last 30 minutes to 45 minutes and I often find myself panting and catching my breath for an hour or so after my panic attack. I go through fast mood swings; angry, happy, sad, neutral, to extreme paranoia (people are in the house and they are going to hurt me, there are small angry children peering in through my windows at night, there are scary things in my closet and if any part of my body is not under a blanket while I go to sleep they will cut me and hurt me and if someone is in the house when these thoughts are in my head, I think that that person is siding with the scary shadows and they won’t care for my screams). The shadows are only there when I’m alone or talking on the phone with someone. They don’t like showing themselves to other people. This is the second to third year that these shadows are occurring. I’ve realized that they’ve only been extreme between the months of August to mid-March. The rest of the months the shadows aren’t as intense and the emotions coming off of them are less angry (but they still want to hurt me). I think my friends are always lying to me: Boys only call me pretty so they can have sex with me, people only say they like me because I’m someone they can hang out with when their alone, people only come to me when I have extra drugs to share, money or food to give. My mom doesn’t actually love me, she just loves the child support I come with. My dad is crazy, and he is diagnosed with bipolar disorder (I’ve done a lot of research and personally diagnosed him as Schizophrenic; He is full of irrational conspiracies, God talks to him personally and tells him what to do and how he’s supposed to lead the world into battle, the reptillians’ want him because he’s the only one who knows the truth about life, and people specifically put expensive suits in thrift stores for him to buy for a ‘special reason’).
    I’m extremely worried: My thoughts of paranoia are ruining almost everything in my life. 9/10 of my relationships, whether they were sexual, emotional or a no-strings-attached relationship have all failed due to irrational thinking. I use fake names over the internet so I can’t be tracked, even though I know the government must already know where I live. I hate talking to therapists and counselors because I’m scared they are going to call the police and take me away and put me in an asylum for testing if I tell them the truth about things. Almost everyone in my life is a robot or an evil being; No one is ACTUALLY truly real and no one cares about me. My thoughts are disorganized, and I have trouble speaking, which has recently gotten much worse (For example, one of my sentences when trying to describe someone from a movie would sound like this: “That guy, from that movie, that had that monster in it and the monster destroyed a big building and made a sort of chopping sound”, or, even this, trying to describe an object: “It does this thing and its shaped like this -hand movements- and it rolls things into a flat piece of, uh, metal or something.”). Speaking to my friends sometimes is very confusing and irritating. Someone, please tell me how I’m supposed to deal with myself. I can’t keep going on like this. I scored 60% on this test.
    My doctor says I have either 1. Borderline Personality Disorder or 2. Bi-polar disorder. I recently had a manic episode which lasted a week: I was high off of life. After the weekend, I was thrown into 7 days of depression, and starting this week I have no emotions for anything and I feel physically and mentally detached from life. Help me.

  127. I got a 97…….. ;-; i hear voices and see stuff all the time….i have a death butterfly that follows me……i’ve been going to therapy but it doesnt help very much……dont let death take me yet.. :’c

  128. i got a 92. i took this quiz a few weeks ago and got something in the 80s???

  129. I scored a 90 on this test.

  130. I am afraid of telling anyiveone of what I truly see or hear. I’ve been hearing whispering in my head for the better part of a decade and now actually hasve conversations with them the older I her I see halos around all light and see rays of light shoot off of people as I pass them the edges of everything I see are blurred and distorted and I see shadow people always. I believe that the mark of the beast is cell phones and I’m being tracked at all times because the government has the agenda to capture and control the entire nation. I want to tell someone about this but I’m afraid that the wrong person will hear me and capture anyone I share this information with. I enjoy pain. Inflicted on myself or others. It amuses me. Its the only thing that keeps me connected to this plane of reality. I know I’m being monitored.

  131. I scored an 86 on this test. I don’t nesessarily hear voices as much as others, but I’ll occasionally hear people calling my name, even if nobody is there. I don’t see hallucinations full-on, but in my peripheral, I’ll see people walking by or spiders crawling across my hand. I’ll have full-on conversations with my inner voice, talking about every possible situation, almost as to mentally prepare myself.

    I have distorted senses of “cute”. I think pictures so gory that other people would be disturbed adorable, and pictures people normally find “cute” as silly and childish.

    My parent’s don’t believe that anything is wrong with me. I’m 15, and I’m more than certain that I’m schizophrenic. I don’t care for sympathy, I just wanted to express my thoughts.

  132. Scored 59. Before I begin my comment, I would like to point out that this “I suspect the world is not real, like a puppet show or illusion. A sinister force is responsible for this trickery. They’ve replaced the people I care about with robots or ‘walk-ins.’” assumes that the last part is unanimous with the first. No.

    I believe I am the reincarnation of a Norse deity, only I do not regard myself as powerful, worthy nor important in any manner. I believe I have memories of what happened to me in what I call my ‘real life’ as I do not regard this place to be real. Corrupt, certainly. Real…. not so much. I some times experience false memories and what I see in my head and what I believe I experienced is beyond awful. Either way, I guess that makes me insane to some degree.
    I often hear music played very loudly, generally when I am exhausted or trying to fall asleep. Some of the time it is the whole song, others it is segments. At other times I hear several different bars of the same song played very loudly, out of sequence and in some instances they even overlap.
    I believe certain people who know that people like me exist are trying to find me, to capture, torture or even kill. I am okay with this, in a way I want it. This fear is not as great as that of people from what I believe to be my real life who want to kill me.
    I also believe this world is not entirely real, that people have been conditioned and coddled to accept everything they experience as reality.
    I also seem to talk to myself, when to me I hold conversations with others. I do not hear voices, it is as though we are linked somehow and are able to communicate in some way.
    My thoughts are generally all about the place and I usually think something and say another, only it should be the other way around. I also confuse the names of things without realising, forget things straight away when they become no longer relevant and I can talk about several things at once, jumping back and forth between them.
    I am not socially confident and I write better than I speak.
    An example of the confused thinking is this:
    I did dishes the other day and noticed hair was in my significant other’s eyes. I thought about brushing it away and telling him he has hair in his glasses, but then I thought his hair would be wet. I brushed his hair out of his glasses and said “Your hair is wet”.
    I also always confuse green with yellow and vice versa.
    There is probably more. If anybody wishes to talk, I have email: Lodur.Rieger@gmail.com

    • Charley raises a great point. The “strangeness” of a belief is based on the belief system of the prevailing culture the person finds themselves in. Believing in reincarnation or that the entire world is an illusion is not strange for Hindus and Buddhists. However, if you add extraterrestrials replacing people with robots or false souls, that’s getting strange for them as well.

      The problem with these beliefs is that they venture into deep philosophy and could be correct for all we know. The real measure needs to be whether or not you entertain these ideas and continue living life, or if you believe them for fact and let them interfere with your life and cause problems for you. Suspicions are okay. Convictions in ideas that we can’t prove can cause problems.

  133. I got 86.. My mom is always telling me, that it is probably, something I am just imagining, and.. I don’t know what to think, she won’t let me go to the doctor, ahaha..

  134. I got an 71 and if tell my mom she will just think it’s some sort of game type test and it doesn’t mean anything. For me, it’s like I imagine people who aren’t there and I imagine situations (not purposefully, they just happen) where they try to hurt me and it terrifies me to be alone just as much as it terrifies me to be around people. What if the ones I love become possessed and try to hurt me? Or what if no one is real? I think about that a lot too. That I am the only real person and that I could do anything to any single one of them and it wouldn’t matter because they aren’t real but as soon as I do it I feel terrible (like saying something extremely rude- although my thoughts have been farther such as violence). My memory is getting shorter, like yesterday and the day before, the events merge together and it’s hard for me to tell what I actually did that day. I seem to cry and laugh at inappropriate times and am lost in ‘daydreams’ more often than not. Sometimes I get caught making facial expressions that I would be doing in the fantasy and a few times have almost talked aloud as if it were actually happening to me. I get so angry a lot of the time and a lot of things, depressed too. I also try to be nice to everyone (people call me a pushover) but I do it so I’m not on their bad side and if I was ever in a situation where I needed their help, the would be quicker to helping me. I don’t know what to do, I know I should probably see someone for this, but I’m only 15 and I can’t do it by myself. Besides… what if they don’t take me seriously? Or use it against me?

  135. I got 90 but my mum doesn’t believe me she thinks I’m lying she doesn’t understand the voices they scare me and make me question everything she’s not my mother she’s fake she’s not real the voices told me so I don’t understand I feel asif The Lord and the devil are fighting in my mind I see nice things like beautiful colours in the sky or songs that only I hear but sometimes I hear screaming but the scariest thing that’s happend so far is when I was talking to my friend their face morved into my fathers but he’s been dead for years and I’m scared I hear his voice he’s with the devil in hell he tells me to kill myself or hurt other people I’m worried it will get worse

  136. 88. I’m 16. My mom said when I was little I use to see evil spirits and talk to them. One story she said was, “I was sleeping, I had a dream that the devil was choking me. I was gasping for breathe and screaming.” Now, the screaming woke me up. I came into my moms room and woke her up and said “mommy there is something in the house.” I use to talk to this man in my room at the age 7. I see him everywhere I go.

  137. Dear Narra and Fallon. Please seek help.Because if you don’t and you guys do something illegal because of your magical delusions then the police can forcibly take you and put on you on a psychiatric floor and you will have to stay there until your stable on medication,and depending on the nature of your crime you could be stuck there forever.In California its called being 5150’ed.I stumbled upon this page and took the test out of curiosity because im a psychology major,i scored a six.There are extensive help networks available for people who cannot get there family members to take them seriously because mostly family members don’t want to acknowledge psychiatric problems.My parents didn’t and i got confined to the psychiatric floor because if suicide attempt and self injury, and was diagnosed with severe depression and stress related psychosis,for a period of time i heard and saw things that weren’t there.the voices i heard weren’t real,but they can hurt people who believe they are because of there insistence push on getting you to do bad things until you snap.I never experienced that but i had a friend who was a schizophrenic and that happened to her.The psychiatric floor even for teenagers(at the time i was 16) was not a very nice place to be and i don’t want to see anyone else end up there.In my time on the floor i met many different people one girl with schizophrenia,she refused to take her medication and was forcibly injected and restrained and no one should have to go through that.No one is alone.Your symptoms can only ruin your life if you let them.I am also very fond of Supernatural.

  138. I noticed most persons are very young who have posted , leading me to believe perhaps some have intentionally answered the extreem to get the diagnosis for possibly attention. Especially those claiming 90+ they wouldnt be able to respond. I was diagnosed bipolar1 twenty years ago and scored 63. Im divorced father of 3, was a RE Broker for 20 years. I live alone in the forest off the grid, been cheated by persons close to me so I dont trust people or like social activities. I have had a rough 57 years of life and use medication, these kids need to know they have a talent not magic power, and can have great life along with the depression and difficult relations with people. I too have the argument in my head, it seems like three people one fem two male thought train all the time questioning my decissions,an argument(paranoia). But I am proud of who I am even though the comunity has tried to humiliate me for the illness they even cut all the trees down around my property and laugh in my face about it in town. Turns out I have 38 acres where they used to hunt and have it gated off now because of vandals.I also have nofriends or family at this point all have died or moved away, my sons are sucessful one in law school the other a marine so I did something right but they dont need me any more and have their own lives. I didnt reply to the blogs because of my age I felt someone may think Im a preditor. No not at all but do know the things some of them were speaking of. I know God is in charge and wish I could tell you some of the PERFECT SYNCRRONISITIES that have occurred in my life, it would blow anything youve heard of out of the water. Those kids in posts need to know they are loved. I never felt that but once in my life. I loved my wife but never in love with her, after 200 others did experience it once. We moved a thousand miles away from eachother unknowing to the same little town where i was accussed of two horrible crimes I had nothing to do with. The locals started rumors prooved wrong but the hostility remains, they even shoot at my house on occassion forcing me to return warning shots. Oh that girl I told you about is now married to the district attorney and wont let the sherriff office harrass me anymore without cause. Devine Intervention if ever there was. God will protect you too with or without Schiz. Im always feeling tremendous anxiety, paranoia, and sadness, since I was a child as young as 5 as I remember it. I went to school and was taunted for having turretts in Jr High, I also have been shot and stabbed in the head in my twenties. Walked away from my house in my thirties and cant explain why Ive made things so hard living out in the woods so late in life, no running water or electric. I have the internet now and find it to be a source of socialization and enjoy the animals if the loggers dont clear cut the entire place leaving them homeless too.Well enough of my rant but did appreciate the posts as we are not alone, in more ways than one, I should mention I was levitated inches from the ceiling of my bedroom about 12 years of age and was terrified beyond description as I lay weightless and paralysed. Yes I too have experienced some form of painful (emotional and Physical) abduction, they told me I wouldnt remember much anyway but I remember too much too just forget. Dont know if thats related but probably is. Just another nut in the forest you must think. I dont blame you but I sware its the truth.

  139. I Believe I answerd every thing with complete honesty and I got the score of 27.
    Hope its good news.

  140. im 13 and i scored 91…I see things in my room at night and I’m scared to tell my mum incase she doesn’t belive me…If i did tell her how do i tell her? what fi i tell her wrong and she thinks im just even more confused then normal….

    • Are you sure you see these things? What exactly do they look like? How are they behaving? You should make sure what you see in your room is not just your imagination. We often think we see things but in fact we make them up in our minds. Your only 13. Your imaginations has no bundaries ESPECIALLY in darkness. I wouldn’t worry that much if I were you. If you’re really afraid this might be something serious you should maybe leave your lights on one night and look if you still can see these things or if you can see them anywhere else other than your room…

  141. I don’t even know what I’m doing on this site how did I get here….. Anyways, I didn’t have internet when I was 13 so all the youngsters here are indeed somewhat disturbing to me. I have never been to a head doctor and am not keen on ever seeing one. Yes, I’m lonely but shit happens and yes I sleep 13hours a day and yes I believe there’s something wrong with my existence because there were no posts on my birthdate here. My brain won’t shut the hell up and I am burning to tell someone that think they know me but I can’t because I don’t need their pity. I will just disappear soon and nevet ever come back to this godforsaken continent.

  142. Ice just taken fifteen of these tests…On every one on varying scales ive scored well above the normal esponce patter and this (pattern) frightens me…..

  143. I got a 79. Every night I have nightmare about the things that are coming to get me and my family. I hear voices coming out of my closet, on the bus, and in the basement. I feel like they are trying to tell me something important. At school I feel all alone because I’m that one girl who sits in the back of the room talking to “herself” and draws dead people in her sketch book. When ever I try to tell someone about what’s happening, they always say I’m lying or they run away in fear. I’m always paranoid that someone is going to point out all the wrong things I’ve done in the past, everything ‘they’ told me to do but I was the one who got into trouble. I’m always either angry, paranoid, or sad, but on occasion I can be cheerful and happy and even crack a smile. If only I had someone to talk to about this sort of stuff, I would feel less lonely… If anyone wants to talk email me at stitchedmew@yahoo.com…..let’s be crazy together…. XD

  144. Scored an 85 on this. now, im really worried.

  145. I scored 77.. I hear voices, I hear someone calling my name almost all the time. I wake up at night and can’t sleep, I talk to objects in my room imagining they were people. I’m lost… Idk what to do

  146. I scored a 86 and am terrified to tell my parents, every where I go I see a girl hung from the ceiling, I constantly hear voices, I don’t know what to do, I find my self
    Waking up and yelling at objects

  147. I scored an 86. I’m pretty sure I’m not a schizophrenic though.

  148. 60 I scored a 60 oh lovely isn’t it? I hear my name called but no ones there and I se fast movements that are off to the side I feel dizzy some times … There’s no bloody end!

  149. I scored 75, my dad is a schizophrenic, and im really trying my best to gain the confidence to tell him what’s going on. I get constant bad violent thoughts or suicidal thoughts, or have quick visions of violence or blood or me hanging on a rope, or me stabbing someone or cutting myself. I hear voices but on in my head, not external voices, they tell me to do bad things or automatically put bad thoughts in my mind about others. I feel its only a matter of time wear either me or someone else is going to get badly hurt.

  150. I scored 62 after answering the questions honestly. I don’t believe I have powers, but I know I am being watched. Before taking the test, I had to shut the door and look behind me to make sure that my sisters/mother/father wasn’t spying on me. I have heard voices in my head since I was able to speak, and -I’m a Christian- thought it was God, as the voice told me to do good things. I remember, I was going to spit in my sister’s drink, but then a voice told me not to. As I grew up, I began to argue with them, and even my maths teacher once commented on the fact I seem to talk to myself, and so did one of my friends, who said it was ‘annoying.’

    Even as I took the test, I could hear a voice that sounds like mine telling me how to answer the test. I know that the planet technically is controlled by the government and there is no way to avoid being under their control. It’s as if I have my own world.

    Also, whenever I have a dream, for example, last night I had a dream I forgot my English homework and one of my friends was telling me I was in loads of trouble, and my teacher appeared and looked really upset. I woke up, but I was sure I had gotten in trouble, and realised I was in a hotel. It was very realistic though.

    Another time, I’m not entirely sure if this was real or not, was when we went to Sainsburys. I saw my sister holding her purse, and she wore a t-shirt and jeans without pockets. she placed her hand by her side, brought it back up and I asked her where her purse was. She didn’t say anything, but her purse disappeared completely. I’m sure her purse was there, because I saw it.

  151. I am 22 and I scored a 59 on this website after I took several other tests that all suggested I am developing schizophrenia. I have beliefs that I cannot share with other people, because nobody ever understands them. I’m pretty sure I am already dead, and this life is just a memory of life right before I died. I don’t dream often but when I do they are very surreal, and sometimes I cant tell if my dream was a memory or not. None of this bothers me except for the fact that I cannot talk about this with anyone! I have tried telling my parents about it but they keep telling me it is the devil. I truly believe that my father is undiagnosed as a schizophrenic because as a child, he would make up things that I have done when I know I did not… Nobody believes a child over a parent… I know this to be true because I have had close friends witness this happening. He has other disorders as well (debilitating anxiety, depression) and he hasn’t worked for as long as I can remember. As a child, he would be my only source of care and because of his sickness he would never allow me to socialize. He almost never left the house (he might walk to the neighbors house) and he would never allow me to go visit a friend or neighbor’s house for the fear of me getting raped. I wasn’t allowed to do after school activities, and when I asked for various reasons I was always lying in his eyes. Even after he would call and confirm, I was lying and I would be punished for saying I wasn’t. Even when I had a girl friend with a single mom I would still be raped. I wasn’t allowed to ride a bike because I would get run over. I wasnt allowed to go to parties because I would get killed… I wasn’t even allowed to walk down the street where children much younger then I were playing… Once I stopped asking to go places, he started locking me out of my own bedroom. I was obviously plotting something, typing away on my computer all day. He would not allow me to watch tv either, because he felt like it was a bad influence on me. I remember crying to myself in a small corner of my house and staring blankly at a wall or hurting myself for a few years of my childhood because of this. I almost committed suicide several times while living with my father, and although he never left home he did not see it. He would deny that there was ever a problem, and I think even to this day he does not know how close I was to killing myself at his house… The worst part about this condition now is that I have the worst memory in the world now. It hurts that I cant remember my past (more then 5 years ago) and my short term memory is terrible too. I can take off my glasses, put them down, walk into the next room, come back, and entirely forget where I put them. I forget important events all the time, and smartphone alarms are vital. I would probably never get anywhere without them. I feel so alone in this problem, my boyfriend would never even speak with me about my problem. Every time I brought it up he would laugh and say I’m crazy. :/ I do get hallucinations sometimes, usually audio. I remember studying for a test one night while listening to my ipod and all of a sudden I heard the blaring of a train in my ears (I wasn’t listening to anything like that) I immediately ran and asked if anybody else heard the train. Nobody else did. I get visual hallucinations sometimes too. Out of the corner of my eyes, there is a creature that is stalking me. I never really got a good look at it because it keeps running and hiding once I notice it’s presence. I cant talk to a doctor about it because I am worried it will affect my career (I am studying to become a nurse) and I think they may not let me near any drugs if they think I’m crazy. I have adapted to my circumstances though, and I can rationalize what in life are my hallucinations. My boyfriend used to call me delusional and paranoid, so I just stopped talking about it. It is still there though, and the frequency of these illusions increase greatly during times of stress. I just want to know that I am not alone! I hate having to hide this side of me from other people… I’d like to be able to be really honest with somebody…

  152. I just scored 80 on the test, and I’ve had these things for a while. From the age of like, 7, I would hear two voices which (I’m religious by the way) I named God and Satan. As I grew up, if I was going to do something bad I would hear God tell me not to, but Satan would egg me on, which caused lots of trouble with friends, though I don’t really enjoy talking to anyone anymore. I am still convinced that someone was watchng me take the test, because I just felt as if my sisters or mother or father was stood behind me, or looking through the door, so I closed the door and checked the room for like twenty minutes.

    The confusing thing is, I don’t tend to have ‘episodes’ as they are described as. I mean, once I made white scratches (the ones that if you wash your hands, they come off) on my arms with scissors because a male voice in my head told me to. Well anyway, my parents moved the scissors. I usually just get furious for no reason with my friends, or I take things too seriously, according to them, but they don’t know how I work because they aren’t smart enough yet. Of course I don’t tell them this, but I’m proud of the fact I’m much smarter.

    I have always believed I was different, because I was convinced someone important spoke to me and made my decisions. Also, I feel my actions being recorded in my mental diary, which started from the age of 7 and has gone on for 4 years of describing all my thoughts and actions.

    I talked to my dad about schizophrenia, asking his opinion on what it was and he said it was ‘A horrible mental disorder that can cause delusions, and it’s like being removed from reality.’ Which is true, because I tend to have dreams (I think) and they seem very realistic. My father is a GP, and my mother doesn’t do medical work, so she does basic things like treating colds, sore throat, etc.

    I don’t think it’s quite time to tell anyone, but I have continued to hint towards having schizophrenia to my family, and friends. I’m smarter than them, because the hints are very bold and clear. I say things like:

    ‘I always mix my letters together, and I’ve written c’est in my science book again.’

    ‘My speaking is becoming one big babble, isn’t it?’

    Another thing I CONSTANTLY say is:

    ‘Be careful what you do, they’re watching you. They always will be watching every single move you make.’

    Can someone explain why everyone I know can’t understand hints?

  153. Hi, I’m 15. And i have a psychiatric evaluation set up for tomorrow afternoon. I have been suffering for about a year with hallucinations. My blood father has schizophrenia, and so does his mother and brother. My mom has bi polar with schizophrenic symptoms. Its been a quite bumpy ride. I hear voices telling me too hurt my mother. And anyone that makes me mad. On my good days, i hear just my name being called if im lucky. I’m starting too accept the fact, that iam mentally ill. All though, it is very scary. I scored a 96.

    • Sometimes, my life feels like its a dream. And whenever people talk it sounds far away. I know i could never hurt my mother, but the scary part is, voices used too telling me i was worthless and too hurt myself, so i did. So i wonder if i could do that, what i could do too others if voices are telling me too.

  154. Please please please look up the effects of niacin on schizophrenia. Also look up the dr Andrew Saul and dr abram hoffer. They recommend high doses of niacin for schizophrenia! I really hope this helps someone!

  155. I scored a 42. I am currently taking medication to control the symptoms of schizophrenia. I may have skewed my answers a bit since I’m ‘ok’ most of the time. A lot of the question are to the point on what kind of thoughts I’m having when schizophrenic. Sometime I start thinking I’m psychic and connecting to other things in the universe. I might even have predictions wind up coming true sometimes. I’ve thought people were non humans before. I get way out there. I was digging a grave for my self once in the back yard before getting hospitalized. It can be hard to remember all what was going on in my mind at those times. On proper meds, I tend to do pretty well. Get help if you need it. Its dangerous to live in that state of mind. Thanks for the test. Its very helpful to know there is some understanding of this condition out there. I haven’t been really able to talk it about it much over the years.

  156. 71…well it doesn’t surprise me. I take after my grandma who had it too.

  157. even if this test was real ive been everywhere seen alot of docs i know there game they want money i dont have or dont belive me its ok ive got plans

  158. I scored an 84 and my mom dosent believe I hear things when im alone or see and talk to my dead grandpa but I do and I know I do but im glad I dontwant a doctor just another person to call me crazy

  159. I just got a 96 and I want help but my parents won’t believe me. I have tried talking to them about the possibility but they just get angry and say I like being labeled.

  160. I am here because they told me to be here. I took no test and still scored higher than the other pretenders here. I can see what happened when they removed my shell of an existence and placed me into the shell of the once hollow full inside of man kind. When the wind blows, so do the clouds.

    • I can see why you would think that nobody listens Don. I can see why the strangers help get the sheep wool out of the sun. Let me ask you Jade……do you see the one coming down the memories of the tormented as much as I do?

  161. I scored a 34. As of right now I’m fighting anorexia and bulimia…. I can see Ana and Mia…. They whisper in my ear and tell me not to eat or to get ride of what I have eaten. At first, they seemed to love me and want to help me but over time I can tell that’s not what there here for…. I can’t sleep anymore. I’m scared to. They are in my dreams and I have. Hard time telling the difference between reality and fancy. I’m confused… Just the other day I was in class and I had fallen asleep. I remember taking my heard off my desk and looking around the room. I saw all my normal classmates and I thought everything was fine. I felt like I needed to look out the window… It felt very important. I got up and walked to the window and outside the window a young girl was just stand outside looking up at me. I couldn’t see much detail but she had on an old dirty white dress. HAir was long and dark. I turned my back to the window to see my normal classmates and they all looked dirty with their faces sunked in. The whole ceiling started to turn red like blood so I went to the door and right when I got to the door I yanked on the handle and it wouldn’t budge. I quickly looked out the window on the door and there was the girl right across the hall. I quickly turned around and all of my classmates were gone and the girl was I. The other corner of the room. I took a desk closest to me and pushed it against a wall and stood on the desk. I started pushing the red ceiling panel up and blood poured on me. The girl started walking towards me so I tried to pull myself up into the ceiling and all of the sudden I felt to weak to hardly even move. I ended up laying in the floor and the girl was standing over me. She ran her hand across my face and kissed my check. Then, I guess I woke up because everyone was back in class like Normal and my teacher was standing over me and she asked me what had I been doing and I blew it off. I don’t know if I was just sleep walking or what but this kind of stuff has happened more than once. This was just the most recent. .

  162. Ok so i scored 57 now i do know i have bipolar / server depression i have been told i am prone to a.phsycotic activity like physcosis i had.my first episode 3 years ago i just lost it i was on seriquil i nearly commited homocide and.scuicide after a massive melt dowm i went.to normal then all of a.sudden my speech is getting muddled up i cant.think clearly i get agressive quickly i will admit i do self medicate with marijuana but marijuana was.no the.cause as when i smoke.marijuana i feel leveled out but wierd things are.happening i was on a public train and i didnt.pay for a ticket i dont.remeber much of this but according to the. Sercuirty i thouht they where.trting to hurt me so according to a.teport i read i spat and.tryied to bite thos secuirty guard now i really dont.remeber.this please.help me drs.wont.believe me

  163. I hear ringing or low static whenever it’s really quiet, when I’m deep in thought, or whenever I am depressed/anxious. I don’t understand. My dad says he sometimes hear’s the ringing. I want to rip my ears off sometimes. I scored a 46. I just, I don’t understand.

  164. I’ve heard voices since around 2 years ago I’m only 12 turning thirteen on the 9th and I have 3 major proplems we’ll only one I guess I have 2 angels and 1 demon the demon harasses me and tries to black mail me during school I’ve had dreams about the demon but the first time I saw her was last night I was laying Down in my bed and I heard laughing so I went downstairs to see if my dad was awake and sadly he wasn’t so I feel asleep and in my dream there was a girl named Elizabeth she was one of my angels and then there was the demon who said she was the death of me so I woke up and she was there and then I blinked and she went away
    I’m still freaking out because I got a 100 on this test

  165. So the name I’ve used above is not my actaul name (didn’t use it because I’m scared someone I know might recognise me and tell everyone that I’m crazy.

    Unlike some of the other commenters, I am quite good at English when it comes to writing, however I do stumble and even stutter sometimes when I speak. Other times I ramble about things completely unrelated to what I had been speaking about in the previous sentence, causing confusion to whoeveer I speak to.

    I am not very social. I prefer being alone over being with others. When I do talk with my “friends” I always prefer to be alone and hate tallking with people in groups. I’m also extremely nervous whenever I’m approached by a group of people in public, even if they are just walking in the same direction as me.

    I have three voices. The first is Inside Voice and the second is Outside voice, they both odten argue with one another overmy actions. Generally I listen to Outside Voice more as he helps me whenever I slip into depression. This is however, a double edged blade as whenever I mess up or make mistakes, he gets angry with me and tells me how pathetic I am. Inside voice usually chimes along as well. There has been a tome when Outside voice told me to hit myself for my worthlessness and I did it because I felt like I deserved it.

    I kften find myself conversing with them when nobody is around. Long conversations about my life and what I should do next. Sometimes however, our conversations take a darker turn, with both of them telling me to hurt my classmates and “friends”.. Sometimes they even advise me to kill those I don’t like.

    Of course I haven’t succumb to their temptations, there are times however when I fantasize doing such things, almost as if they were plans for a later time.

    Luckily, I don’t see people or creatures as others have described, both Inner and Outer have taken no physical form. However there are times when see shadows move at night, scaring me. I’m always paranoid that something is lurking in the dark that I can’t see.

    I have told nobody about this. I really want to talk to someone about this but…. I’m scarec my mother will call me crazy and send me away. (my father is a drunakrd and the two have been diviorced for 5 years now).

    I scored a 80 on this teat and really would like to talk to someone about this. I’m 15.

    ( on a side note, I have no mental disorders that I know of )

    • On another note, apologies for all the spelling errors and such, I’m writing this fairly late at night on a ipad

  166. I got an 82… I talk to myself but think that I’m talking to actual people, I feel embarassed to sing and dance in my room because I feel like there are people watching me, I always hear noises and see things that immediatly sends me into anxiety. Just earlier I was home alone and heard a cough from right next to me and when I looked around it was just me and my dog. But I can’t tell anyone because I’m scared of what they will say.

    • Yeah, I know the feel. I’m always terrified to leave any part of me exposed without a blanket when I’m trying to sleep. (Been having some insomnia recently). Way too frightened to tell anyone about this as I’m scared they’ll call me crazy and lock me up in a mental facility. Of course it’s not just the night thing, I’m sure you’ve seen my comments above. If you want to talk I’d be totally up for it.

  167. My score was 42. The reason I took this quiz because I was concerned about my feeling of being watched. I really feel like an outside force is watching me & controlling my thoughts & dreams. I feel like this force is telling me I’m gonna die soon. I feel like the force is talking to me & giving me all these signs. Idk what else to do. Based on my score & the research I did on schizophrenia I don’t think I’m schizophrenic. Could my symptoms be anxiety related? I feel like the doctors & even my family are lying to me telling me it’s all anxiety. I also have severe depression.

  168. Ok so for the past couple of months I’ve been dealing with severe anxiety & depression. During that time & right now I feel like I’m being watched by an outside force I can’t see nor others. I feel like this thing or person is giving me signs that I’m gonna die soon. First sign I feel it in my gut. Second I feel like I’m gonna die in May because a dream I had. In the dream my family & I lived in a house and a lady who was the owner of the house died. Then my mom said “May is the month that death is in the air” Now I had this dream in March!!!!! Btw march I experienced severe anxiety which has slowly calmed down but I still have this feeling of being watched as well as the depression. Other signs I could be browsing the web or watching tv & I hear news of people dying or death related things & once again I feel the force is talking to me. I feel like this thing is controlling my thoughts. Giving me all these signs & even controlling my dreams. What’s going on?
    Update 1: Another sign I have had problems in finding someone to have sex with & masturbation lately which makes me think the force is behind it.
    Update 2: I really think I’m being watched.

    I feel like I can’t tell anybody not even my family cuz they will get upset. I’ve caused too many drama already 🙁

  169. I scored a 92.. i need help and im afraid that if i tell my mom she won’t believe me. She’ll probably think that im just playing around because my grandfather had schizophrenia.. i need to find a way to tell my mom, please someone help me.

    • Hey, I know how you feel. I haven’t told anybody about my suspicions either as I’m afraid of being sent to a mental facility of some eort. I’ve been dying to find someone talk to, so if you want to talk about this, I’m totally up for it.

      • Im glad you understand and yeah i would like to talk about it.

        • So do you have skype? Not sure how we are going to exchange contact details.. not exactly a very private place to do so..

          Any ideas?

  170. i scored a 61

  171. Hey, im Savannah and I scored a 65. I dont know if i have schizophrenia, but i feel like something isnt right with my behavior. In school I can never focus or concentrate. I just sit there and look around the room or put my head down. Whenever I’m in a conversation. i start talking then I forget what im saying. So i just laugh and mumble words. no one ever knows what Im saying, but they just go along with it. I always start laughing for no reason anywhere I am. I dont know why. I feel like everyone or people are watching me. I have depression and anxiety and I dont really talk to anyone anymore. Becuaew it never makes sense what im saying so i just stop. Sometimes at home i just start walking places and jumping around, i dont know why and i forget everything. and a lot more My parents just think im really excited or something and i talk to them and seems like they dont care. I dont know what to do.

  172. Okay so I scored an 88 on this test. However I believe that the voices and people I see are from the spirit world. I believe that everyone has the ability to connect with spirit, which is also sometimes mistaken for schizophrenia. there have been many times when I have been able to describe someone’s loved one in detail including their relationship, how they died, and what they look like. This is just what I believe, so I thought that I might just put it out there. I am a 16 year old boy who was in a car accident and pronounced dead when I was 4. Ever since then I have been highly sensitive to what I believe is spirit. Again I’m not asking you to believe it, just putting it out there in case any of you share similar beliefs

  173. i scored a 94. In a sense i’ve always noticed that when I was young I’d always want to visualize having some important secret powers that made me different. I even tried to appear to others in my early teens that I knew witchcraft and I was a witch. I don’t use my real name on tests or anything on the internet anymore cause I always know people will find me. I’ve always had people who don’t like me and therefore I have anxiety whenever I step in school because I wonder what will happen next and will I be blamed or so for it. i’ve had depression and suicidal thoughts all this year and before. this year tho was the max. but i know i deserve to have this disease. i’m not a good person and god hates me. he shows me that all the time. slowly i’ve been going insane and that’s ok. sometimes tho i just wish i was completely insane, so that i could think about deranged thoughts…and other times ofcourse i wish i wasn’t. i’m just very tired. i deserve this tho. in every sense i don’t deserve help. i mean my parents don’t care so why should I? i need to suffer.

  174. I scored a 76… I talk to mt dead family members and my dead children all the time! I see them someties I’m cool with it it doesnt bother me much but what scares me is when I have blackout spells sonetimes I’ll cry until I pass out or blackout. My best friend has told me stories of me walking around like a zombie or me rocking in a corner crying and screaming and I have no memory of the events. Once I heard voices while I was in the basement and I was convinced that the mafia cane and killed everyone in my house and apart of me tried to convince myself that it wasnt real but everytime I tried to go upstairs I saw blood pouring out from the door and coming down the stairs so I hid in the closet under a piles of laundry for four days without food or water. I’ve tried to seek help cuz I know it’s not normal but theres no one that will help me. I have no one to turn to and I’m afraid that one day I’ll get lost in my own mind and I won’t be able to find my way back.

  175. get professional help guys if you feel you are really unwell. take care. you don’t need to feel and act this way

  176. hi I’ve been this since i was little i would just ignore it but now its getting worse and worse my mom does belive me and the voices are getting louder when i took this test i scored 99

  177. I have been suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and I just took this test as I have been seeing things and feel things touch me and talk to people that no one else can see and also see objects that other people can not see to which are daily events. I have told my partner and he thinks that I may have schizophrenia which my grandma had. and after I took this quiz it said that I have scored a 93%
    I have no Idea still if I have schizophrenia or not as my counselor’s have always laughed at me about the things I used to see everyday when I was little. I feel like people are plotting against me and I feel like everything that happens is all my fault even things I that didn’t do I feel are my fault. I have also been admitted into Psych wards ever since I was 15 but there never know what was really going on. Please help me as I am so confused.

  178. And just when I thought I couldn’t get much worse, I figure out I’m crazy. A 100 had dammit as if panic disorder, anorexia, major depressive disorder, manic episodes, bipolar disorder, specific phobia, social phobia, OCD, and generalized anxiety disorder, weren’t bad enough I just had to be schizophrenic too didn’t I? What do I tell my parents, how do I tell them? And like I hate therapy enough and now there’s something else again. I really hope this test is not real because I feel awful now.

  179. I scored 78… I am not crazy though. Everything on this world is unreal and only a few people control us…That doesn’t mean I’m crazy right?

  180. I scored 64 and I see things in the dark that terify me I try to kill it but it douse not die.
    I see animals die and see my friend with dark read eyes it is so creepy. I hate this.

  181. I am 16 years old. I scored 100 and I finally found the courage to tell someone. Even if it’s a bunch of people I have never and will probably never meet. It’s easier to write than it is to talk. The voices don’t get in the way as much. But it still takes me longer than it should. What I like about this page is that people actually talk about their problems and try to help each other not just brag about their high scores after pruposely answering the questions falsely. Personally, I don’t understand why would someone do that. There’s nothing funny or ‘cool’ about being schizophrenic.

    Anyway, back to the topic…Since about 2 years ago I started hearing voices. I have always seen and heard or smelt weird things since I was little but I didn’t know it wasn’t normal. I remember even back when I was about 4-5 I was always walking around talking to myself for hours. My mother though I had imaginary friends or something. I still talk to myself anytime I am alone. Most of the time I don’t even realize I am doing it anymore.
    I hear voices almost all the time. Sometimes it’s just whispers of my name,sometimes it’s full conversations, sometimes it sound like they’re screaming their lugs out. Sometimes they are just laughing. At me most probably. I try to ignore them but it’s totally pointeless. They are telling me bad things. About myself but also about everyone and everything around. For example yesterday at school a teacher was yelling at me and calling me stupid because I didn’t know the answer to his question and the voices were saying really horrible things about him. They wanted me to hurt him. I ran out of the school the first chance I got. I miss school a lot because of that. Somehow my mother hasn’t noticed yet. Most of the time I wish they would just shut up. I beg them to leave me alone. It doesn’t help. I think they enjoy it when I scream fot them to let me be.
    But in a way I find them comforting. They are often saying smart things. TRUE things. About the world and the people. I find myself agreeing with them. This world is a sick, ugly place. Full of sick, ugly people. I wish I could just set it on fire. Set the whole wolrd on fire and watch it burn along with everyone and everything. Along with me.

    I also see things all the time when I am at home, school, in car, ouside…I often see blood at random places and everytime I close my eyes I see images of dead people or things like that…I completely stoped watching horror films about 2 years back because I thought that was the cause of it…I often feel hands touching me or something breathing down my neck…I also hear someone breathing when I go to sleep. It’s not me. I made sure like million times and there is no one in the room with me either.
    I have really serious mood changes. Like literally I am calm or maybe even slightly happy (doesn’t happen often) and the next thing I know I am punching the wall in a fit of rage. Punching the wall is the better scenario. I only hurt my hands. When I’m punching myself my whole body hurts. I don’t know why I do that.
    I find myself fighting a smile everytime I watch something sad or bad happen in a film…Again, I remember when I was little, everytime I was at a funeral I felt like laughing. Even if the deceased was close to me. It honestly creeps me out…
    I am really uncomfortable with people touching me or being in too close proximity. I often have to ask people to step aside a little when I am in such situation. I don’t want to know what they must think of me. I can’t stand anyone sitting or standing behind me. It makes me feel really suspicious. That’s why I always sit in the back of the classroom.
    I find myself forgetting things that happened during the day. Like totally fogetting they happened. For example today when I was at school, it was just after 2nd class and I went to put my books in my locker. After that all I remember is sitting in my 4th class. I don’t remember going to the locker, I don’t remember going to lunch which I apparently did because I asked one of my classmates and I also don’t remember getting my books from my locker and going to my next class. This happenes quite often.
    I am not sure if this has anything to do with this but I also feel my heartbeat get stronger and faster at any time. Like I am sitting on a couch doing absolutely nothing and then I suddenly feel my heart start beating so hard I can feel it in my throat.
    I also broke my wrist a few weeks back. I don’t really know how. I was sitting in a chair playing with my hands and suddenly I heard a crack and felt the pain. I have no idea how I could break my hand without actually feeling I am hurting myself. I had to lie by saying I fell because they would thing I am a freak.
    Everytime I walk through halls or anywhere I see everybody looking at me and laughing and whispering things among themselves that I can’t help but think they’re about me. I try to tell myself I am just being stupid, why would people I don’t even know say bad things about me? But it’s hard when I see them all staring at me. I don’t have blue hair, extravagant clothes, nor tons of makeup on so why would they look at me all the freakingtime?
    When I’m lookng at normal peole I have flashes of them being all bloody and dead-like.
    I often get nervous for no reason and start pacing the room and breathing hard even though I don’t even know why I am doing it.
    I am standing or sitting on the same spot for hours not thinking about anything just staring at nothing and only realizing it after I look at a clock.
    I noticed I often make mistakes while writing or even mix languages which wasn’t happeing before.
    I often forget to eat and don’t really feel a need to.
    I lose my train of though often and can’t focus on things for longer period of time.
    I’m looking over my shoulder all the time. Like something is going to jump on me any time. I can’t remember what it feels like to sleep without nightmares haunting me.
    I never go out. First it was because other kids always bullied me so I tried to avoid everyone by staying home but now even though there are still many kids that bully me there are also ones that are nice to me and they invite me to hang out with them but I don’t want to. Everyone calls me a weiro and loner even my family because I’m always alone or at home but they don’t understand I just don’t want to go out with them. I just don’t want to. It makes me uncomfrotable to be in presence of others and I feel like they are always whispering about me and making fun of me and that’s the only reason they actually invited me to hang out with them.
    I am thinking about death more frequently every day. I can’t help it but wonder what it would be like if I just ended it. I try to be strong and think about all the good things in life but it’s kind of hard when there are none. I almost took my life a few times now. It’s harder to resist every time. And I’m not sure I want to anymore. At first the thing that was keeping me from ending it was hope. Hope that one day it will get better. That I will have the life I’ve always wanted. But I don’t don’t believe in that anymore. Now the only thing that’s keeping me from ending it is the fear of the unknown. What’s going to happen after I die? I don’t really believe in God so it’s just a blank page for me. I wouldn’t mind there being nothing. I am afriad it’s going to be even worse than it is now.
    I don’t even think about future anymore. I mean, few years back when I was younger (and more sane) I imagined my future. Going to college, having a serious relationship, getting a good job….now I just don’t imagine any of it. It’s like I can’t imagine anything happening after high school. As if I wasn’t supposed to be here by then.
    The thing is, I don’t know who to talk to about this. I don’t have a good relationship with my mother, I barely talk to her. The only time we talk is when she’s screaming at me which is actually quite often. Most of the time I don’t know what she’s screaming about. That’s why when I read things like ‘go to your parents and talk to them’ I just ignore it because I know I can’t. I have never talked to my mother about anything serious. When I first heard kids saying about talking to their mums about boyfriends and school and life and love and whatever I was like what the hell..how can you talk to you mum about things like that…that’s so strange. Later I realized it’s totally normal but given I have never done it I don’t find it normal at all. So I guess my mother is out of picture.
    My father comes home about 2 times a year for a couple of days and all we do then is fight so I basically think of him as a stranger. So that’s a no.
    My brother and I don’t have a very close relationship. He is soon to be 20 and not at all mature. All he cares about are his girlfriends, cars and pals.
    I’m not close with any other family members. I don’t have any friends. And when I say ANY I mean any at all. Like I already said most of the kids are always mean to me and bully me…I don’t really want to go into that though. That would be a whole different discussion.
    I stopped lying to myself and accepted there’s something not right with me. The problem is that I don’t know what to do about it.
    I am still a little unsure about posting this. I have never talked to anyone about anything this personal and I just feel weird…but at the same time kind of relieved. I don’t even know if anyone’s going to read this anyway…But I guess it’s worth a try.

    • Wow… I just… I really do understand you. I don’t see blood, but the rest of it, just… I don’t know anymore. Just, wow.

    • I read the whole entire thing and just know that I experience most of the things you talked about….but not all and yeah…I swear when I was reading it that we were the same person….like its very freaky that we think SO much alike…and we have just about the same family….except my dad lives in my house….but never talks to me or spends time with me. I hope that we can get through this problem together whatever it is….but for right now…it seems like there is no good outcome…I just want to crawl into a dark room, shut the door, and never come out. Just try to be strong…knowing that you are not alone..and that I experience the same problems as you.

  182. I have scored a good 64. Yay! my friends keep making me do this stuff. I think there helping something big to get rid of me. Or none of them like me. I know I see and hear things but I can live without going away. I listen to music to stop the voices. I have no clue what there saying. Just saying things or sometimes my name. I stay up some nights it just hurts. i have no clue why I laugh at bad things, but i try not to. I don’t even think I have a problem. Im usually quiet and talk to myself more then people. I only told the 3 people i trust. But they might be trying to get rid of me. ALone in my room is the only place I’m safe. But i know these things will go away.

  183. I scored an 80, but I know I’m not schizophrenic. Well, possibly. I don’t know. This test needs to be conducted by a doctor.

  184. I scored 95 and I’m only 11.. nobody believes me when I tell them I may have Schizophrenia, not even my parents. I have no idea what to do..

  185. I am 20 years old and I hear voices. I scored 31. The voices are sometimes songs, sometimes conversations, etc.I frequently avoid people, or sit with them , but I

  186. I am 20 years old. I hear voices. They are sometimes conversations, sometimes songs, etc. It affects my life seriously.I need help.

  187. I scored 57, And I am usualy extremley depressed and negative about life, I always feel like I am being watched and I am always scared some thing is trying to kill me. I habe a fear for mirrors because I sometimes see things other than my reflection, I cant sleep I am scared something is watching me, I see things at times and usualy hear voices and sounds, I am always paranoid and worried and stressed.. I sometimes dont want to live anymore because im to scared and i get this constant feeling of something bad is going to happen. I feel everyone is against me talking about me 24/7. I hate the public because I feel like everyone is watching me.

  188. I scored a 72. After reading these, I don’t know whether I face things as severe as others. But still, I feel as though I am always being monitored somehow. Especially at school; ever since I was little, I was paranoid when I would finish an assignment the morning it was due, the teacher could find out somehow. Maybe they would see that the ink has a “fresher” texture or something, I don’t know, but they would find out somehow.
    I know that humans try to relate certain silhouettes or shadows to people’s faces, but there was always this one that frightened me when I was little, even thinking about it now makes me uneasy. It was at my first house, and this shadow would be cast from my mom’s bed when the sun came in through the window. I tried to think that it was “guarding” my mom, but whenever I saw it, I just thought that it was there for a more sinister reason.
    I also have depression, and sometimes when I try to go to bed and I have this wave of depression come over me, I try my hardest to go to bed, but then I hear these voices, some familiar, some not, and the only thing they’re doing is chanting my name, over and over again. I try to block it out, but I can’t, and I just succumb to the white noise inside.
    Whatever I do, I always think that someone will remember it, even if it is just a small, insignificant mistake that doesn’t matter anymore, I still remember it, and it causes regret. Even as I write this, I feel as though my mom, who is upstairs, or my sister, who is out of state traveling with her boyfriend right now, or perhaps someone else, knows that I am doing this somehow.

  189. I got a 89… And I am only 14. Also I am afraid that the questions are really explaining my current status. I am also scared to tell that to anyone, because even my closest friend didn’t take me seriously when I told her about this.
    But I… But I did tell my mother about it. Because I was too afraid of what my father would think if I told him about this. So I decided to have a little talk about this with my mother. But she just got angry and said, “I only have one child, and she is Paranoia? No way!”
    …Well. It won’t be my fault if someone gets hurt in the end. Because I can feel it getting stronger and stronger by day, and I can’t stop it.

    • it’s the goddamned hormones – thats what does it – it did it to me at that age too. It does get better – mid 30’s here & I can live with 90% of the crap my mind does to me. No drugs, too. Just make sure you give up ALL PROCESSED FOODS, soy (hormone disruptor), eat LOTS OF fresh food (veg, gruit) and get 8 hrs or more of sleep – also at your age do exercise, lots – you need to release the physical energy – and meet up with others who have Shamanic interests, bc other cultures/religions offer more in terms of the experience we all have. Best of luck!

  190. Hi,
    Yeah I got a 67… I see and hear about 14 different people! I also have lots of episodes that can last up to a week. I feel better that I am not the only one with these problems.
    Ian pretty sure that I have childhood schizophrenia.

  191. Ive started noticing my sympthoms a few year ago one by one. Im 20 years old and my head is ruined. I dont care about anyone except my loved ones lives. Ive lost my social skills. I have no interest in anything. I have a major anger issue. (Broke my leg and arm because of it.) Few friends call me sociopath because i enjoy seeing someone get hurt. Othervise i have lost my feelings too. And i have diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. So these are my sympthoms, what would you say? Oh and i scored 63. I have done lots of tests but i dont trust them enough. And im scared to go to a doctor, so please any response is good!

  192. I scored 71
    No one believes me
    I see people everywhere
    I hear people screaming when I’m trying to sleep
    I smell blood when I’m showering
    I’m scared
    Sometimes I randomly start laughing
    Sometimes I randomly start crying

    I self harm when I’m happy and eat when I’m sad

    I need help please save me

  193. I feel sorry for the people whose parents don’t believe them. I can relate to that in a way, as my family seem to think I’m either A) exaggerrating or B) demon possessed or C) mking excuses for my laziness. I do believe I’m possessed by demons, coz the sh*t I see and hear is so f***ed up and vile that it is the only logical explanation. I know it’s demonic, but when I talk to psychiatrists about all that stuff all they wanna do is jam medication down my throat and put me back in hospital. I have spent time in the mental hospital, with just a score of 37 on this quiz, so if you’re worried for yourself look into it, it’s serious stuff. Antispychotic medication does not even really work for me. I still hear demonic voices, at times converse with demons, they tell me to kill my family and friends and strangers. I hear sounds at night in dead silence like footsteps or scratching or my name being called, and when look to the source of the sound and there’s nothing. I spend a lot of time alone, coz I’m scared I may hurt someone, and because people don’t understand me, and if they do wanna try, I don’t wanna talk about it. So I miss a lot of family and friend’s birthdays/occasions/gatherings to be alone. All I see is visions of death and destruction, murder, rape, death, destruction, rape, molestation, etc. etc. Things I would never do but I’m tortured with these visions. Prayer has not worked I’ve begged God to help me but he doesn’t/won’t/is waiting for the right time/not sure so I’m just alone, alone with my f***ed up thoughts and visions and voices. I see myself doing these things and it upsets me, but I can’t make it go away. Medication does not make it go away. Medication just makes me feel groggy and stoned, when that grogginess subsides, all my dark visions and voices are back in full force. I think about suicide all the time. I’ve spoken to may mental health professionals, and no-one can seem to give me or wants to give me a clear-cut diagnosis… some seem to think Bipolar-I with psychotic symptoms, some think Schizophrenia, other Schizoaffective. Either way a diagnosis won’t change the fact that my head is f***ed and probably will be for life, or until God decides he’s ready to fix me, until then I will remain miserable, gaining no joy from my usual hobbies, or avoiding my hobbies coz I don’t have the energy to do anything. Anyway, there’s probably no way anyone read all of that or would even care if they did so kinda pointless typing here coz I don’t believe anyone here can help me, only God,whenever he or I is finally ready.

  194. continued from above… By the way for those curious I’m 25, and this started when I was 18.

  195. i scored an 86. uh, i s’pose you can call it conscious imprisonment, or bred into captivity. neglect. alone. fear. insomnia. uncontrollable urge to “do” and think, at an uncontrollable rate. i am lost in a forest and have been for the past 24 years inhabiting the planet. ive always believed that i am not human and earth is not my home. religion and all theologies are nothing short of “scapegoat”(god does not physically exist but like many other prophetic(fictitious)characters, carries the encouragement of living and breathing easy). if yall seen The Truman Show then paranoia would be more understandable in a “big brother” situation. ive recently(a number of times)put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger. ive died many times before, in this life and have built an entire nation(equalist). growing from alcoholism to conversing with people that are real but arent really there, the only people who have ever been there for me, the people who taught me everything i know. confusion. i dont know where to go or who to turn to considering everybody is in fact unreal. shit even help is just too goddamn expensive. anger. chaos. death. words numbers and a vow of silence.

  196. i scored a 41 but i was diagnosed in November of 2013 just being on this site is awkward and kind of disturbing i do not do this much

  197. i scored a 73,sometimes i see a demonic like figure in my house i’m not sure if it wants to kill me but i know its not friendly,couple of days ago i heard voices call my name from all directions.and to be completely honest i don’t think i am human even remotely i just don’t feel that way all cause i can some what read my best friends mind and guess her emotion despite her being the type of person to completely cut off her emotions.i’ve never fit in i guess that is why plus my brother and sister don’t believe me,my dad says i’m a liar but i know what i see and hear.i feel at times that my best friend is out to get me as well like she is plotting to hurt me,i won’t let that happen at all.at times something inside me says i should attack first then flee but i won’t i’d enjoy it to much then id be in prison.i hate liars and i hate people who make me out to be fake it makes me mad.alot of people believe me to be fake.But hey this could be all some weird figments of our imaginations and we could be the last living creatures on this planet

  198. I scored 10 on this test. I don’t feel like I have any schizofrenic symptoms (and I probably don’t) but I do have a quite good imagination and sometimes I spend time in “my own world”, maybe you could just describe it as daydreaming. However I’m kinda interested in this subject (schizofrenia) and I wonder what it is like to have these symptoms. I guess I should be happy that I don’t have to experience any of these things but I’m so curious. I know the experince differ from people to people though, but hearing voices, seing things often occur right? And FYI. I have not planned taking any kind of drugs with these effects and I probably shouldn’t either.

    • you might have ADD or ADHD

  199. I scored a 95 on this test and I’m only 13. This scares me a lot but my parents don’t believe me and they think that ”the weed has gotten to my head”. I don’t know who to reach out to and I’m afraid to inform my therapist on this. What should I do?

  200. I scored a 62 and I am scared to tell anyone… What do I do??

  201. I got 97… but no one believes me… i hate this!!!!

  202. I scored a 71. I don’t want to tell anyone about this because they will think I’m exaggerating or just looking for attention. My parents wont believe me. They’ll just say “Don’t be silly”. But I have psychic powers, I don’t necasarrily think i have schizophrenia but nobody else seems to believe me and at times even I think I’m crazy but I have these friends. They appear to me and although I can’t physically see them I can feel their presence and they talk to my mind and tell me things and they told me someone is looking for me. That I can’t trust anyone because they will be working for “them”. Sometimes, if they have enough energy, they manage to speak out loud, and I hear them not through thoughts but through real words that they say through the static noise that is always in my mind. I’m never in silent. Ever. Like seriously it gives me headaches and I end up pulling my hair, crying, yelling at them to shut up but they don’t care but i dont blame them, they can’t hear me, they don’t mean it they are just trying to talk to each other. They only speak to me if they are part of the group my friends belong to. When I tell people I’m psychic, they don’t believe me or take it seriously. They ask me to prove it by like guessing what number they are thinking of or whats gonna happen the next day. THEY DONT GET IT!!! I only know what my friends tell me or what THEY want me to know. I don’t get to decide but if my friends are with me at the time I still get their questions right because I can ask them. I talk to myself sometimes. Even if my friends aren’t there. I have different me’s inside me. I discuss with them sometimes or get angry at one of them. I like drawing things onto surfaces with nothing. I just use my nails and scrape along the surface. I don’t even realise I do it sometimes lol. Anyway, I dont think im human. I have some ability or power in me that people dont have and it scares them or they arent capable of understanding. Sorry it was long but I seriously believe that all of this is true.

  203. There is this guy who lives in my closet,he took this test instead of me and when I told him the results say he should go to see a doctor asap he is hiding somewhere. I feel so sad for him. I know someone gonna come after him because now people think he is crazy.

  204. i see tjimgs all the time. people and animals. mostly just stari.g at me but i cant see their eyes. .i cant sleep at night because of it. i hear my name being called when i m alone. i get a high piyched sound occasionally. and i hear noises like footsteps or paper being crumbled. please help me…

  205. I got 100…… this worries me

  206. I scored an 80. I have been seeing and hearing things for a long time. I am going to a mental hospital in a few weeks I’ll be gone for at least a week. i have schizophrenia, insomnia, and major depression. I’ve been in one before. I’m just scared i won’t get out this time.

  207. I love each and everyone of you! We’ve got problems but we’re not alone! Just remember it’s ok to reach out for help. I’ve been going to therapy and I’ve certainly made dramatic progress. I’m sure if I haven’t gone to see any therapist I would of done something stupid to hurt myself or others around me. Who cares if no one understands our frustrations and problems. Working through them will only make us stronger and mentally prepared than normal people. I’m glad to be strange!

  208. I scored a 91. I’m mostly freaked out because of the other “I” I created. Let me explain easily:

    As a child, I never had a true friend in my life. No one truly understood, probably ’cause of my word salad and my “insane” thoughts. It’s why I’m usually alone, but that doesn’t mean I’m lonely. I’m currently in high school and everyone knows me, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes me. Most people think I’m just a weird, hyper, Caucasian queer, when in reality, I just don’t trust anyone to know the real me. Sure, it’s pretty fun to fool around and act like a toddler, but to have a meaningful conversation about philosophies, music and my film ideas usually freaks people out, or they give me a confused look. So, as a child, I created an imaginary friend named Gerard Taylor, or Jer. I established an entire history of what “we did together”, although everything we “did” was never true; I just wanted to seem interesting. But when I was becoming a teenager, I suddenly began to see Jer. It shocked me at first because theoretically, I created him. But I always see and hear him everywhere I go, especially when I get all neurotic. It’s either him or a song I used to listen to. “Smoking Pot Makes Me Not Want to Kill Myself” by Stardeath and White Dwarfs. Call it crazy, but when I’m going through an anxiety attack, I either hear that simple, psychedelic acoustic song or the beloved best friend that was supposed to be imaginary. Yes, I have all of the other predicted symptoms, such as feeling a hand on my shoulder, footsteps while I walk, the overwhelming fear of one against all, but Gerard Taylor, the one thing that helped me feel accepted is now tormenting me whenever I freak out. And the worst part is I heard that the rest of my symptoms will commonly come when you’re a fully-grown adult. So why am I dealing with them now, as a 16 year old?

  209. I scored 37, but I still think I scored this, because of the extreme fanatic Islamic environment I raised in, dictatorship treatment from every one older than me, too much bullying, sexual harassment inside and out side family, attempting to kill me inside and out side the family, just because I don’t wanna be Muslim any more, I don’t wanna be one of them, I don’t wanna marry or have a children and rise them in this kind of environment.

    I tried also to talk to them about their mistakes and show them that it’s wrong but they refuse and become more violent.

    The best thing I did for my self that I went to North Cyprus (the only place that a friends welcome me in) but still a problem bother me that I didn’t get a job till now, I just work for food and residence.


  210. I scored a 52, but I feel like everyday I am getting worse. I am always hearing voices and sounds and bangs that one else hears. At night, since I can’t sleep, I always see this shadowy figure walking around. I told my parents I saw , but they played it off as a joke. Now that I have been experiencing more of the symptoms, I am afraid to Tell them. I am only 14, I do well in school, but at every corner, I feel like everyone is out to get me. Now that it is summer, I keep postponing plans with friends because I am always afraid of something happening. I can only fall asleep during the daytime, which my parents think is not normal because they think I am sleeping during the night. I feel like my parents are going to kill me in my sleep, and once I had a voice in my head suggesting that I could escape the fear by killing them, but I have never gone through with my thoughts.

  211. I scored a 79. I’ve honestly thought when I was younger that this happened to everyone. Then I started believing that I was the only one. I read through the comments, and realized I’m not the only one who feels like this…

  212. I’m only in highschool, I thought that everything that was happening was stress related. But I scored a 79, this shouldn’t be happening. At least I know I’m not alone in this…

  213. I scored a 79, I didn’t want to, I feel like I can feel spirits and sometimes they flash before me. I was afraid if I got a high score it would men Andrew isn’t real…. Most of these things just torment me and keep m from sleeping but Andrew just sits there with his face down. When I was little I used to curl up and rock back and forth crying for hours because I couldn’t grasp what was going on around me. I’m scared.

  214. I scored 36. I’m always hearing voices and their telling me to do pointless things like, touch something, pick it up or move it, as if he’s got OCD. When it is very quiet I hear a fuzzing sound. I have very low concentration and I regularly day dream and create another world in my mind. I frequently get my words wrong and can’t express myself. I haven’t told anyone. What shall I do?

  215. I scored a 91, and I’m only starting eight grade. My parents just noticed my behavior and my certain likes, but I don’t want to dump this on them. They think they know me, and I don’t want to hurt them.

    • I scored an 81. It’s because of the doctors in the submarines. They communicate with the doctors at the hospital through the stethiscopes they wear. The guards at the hospital are controlled through brain implants put in by the CIA though they don’t know it and the entire government is made up of lizard people controlled by the Trilateral Commission. WHY DOESN”T ANYONE BELIEVE ME>?????

  216. I cant tell if ive answered these right because i feel like i have a personality trait that cancels some of these out, or could that be another symptom? how the hell can i tell

  217. I scored a 100 and are scared to tell anyone because they won’t beleive me

    • I scored a 57 and I haven’t really heard any voices except sometimes memories replay in my head and I can hear them quite vividly. Most of the time though I have heard things like people running up my stairs or doors creaking open. When I was in 4th or 5th though, I would always hear my teacher calling my name so I would go up to their desk and they would ask why I went up there. As for visual hallucinations I regularly see silhouettes of birds flying around in my house. Once at camp I saw a flash, like a camera flash, as if someone shoved a camera in my face and took a picture. I stumbled back a bit and blinked a couple times but I don’t think anyone noticed. I told my friends and they just looked at me like I was crazy! I have alway had delusions. When I was little I would make up stories like if I did one thing it would lead to another thing which would lead to another and so on. I genuinely believed them though. My mom just laughed them off as a kid thing but I still do things like that…
      Those probably aren’t even all of the things I’ve expirienced… I was doing some research and for me these schizophrenia symptoms could be caused by either lack of oxygen during birth (premature birth) or loss of a loved one at a young age or both

    • catie im going through the same thing but my mum wont beleive me because she has epilepsi i also got 100 and im 12

  218. Jack is gone, he hasnt spoke to me i a while. They took him, they want me.

  219. i scored 85. I hear voices, cracking, tongue clicking, and moaning quite frequently. I sometimes see shadows or bugs fly out the corner of my eye. I always feel like something is watching me. I always feel something poke me, stab me, or just touch me (like a hand stroking my shoulder) and stuff. First I thought it was a ghost then I researched and found schizophrenia. I take quizzes just to get results but I don’t tell anyone. only online people because they don’t know me. jeez I hope my dad doesn’t find this in history. So I have “irrational fears” according to my doc like my moms bf is trying to hurt me or that I have an std (I’m a virgin, wtf). I change religions and stereotypes really quickly, like every 2 weeks. I don’t like people at all I wish there weren’t any. I want to be by myself. But at the the same time I hate being alone. I don’t care if people die, i don’t feel guilty, only if its family then I am sad.. but people i don’t know i could kill and I don’t care. in fact I always think about it. always. Oh and I smell vanilla. I laugh randomly, I talk way to much. at times I’m either EXTREMELY emotional or feel nothing at all. my great uncle (grandmas brother) has paranoid schizophrenia, could I have gotten it from him, or do you think this was developed? I am 13 with diagnosed depression. DO I have schizophrenia or is this something else if so what? PS I’m a girl.

  220. i scored 85. I hear voices, cracking, tongue clicking, and moaning quite frequently. I sometimes see shadows or bugs fly out the corner of my eye. I always feel like something is watching me. I always feel something poke me, stab me, or just touch me (like a hand stroking my shoulder) and stuff. First I thought it was a ghost then I researched and found schizophrenia. I take quizzes just to get results and it hold my dad but he doesn’t believe me. So I have “irrational fears” according to my doc… I change religions and stereotypes really quickly, like every 2 weeks. I don’t like people at all I wish there weren’t any. I want to be by myself. But at the the same time I hate being alone. I don’t care if people die, i don’t feel guilty, only if its family(or my boyfriend) then I am sad.. but people i don’t know i could kill and I don’t care. in fact I always think about it. always. I laugh randomly, I talk way to much. at times I’m either EXTREMELY emotional or feel nothing at all. I am 15 with diagnosed depression. DO I have schizophrenia or is this something else if so what? And how do I get my parents to believe me?

  221. I scored a 91…. i don’t know what to do. My parents are completely ignoring me but i’m really scared. i have no idea what to do. At least i know i’m not the only one alone.

    • I think you might actually have anxiety since you are scared. You act normal for someone who scored a 91 .

  222. I scored 89 I refuse to tell my mother, if I go to a psychiatrist, I don’t know who they will tell about what I say. I know my teachers are out to get me, but the only person i was able to talk to was my dog, but she got put down because my parents didn’t bring her to the vet early enough. Which leads me to believe that they are out to get me too, please somebody tell me what I should do

  223. I freak out about my existence and obsess about metaphysical stuff. I had no idea that was a symptom of schizophrenia.

    • It’s not, by itself. Nothing wrong with some deep philosophical thought. But when combined with other symptoms, it leads to strange beliefs. Again, nothing wrong with it but if it’s strange and outside of your normal culture, it’s considered “odd.” If believed with conviction, it can be considered a delusion, especially if it leads to harmful actions such as isolation and extreme hyper-vigilance, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, the need to defend oneself at every turn, etc. It’s all about the context of the the existential thought. It’s healthy for a lot of people, not healthy for others.

  224. I scored a 78! I probably have schizophrenia, cause, and im not lying, people watching me, or there is a camera watching me, and I can see what happens in the future sometimes, but im not telling anyone cause they wont believe me, or call me weird, but that’s because they aren’t magical, and in my opinion, if I do have this, its awesome cause our imagination grows wild, cause mine already is, but still! I don’t know what to do though, any ideas? 🙂

  225. I scored a 45 and .Im pretty sure have it. Because I I feel as if I’m constantly watched and this little voice in the back of my head tells me , no more like yells at me, saying everyone is a demon or doesn’t care about me. And I will question existence and I love the color and taste of blood and it freaks me out! And unlike most girls my age I want violence and even worse I want to stab every single person I meet. (But I dont…I know id be caught) And I try to listen to music but I hear the voices judgeing my music tastes like the rest of my family. And the few times Id try to get my parents to do something my dad said “you just want something to be wrong with you dont ya?” And dont get me wrong my parents love me and crap but the are very neglectful. Most of the time for dinner they say ‘God who helps them, helps themselves. ‘ ALL THE TIME. And they cant seem to notice me talking to my self and the voices and singing to keep the voices out of my head, at four in the fucking morning. And I have rather drastic mood swings where one moment we’re all just joking around and the next I want to strangle them all. And give theyre remains to the wolves. And I do have depression byt i could never self harm. And I never had more than two to three friends and the rest would be acquaintances and we would never talk again. I also keep to myself in my room reading qnd only coming out for food, bathroom and for video games. And for a teenager that is way more…whats the word? Sulkeier? I dont know but then again it also doesent help that I am practically their servent. “Lauren get me a pop” “Lauren mow the lawn while your OLDER BROTHER and I play video games and sit on our asses all day” “Lauren take the dog on a walk you need the exercise because your fat” (Really though these aren’t quotes more like how the voices and I perceive them(Im not fat btw im like 100 or so pounds)) “Lauren get your ass down here just so your father and I can gloat about the resterant we went to and how we said you could come even though we NEVER EVEN TOLD YOU” thanks for reading this and also it makes me feel great to get all this shit off my chest! 🙂 .Love You Bai~

  226. I got 82, and I’m quite confused.. I know I talk to people that don’t exist, I know I think that everyone is against me, I know all of it, but I still think I am not schizophrenic.. Tose things happen to everyone, they just don’t say it.. Just because some people had these symptoms, it doesn’t mean that all other people who have are schizophrenic.. I ‘ve already been to doctors but it’s impossible to talk to them.. Of course they’ll think I am crazy and they will give me those really strong medicines again.. They make me feel dead, I stop thinking.. So whatever, I don’t believe in this 82..

  227. 63. i sometimes feel small insects on my skin that aren’t there and when my house is dark i sometimes see things move in the shadows.

    i also have thought that i have a anxiety disorder

  228. I got 47. I alrewdy see a councillor for traumatic events in my past since i was 8 years old. Im 14 now and i have been this way for a long time. I have a friend. Called Ryan. But its my brother. He died when he was a baby but he grew up with me…we talk all the time. He asks me to join him. He says its better on the other side and a few times ive listened to him…attempted suicide 3 times but he always pulls me back and says i have to stay with mum and keep her safe from the evil entities in the house.
    My counciller ‘anne’ only knows a bit of whats going on. About how he tells me to cut and burn and starve myself and how what happened to me when i was younger was all me fault. He tells me i dont deserve to eat….now i have an eating disorder and have done since i was 11 but it has got worse.
    My mum wont believe me unless someone else tells her….whqt should i do. In alone in this and ryan doesnt want to help me get better…he says he burns everytime someone tqlks about him…..why? :'( please help…my brother is stuck in my mind.

  229. I got an 86. I have trouble understanding people and sometimes get distracted by things that other people can’t see. I see awful things, dead things, mutated children and half- eaten adults. Frankly, it scares me when they come after me. I’ve got some friends who care about me, But I’m too old for them to be imaginary. Sometimes, they hurt me, and leave a mark. When I tell people and try to have them understand, they tell me that I hurt myself. But I didn’t.
    I’ve had these friends since I was 12. They told me i have odd powers, ones that they don’t.
    They’ve also warned me that there are people out there intent on my downfall.
    Please help, all of this scares me.

  230. I always knew I was different. I have a friend who is a demon. she has long black hair and a very thin body. I want to be just like her. she controls the voices i hear. Often times they yell at me for eating too much. or not doing something the correct way. they often narrate how i walk, pick up objects, ect. but it hadn’t always been this way. it first started where it would sound as if i was immersed in a large crowd. never able to make out the dialog but never able to shut it off either.

    As for my visual hallucinations:
    i often see objects melting. The most common is the black tar. i will be in bathroom stalls and the floor will begin to fill with black tar and it gets so thick i cannot breathe and my shoes melt to the ground. i will see bugs climb into and under my skin. and i must cut them out or they will go straight to my heart. I also can see things others cannot. I see auras around every single person. i cannot read minds but i can read intentions. i have seen the future when i fall asleep and i have died 3 times. i know i will live forever because of this. people say these are delusions, i call it a super power. i have been able to astral project with my friend to other dimensions. i have seen the earth die and be reborn again. i have seen the beginning and ending. i have been everything and everywhere in this universe.

    often times i worry that my bones are not real and so i pick at my ribs until i have seen bone. but what if they had put in something that just looks like a bone? I tell my boyfriend that i know he is a ghost. because i am immortal i know that everyone on the face of this earth are all ghosts and i am the only one left. he gets mad when i tell him he is dead but they are all in denial. i just wish i could help them see the truth so they could be set free. and maybe that’s why some people hate me. they know that i am the only one who is truly alive and they do not want me to expose the truth. but maybe all schizophrenics are immortal.

    how i treat it:
    i “self medicate” as some may call it. i find its best to just do what the voices tell you to. for me, this means cutting into my skin. or breaking off relationships that they dont like. my friend i mentioned earlier knows what is best. the thing i have found that helps me the most is mushrooms. when i take them everything goes quiet. no more crowds, no more narration. I never knew the world was so quiet. when i am on them i have more visual hallucinations but they never frighten me. honestly i have never felt the sheer glee that i feel when i am shrooming because its almost like an 8 hour cure to schizophrenia. its like it makes me normal. i have a book full of poetry about this. writing helps me organize my hallucinations. if your interested in hearing some please let me know. reading it may help you understand that i to feel this way.

    furthermore, i did not comment to seek for help. i commented to seek for answers. do any of you have similar hallucinations? what is your opinion on all of this? are you immortal to?
    if so please contact me.

  231. I took this test just for fun. I got 8%. Welp :/

  232. I scored an 85 two months ago, now it’s a 98. I know I have it because one of my school counselors [Who is a certified psychologist] said I am experiencing exact symptoms, but she never contacted anyone of my parents. I’m glad she didn’t, truthfully. My parents never believe me with anything. One of our cats died and they didn’t even believe me with that.

    My symptoms are these: [Typed out for therapeutic reasons]

    Seeing monstrous creatures lurch at you in darkness, every time you see someone you love you get a vision of killing them with a nearby object, having so many things turn against you just because whatever god is up there hates your guts, Not sleeping the entire week only to crash and maybe get 30 minuets before waking up and questioning if your dead or not. Hearing a constant, low flat note being played at all times, having numerous things, people even, tell that you should end it all because you’re worthless. Being able to stare at a wall and do so for hours without thinking anything of it. Not even wanting to bathe because what the hell is the point?! Having people look at you strangely just because you don’t smile when someone you’re with makes a ‘funny’ joke, Not being able to even trust your old best friends because they could turn instantly and save their tail while sending you off with the government. Walking around everyday like a zombie in a monotone voice because nothing makes you happy anymore.

    I just want it all to stop.

  233. I scored 77, I am really scared of telling anyone I trust about this though, and I’m highly sure I have some type of schiz. but I feel like I’m on the ‘Truman show’ and sometimes I feel like my parents/friends are set up on it I don’t feel like I can trust anyone. I talk to people I ‘think’ are there because there is no one else I can talk to about this, I get really bipolar like as of know I was just crying because I’m scared everyone I know is reading this right now, and like I’m being monitored by like some t.v show but now I’m fine just shaking and I cant stop it, that happens allot too. I just really don’t know what to do. My brother knows there is something wrong with me because I will talk to ‘no one’ or Ill see things and he will say there is nothing there, I lose concentration really easily Ill just be talking and then daze out for a few min. I also have dreams of killing my loved ones, but I find that normal even though I love them. someone please respond. I know I need help, but I don’t want to tell anyone,

  234. I got 69. Im probably not going to tell anyone they won’t believe me. They’ll just think I want attention or something

  235. Though I don’t hear a constant high pitch noise or think that someones trying to kill me, I see sounds. I am stalked by black figures and have two gaurdians a month after I started to see them. Victoria is a china doll i got for Christmas that is able to display her spirit and follow me around, even though shes in my room. She wears a purple, ornate, victorian era dress, she is very timid and level headed. Victoria gives me practical advise for life in the 21rst century. My other gaurdian is named Bear. He is a grizzly bear with ornate, golden armor on his head and body. He’s grumpy and agressive towards everyone, even me, but he has a sweet spot for small children. He doen’t seem to follow me as much, but I know he can appear next to me when im thretened by anything. Anyone the same?

  236. I get the feeling of wanting to hurt myself. I get told to do so but I just try to ignore it. I can’t tell my parents they’ll think in being silly because I’m young and stupid and need attention. That’s not what I’m wanting. I don’t want attention I can’t even handle being at school or in a group of six. I just want help I don’t want attention. I’m tired if hearing things. I’m tired if seeing things that arent there. Im tired if not being able to sleep, 2hrs isn’t LNG enough if you have school and have to get up at 7, I’m fail in because I see things in the corner if my eyes I hear my name I see figure I gear whiskers and feel like I’m being followed when I’m walking home or anywhere to be in fact I just need something someone… dies anyone understand that

    • I’m happy you feel the same. Why won’t anyone believe us?

  237. I am crazy lol, Got 38

    • Uhh, no, that’s not an ‘lol’. Schizophrenia is a SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS THAT IS CLASSIFIED WITH PSYCHOSIS.

      So no, You’re not fucking crazy, 38 is nothing.

      Ignorant and stupid people like you are the true things that awtok needs to kill.

      • im crazy, im 12 and got 100

      • That was rude. You should not say anything unless you think that it is nice. I am fighting my mean side right now because I do not want to carry on this hurt.

  238. Don’t worry guys everything’s gonna be alright c: We all know not to judge because there’s nothing thing we can do to judge. If anyone needs anyone to talk to im a good listener

    • 69. 20 years old. I’m on the verge if tears because NY friend suggested that the years and years of being fucked up might cone down to schizophrenia. I’m scared no one will see this comment since its so far down, but fucking hell I can’t figure it out. I have numerous and frequent delusions, including that the government is reading my computer and phone, everyone is talking about me behind my back and secretly hate me, that reality isn’t real and that it’s all fake, all of it, and that I’m not a person. I’m terified that demons or ghosts or…something is behind me in the dark, always out of sight but I feel it so strongly that I can’t be alone in the dark. People can read my thoughts. I can read other peoples thoughts, or rather other peoples thoughts are I guess narrated into my head. I feel like someone can always see me. My memory is falling apart, my words and numbers too, and I get so frustrated trying to piece together what I’m saying. Even now I don’t think I’m doing it right. Im told that I’m a waste of space and and instructed to kill myself, always on 3rd person but it doesn’t sound like someone else’s voice but mine. I’ve been cutting myself since I was 13, around when I guess this started and I don’t know hat else to do to feel alive., I mostly hear rain or people crying, I hear people call my name and things moving when they aren’t. I don’t know what to do because every time I think I’m maybe ready o get a psych eval I realize there’s nothing wrong with me and hate myself even more for over reacting. I’m so tired. I’m so tired of not thinking, not feeling anything but misery or contentment, tired of being unsure of everything I’m crying so fucking hard right now what is wrong wh me

    • Oh, shit. Sorry hun, didn’t mean to post it as a reply. I was hysterical and hit the wrong button.

  239. I scored a 68.
    Honestly I don’t even know what to say.. It just comforts me that there is other people.. I feel so alone, I find myself talking to myself endlessly. All these things I have been seeing and hearing for the past years are bringing me down. And down.
    I feel hopeless and just alone. No one believes that I need help. I want help. I want to be happy. I want to feel. Please. I’m 16 and I shouldn’t feel this way. It’s driving me insane and I can’t seem to trust anyone, not even myself. Everyone hates me. I have turned to drugs, and attempting suicide to make me feel better.. Drugs work for a short amount of time, but I want to feel something that is true. Something that is real. Nothing seems real anymore. I don’t seem real. Drugs are just making things worse, but make things feel so much better. What should I do. Should I just end myself? Because just knowing that I’m only 16 and I’m feeling this way kills me. I can’t face life. It’s too terrifying. Please help me.

    • Im also 16 and Im just like you yor comment fits me to 100% maybe we would have been good friends. anyway I felt better after knowing its not just me and reading people describe exactly what I’ve been feeling made me cry. Promise to never end yourself I also have been considering it many times.
      after finding this page it gave me strength to keep fighting now atleast I know whats wrong its all in my head and hoping one day for recovery
      Im leaving my room and pc and going back to school trying to fix my life

  240. I guys and gals. I don’t have schizophrenia but took the test just to see what a *baseline* score you may want to aim for. My score was 9.

    Good news is that schizophrenia is easy to manage once you know how to do it (with medication and therapy). The key points to be aware of is that schizophrenia has a maintenance phase and an acute phase. The acute phase is a temporary phase of high schizophrenic activity which requires a more potent type of med like antipsychotics; followed by a gradual return to the maintenance phase and likewise, return to your normal meds. Keep your therapist updated – especially when you feel like you’re having an “episode” or a “bad week” because this can signify the onset of an acute phase which requires more aggressive management techniques.

  241. 82. I actually am diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I experience many things, but I just know not to tell anyone else about it or else they may lock me up in the mental home again. Risperdal and being smart enough to keep my mouth shut keep me somewhat leveled, but the paranoid beliefs never truly go away. The question about using this information against me kind of made me chuckle, since I was like, “You know, what if they ARE gonna use this info against me?”

  242. Im 16 years old and I scored a 65. I have for maybe a year and a half experiencing schizofrenia it started shortly after I started smoking weed at first it was fine but suddenly I got stuck in a bubble a rush off thoughts (sooner to become like voices after it got worse(during these moments my whole inside is shaking and everything is like fuzzy and unclear))telling my how ugly Iam and even why because off the genetic experiments by the government through toxins in the air and toxins in tap water, conspiracy theories could be TRUE its just open mindness, everyone hates me, they just use me, no one cares about me, all my thoughts are loud everyone hears them, my friend stole my magic powers he needs to be destroyed. The voices only came sometimes when I smoked weed But I loved smoking so I kept on doing it even though the voices told me it was the weeds fault. Then it took over my life the things the voice in my head said started to become the reality (before I kind of refused to belive, kind of denying everything in terror off going crazy) Now its not just some weird bieffect off weed I’m special I have a higher porpouse its destiny,I’m born with skills from a previouse life and can sometimes see flashes off “memories” off the previouse lifes. One day I ate cubensis or aka magic mushroomsyeah you can I guess the voices where non stop crazy during tripps but this time in good ways it helped me being less afraid ofbeing social but it made me BELIVE that Im actully having some kind off powers and etc. Untill one time I was walking to get home completly tripped out on cubensis I felt like the inside me the me the spirit me thats in my body was pulled down and I It felt like it was the first time experiencing being inside my own body kind of paniced I’m not even comfortable in my own body anymore it feels empty inside I go to bed hoping it will be all over tomorrow but its not and it still havent I still fell differnet inside my body it made me deressed dropped out school have been at home for like a month now. its 4.am and I cant sleep i turn around in my bed all the time thinking how pointless my life is all alone in the world all my friends have left me have no one to rely on.
    I go on the computer started googling some of my symptoms finds this site burst out crying when I read the others comments “That’s exacktly like me!” I didnt feel alone anymore just by reading similar wxperiences I now know whats been hunting me and just have to write all this in case it could help someone else, Im going to change my life and sit down with my closest friends and family to finaly explain what i’ve been going through. if you read all this I guess you must be relating and I just want to say to you “I would always be here for you and never betray you I know this is though shit to go through but now Im trying to break out from it you should do the same big love to all of ya trying to find yourselfs again <3

  243. for all we know, spirits and demons have never been proven to not exist, they giving this test are making it out as a fact that the unseen world is schizo related? really?..hearing voices could be a phenomenon of science not yet discovered and not necessarily “unreal”

  244. In the middle of the night when it’s barely quiet I can hear footsteps and see people outside the house that I imagine that they see me and will hurt me. Since I have seen ghosts a number of times, seen things have been moving, and I do not trust ugly on my buddies. My point I got to test was 30. Sad used me of Google Translate, but hope you understand. 🙂

  245. Uh i got 91.
    Every screening test i take tells me i have severe schizophrenia so do my friends.
    Should i really seem medical help?
    My parents don’t believe me, they think I’m just seeking attention.

  246. When I sit alone in my room at night I see things like shadows and I try to dismiss them as my eyes playing tricks on me but no matter what it’s like they just randomly move around the considering the fact that when I repeating previous actions it’s no longer there. I usually find myself talking to myself,I have been in numerous occasions in which I have seen a man that’s all black in rooms of my house but every time i tells a family member in my house they dismiss it. I refuse to go to sleep in the dark now because I feel it’ll get me, being able to see what is going on around me gives me closure. If I were to wake up with the door cracked open I’d sit recordkeeping an eye on the door while alerting my sister who couldn’t care less. I laugh mechanically at the worst things, it doesn’t sound like my laugh anymore. I think I need help I just don’t know how to address my problem, I don’t want her to laugh at me or tell, they both hurt equally.

  247. I also received a 70

  248. I thought it was nothing, until I saw that question with believing humans to be robots or something like that. I have always been wondering if some humans just weren’t robots instead. hmmm.

  249. Im 23 nd live im the greatest country on Earth, the beautiful and might U.S.A but was born nd grew up in a post war country that competes with its neighbor for fist place as most violent country on earth by death rates through crime. To say the least i seen more dead bodies and violence by age 6 than most adults. Abuse, neglect didnt help but i made it. I grew up a troubled, distrusting but very independent individual knowing that something was brewing in my head. I was 16 when it started showing up, by then my demons had me on full self destruction mode. Had i not inherited this from my family as i later learned, the ignorance of not knowing what was happening to me wudda killed me in the streets. For it was displayed as anger and violence. Once the voices kicked in and the few good friends that i had were suddenly viewed as threats to me, thats when i knew some big shit was happening. I embraced it, im 23 and still dealing with it without zombifying meds(dont get me wrong, meds work for some) not me, it is my resolve and unwavering will to not let this “demon” degrade the level control that ive established to keep my condition manageable, contained and hidden from everyone i know. I dont know if the voices are real and theres a grand plan, or if we just crazy. But we gotta stay strong and in control.

  250. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 12 hospitalized 6 times now I’m 19 and pregnant… can’t take any of my meds I’ve been accusing my baby daddy for using me and not wanting this baby… I’m not only that bipolar manic depression anxiety also hold me. Tonight I had a flash back from my past. When I used this one guy when I was 14 to get pregnant cause my bf couldn’t have kids my bf is in prison for 45 years he has 41 to go.. the man I used was an ex bf who in humanely tortured me then will sexually assault me til I was unable to move for a long time.. anyways he’s dead.. and I seen him as my baby daddy and jont’e looked and sounded like him he probably said something different but to me he said things he said.. I was telling my baby daddy that my bf is going to be in the baby’s life as the father that I was only using him to give him a baby like I used the guy who did bad things to me..then I realized he isn’t getting out for 41 more years then I realized that my disorder was getting worse cause I was reliving the past as being alive in one of my flash backs means I need to get on that pregnancy med before I am too far gone.. and I see my baby daddy as the horrible man that In humanely tortured me and I do something I will always regret

  251. I scored 64. I always hear a voice telling me to kill myself and when I zone now I see cute fuzzy little critters and I watch them transform into big creepy monters, I have nightmares frequently and toss and turn alot and ever since I was little I have repeated the last word I said in the last sentence I spoke. And when I was little I thought I saw car crashes when I went really fast down the road in a car and when ever we passed somwhere I thought I saw a crash I heard different voices calling out to me. The scariest time I can remember is when I saw a bunch of blood and gas and the car was so crushed by the brige. A woman screamed help my baby! Help my baby! Don’t just sit there! Do something! And I heard a baby’s cry. And then I heard nothing. And now I can’t ever seem to sleep I am too afraid something wants to hert me. And I feel hopless like no one will belive me, it’s become very clear I need help. And now I’m trying to find some, but I can’t tell my parents it would scare them too much and everyone thinks I am crazy but I’m not and I pass time by memorizing songs and I hear my name in almost every song I listen to But I can’t stop thinking mabye I should just end it all now. It would be so easy. To just die. Please help me soon. And if you know me please don’t tell me you read this and now my secrets.

  252. I scored 39 (low to moderate). I do not have any hallucinations or unusual beliefs but I have severe anxiety and feel like my vocabulary and brain is deteriorating. I can feel it physically. I can’t express myself clearly and sometimes I’ll switch or jumble words/sounds or accidentally say the opposite of what I mean.

  253. 99………. SHIT……..

    • im 12 and i scored 100

  254. I scored a 41…
    For a twelve year old. Is that normal?

    • It should be fine, considering the fact I’m the same age as you and I scored higher than the majority of other people on this test. I scored 90. I don’t think you may have schizophrenia (I’m sorry if you take this the wrong way like I did), but I think it might be hormones kicking in. They said that 31-55 was nothing to worry about and it could be a result of conspiracies you have heard, so it’s nothing to worry about. I’m sorry no-one has replied to you sooner. I hope this helps at least a bit. 🙂

  255. For a while I had an idea that I was I have problems with being in a room alone everyday I have to watch what I say because I slur my words and a lot of people do not know what I am saying and I just get really aggravated when someone tells me about it … So it didn’t surprise me when I scored a 72…. I just I’m so tired of hearing Eli in my head and all I can do anymore am watching Crime shows I have always been this way. I have an undying need to figure things out but it only aggravated me to the point where I’m curled up and I can’t even explain why I’m so upset. I have been perfectly fine then I will look over at my wall and go back to talking and I have been told that I will randomly start getting very agitated and start getting snarky with them to the point where I push people away because they just don’t understand I has scared me and even know I don’t understand why I can’t be in a room alone without hallucinating I have 2 different voices in my head They are Eli and Lilith. Eli is my aggressive and dominate side some days he takes over and I can’t remember anything the longest he’s done this is a week and that was my freshman year now being a sophomore I can control things better but I am still scared I can’t always have control.

    • ok look, I’m not really a doctor but i have been to 8 psych wards and i know a lot about the medicines out there and i know that i too have problems like making up personality disorder, know don’t think when i say your different personalities can’t be cured, when what I’m really trying to say is they can’t be cured with medicine, you can see a therapist and theres probably going to be much talk of your early years in life, or maybe you just don’t have much to do and one day you decided to make personalities, idk your story or history but what i do know is that like 90% of schizos are very artistic and i think you are because it takes a lot of imagination to do that, I’ve been there having 3-5 hour conversations with my voices that lasted over 3 months… just know that it goes away with understanding and know its a good sign that your voices are going away, and I’m going to tell you something it has to be you that knows the severity of your situation so please take a step back and analyze yourself ands your thoughts, know the changes… you said it seems to be getting better well remember what that feels like in case it gets worse for a sort of reference into your mind states ………medicine is not the cure your mentality is,

  256. I got a 83. that make me scared. I just want the people to go away I want others to see them too. My doctor make me write down what I hear and see. The more I write the more it scares me. I feel like there is all ways someone over my shoulder even as I speak. I just want them to leave me alone. I don’t want to see people killing themselves or voice telling me to do things. Why are they in my life in my world. This has to be some sick book.

  257. I scored a beautiful number 95 on this test. Does that make me looney? Ha ha it almsost seema I might be. I hear voices in te back of me and the front, they tell me things like I have groat powers and they dont undefstank my problem and im fine and I am the only one here on earth and I am!! The test is right it really is, all my friends are robots tey ddont under stand myb life they see rightthrew me they laugh at me they say I do on. T have powers but oh I do the test is wro on g the test is wrong I am ok I am fine its all good I need to stop by my mums house on the way to the funny frm to bid her good bye I feel so good they dont know they dont know they dont know tey dont know they dont know thy dontt know they dont know thy dont kno

  258. I don’t want to ‘get better’. My friends don’t want to go away. I like my friends. I don’t want them to ever leave me. They don’t want to leave either. They’ll make me forgerthem. I don’t want to forget them. I got a 79% on my test. We have so much fun. We don’t need others. They’ll hurt us. We have adventures. Who’s playing me in my game? They they must hate me. Everybody else seems to. I gotta go. Bud needs me real quick.

  259. I scored 90 points, as I did on many other tests. They all say I am likely to have schizophrenia. None of my family members and many of my friends don’t believe me and they all shrug it off as hormones. I’m a twelve year old. I hear vivid voices that no-one else does. I talk to nothing sometimes and certain things support my theory that everything is just in my imagination and nothing actually exists. I don’t talk to many of my family members, have lost contact with my counselor and I only feel like I can talk to certain teachers and my best friend. I believe I have powers, such as healing and wind control and only one person believes me; my best friend. I am afraid to tell others about these things, for they might outcast me even more than before and tell me I’m crazy, earning me even more nicknames. I think I’m a werewolf for some reason and that I’m immortal because of me almost dying when I was little and my enhanced senses. I often come out with random outbursts of anger and violence for no apparent reason and some words, phrases or people set me off. I have seen dead people and I talk to them; I’ve seen shadows lurking around my house and following me. I recognise them as my dead relatives and sometimes even dead or alive pets. I have a sick, twisted mind and nothing “disturbing” will disturb me. I hear voices that I can’t understand, as if they’re a mixture of both female and male voices that are reversed and they are giving me warnings about things or advice I will need. My eyes change colour when I’ve been annoyed for a long period of time. For example, my eye colour is normally a bluish-grey, but streaks of yellow come out and almost take over the colouring of my iris when I’m annoyed for a long period of time. I make up phrases that make no sense, mix up my words, even when thinking, when I write, sometimes I write a letter that isn’t in the word. I also stumble over my speech and repeat the first words of a sentence, even though I know what I’m going to say. I often have random outbursts, like laughing at inappropriate times or for no reason, and by inappropriate I mean both at an innuendos and at violence. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, I have sudden outbursts of terror and worry over nothing and I experience dramatic changes in my social life. My parents have become worried because I’ve been quiet recently and I’m usually loud, random and funny. I act no different around close friends, but in class, around my family and around not-so-close friends, I’ve been acting anti-social, quiet and withdrawn. I go from subject to subject in my conversations, bringing something up that I have not talked about for a few days and I procrastinate a lot, even if I really want to get that thing done. I change my words a lot, especially when I’ve already said them, making the situation awkward yet oddly hilarious.I have almost an addictive personality, ranging from bizarre ones such as peeling off my own skin to common ones like playing certain games, certain music or YouTube in general. I trust my friends and sine teachers more than I trust my own family, probably because I talk to them more. Recently, I have become depressed for no reason and have become addicted to creepy music and unsettling things that involve blood and I laugh at them. I feel sorry for ever single little mistake I’ve made and proud of certain massive mistakes I’ve made and ashamed at the rest. I feel like my family and friends are constantly being abusive towards me and I have become incredibly short-tempered recently.
    Sorry for the long comment, but I hope that someone will take the time to read it and consider how I feel on a daily basis. I’m too scared to tell even my counselor about any of this or get any help because I’m afraid of being sent to an asylum away from everyone and outcast from everyone else. Do any of you know help I can get for all of this without phoning any psychiatrists or leaving my house to tell anyone living in person?

    • hi Dee. I really cant offer you any experience in the matter (if you read the comment down you will hear my story) but Ive been to a mental hospital (for severedepression severeanxiety mood problems suicidalness and so forth blah blah blah anyways) and during my two month stay I saw a few I would guess schizophrenic kids and it wasnt like they were locked in there for internity. Sure their recovery was slower but during the time I could really see their progress and they had family and friends coming over and I even saw a schizophrenic girl from the emergency ward I was at first move up to the ummm… I guess like a ward for continuing care and finally getting released. I would say the best thing you could do is either talk to your thearpist or whatever or like a teacher and tell them because this can only be cured by medication and long term therapy basically like every single mental disorder. Ive been struggling with depression for two and a half years and now all this new shit is going on and im a wreck. Get help. Without it you wont be going far. There is no quick fix. And the fix is fucking hell and you will hate it but in the end when you are recovered you will feel awesome. Oooor you might end up committing suicide which is what im planning and why im not telling anyone. Your choice make it count. Im just a tired lazyass bastard who is selfish but has no self worth and is tired of trying but you seem like you could have a good battle in you that you might just win. Who knows. 😉 only time will tell. (Sorry bout my humor Im not feeling like a very good person atm so ignore my dickness and selfhate) take care and hopefully you will get better in the future. Oh and btw get diagnosed now so you know what u are up against and you can start fighting and taking steps towards recovery. Stay safe. ~~~^~~~ [<- thats ashark. I like sharks :D]

  260. i did two test one from the point of me being as norma as i can be and I got 40 and the i did one from the pov of me being on one of my episodes or someshit and i got 61 i have no fucking clue what is going on in me im lost as fuck. I have thse hours lasting episodes and I feel watced im super paranoid i hear these echoes in my head and i feel like ppl and things can see my thoughts and i know that fucking satan is watching me and the echoes want to hurt me im all panicked and anxious and paranoid and it all seems so real and its the worst thing ever. And then it lasts for like a few hours and then its like coming down from a high except its actually coming up from the worst shit ever. After that the real world surrounds me and i feel everything is fake but im glad it ended and i like believe all the things but i try not to think about them because it sometimes triggers an other one. Ive had these for a few months and now theyre becoming more frequent and no one knows except my bf who lives in an other country soo yeah Ive been diagnosed with severe depression and a mood disorder and i have bipolar syptoms but all this is new shit and im fucking scared to death like i do not want to go back to the hospital and i dont want to fucking tell anyone because ive caused so much shit already to everyone and i havent even talked to my therapist about my severe anxiety because im too anxious and I could never tell about this but lord knows this is only going to get worse isnt it?!

  261. I scored a 41. I used to be in this huge “I’m totally schizophrenic there’s no doubt about it” phase, almost like I wanted to be. Last year I took this quiz and I scored a 57, I think. I’m not sure but I wrote a comment on here on July 11, 2015.
    Anyways, I’m not even sure I have symptoms or not. I really only took this again because I heard whispers last night and I’ve never really heard whispers before… I’ve heard things like my dog running up the stairs even though she didn’t and the doorbell ringing. Both of these no one else heard and it was kind of scary. As for the whispers, I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but it felt like whatever it was was right next to my ear talking to me. I had to sleep with the TV on so it wouldn’t happen again.
    I don’t know, it really sounds like nothing. It probably really is nothing and I’m just being overdramatic again and I probably just want something to be wrong with me. Could someone maybe talk to me about this? I want to figure out if I really am having schizophrenic symptoms or not.

  262. Number 17? that was just rude, you put it into my head right after I read it, I was thinking “Why would he say that unless it had some truth to it? he must have known it would set off someone with schitzophrenia”

    Got giggles out of it later so it’s all good, but seriously. Bad.

    • LOL ikr that scared the living shit out of me XDDDDD but it is tecnically true tho, check out Snowden’s shit

  263. Hello there , i scored 78 , i really have many symptoms , i did all the tests actually in the internet , i know before that i have different types of disorders like schizophrenia , multiple personalities also Obsessive–compulsive disorder ,, i know that i should see doctor , but it’s hard even in thinking about it 🙁

    thank you

  264. anyone else notice one question was on there twice?

    Got 44.

    • Oh, my Glaux! I did too! You are very observant.

  265. I scored a 73,I am 19 and I’ve had some of the symptoms for as long as I can remember but I have recently been hearing two voices after my grandfathers death. One is named Mark (He is very nice and kind. hes like talking to an old friend) While the other one doesnt have a name, so Mark and I agreed to call it No Name. No Name can be a bit mean, it tells me how God doesnt care about women and sees us only as helpers to men. which kind of depresses me.
    But, I dont want to talk to anyone about it because I dont want to be labeled as “Crazy” and I dont want to end up in the “loony bin”

  266. earlier I posted one. scratch what I saidabout not hearing voices. His name is Jason. I used to hear him all the time, but about one year ago, he said he was leaving, but promised to be back. he is really kind and told me he is an angel.

  267. Hmmm… I got 67.
    Before knowing what Schizophrenia was I’d put the blame of the voices in my head on ghosts and they were behind other minor things like cold water on my shower.
    Now that I learnt a bit more about this illness I think I might have it, and I feel like thinking the ghosts were behind stuff like that was perhaps a delusion?

    Either way my mom thinks I’m just being stupid or playing crazy and that I have no reasons to be the way I am but I still convinced her to by the end of the month take me seeing a doc. I still feel kinda anxious about it but I guess I’ll try it.

  268. My mother has schizophrenia. I know it is hard for her and I can only imagine how much so, when I feel the pain of her going through it myself.

    I have learned a lot, but I did not come here to write a bio. I read through a few of the comments.

    If you suspect you have schizophrenia, please get help. Taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give a family member.

    I really felt the need to respond, because I know that stress is a trigger. The more stress you feel, the more symptoms occur; meaning the more scattered your thoughts are, the more broken your sentences are, the stronger anxiety you have inside and out.

    The best thing you can do for yourself, outside of medical treatment, is to identify triggers to stress and learn how to either avoid the triggers (nearly impossible) or try to reduce them.

    I cannot speak for everyone, but my mom is one of the most generous and loving people I know. Many of my friends and family members are very supportive in the sense that they treat my mother as they would treat anyone else. I say this because I hope that some of you (that think they may have this disorder) will see that people do care about you no matter what life brings to the table..

    Please be well.

  269. I scored a 91… I started to hear voices in middle school but the hallucinations began in high school. I’m afraid to tell my mom because she’ll think I’m lying or that she messed up as a mother and I don’t want her to feel that.. I want to tell someone but I know they won’t believe me… I’m actually scared of posting this because I fear that you will say that I’m not suffering anything and that I’m making less of a serious problem that people suffering from. I’m sorry if I’m making less of something so serious… Please don’t hate me.

    • Don’t worry. As you can see, so many others are suffering the same. Including me. But you get used to it.

  270. I got a 34. i hear voices in my head that tell me I’m a mistake and i should kill myself. I’ve had a panic attack while hearing foot steps when i was home alone. Ever since I was little when i listened to music or watched TV i thought someone called my name when they didn’t. I’ll see things out the corner of my eye like black demons coming to kill me. i’m very panicky and am scared that someone or some type of demon is going to grab me while im in the dark. I feel like i’m being watched constantly. I’ve always felt very nervous and panicky if i make a loud noise and i’m home alone. Please tell me if somethings wrong with me. I’m scared and i’m also pretty sure i have depression.

  271. I’m 12 and I scored a 100 and I tried to tell my mom and dad, but they don’t believe me and I can’t talk to my school counselors because they don’t ever take me seriously. What should I do?

    • im actually going through the same thing but know one believes me, and its gotten so bad that i found myself in love with the joker

  272. i have schizophrenia but the test showed me having a 6

  273. I got a fifty-four on this test and I see stuff out of the corner of my eye I have four voices in my head one is really quit and I always feel like someone is watching me and I get really nervous I am also antisocial since forever and these voices started when I first moved beacause ,my father was in the military and I was and still am very bad at making friends I doesn’t help that my younger sister would pick on me for it or that my mother criticizes me for everything I do and I do have some friends just a small group but they won’t be able to understand and I don’t want to tell anyone for the fear of my mother and sister messing with me on it or the pitying glances my friends and family will give me but I do hear voices in my head yelling cruel things towards me and it terrifies me when that happens for when they leave me alone for a few days is nice but they come back with double the force as before and it is quit irritating when you are trying to do work in math class and you hear someone arguing in your mind especially when you are talking so I am not sure if I should tell someone or if I should just keep it to myself.

    • I scored a 61, but believe its worse. I can see death most of the time in my dreams. Im that messed up kid at my school, which know one likes. The friends I do hangout with are also messed up. We our a hated group of people. My school is an ass and just doesn’t understand me. My teachers all give me a hard time. I have suicidal thoughts either when others doubt me or when I think others are doubting me. I hate social groups. Others think they can help, but instead they can’t. My parents have had two talks with me. They think its helping, but it doesn’t it puts more ******* stress on me. Making me doubt myself even more. I am a mood changing person, but I always am postive. If someone get the wrong idea about me and starts telling everyone then I get ****** and fight them. When mad or angry I know how to twist a neck and break it. People, the good people think their helping. No! NO! NO! They are making their eneimes not us. THey call me crazy, no im just simply psycho also when technoloy came out I got even more ****** up when P**n started up. That is stopping now and thats out of the way, but now that im going into highschool things will and shall get worse. That school could be my death place. P.S. Dont send me any help im working on it! -_-

  274. I am 13, and I got a relatively low 30, but I am experiencing many of the “negative” symptoms, and a few of the “positives”. I am waiting for my parents to notice that something’s wrong, but they most likely are assuming that lt’s “just a teenager thing.” I bring up schizophrenia ln almost all of our conversations, trying to get them to look lt up. I often experience the delusion that seems common among schizophrenics, that characters from books, movies, ect. are real, and everyone else is not. I lrrationally believe that only those close to me are real, and this universe ls fake, and we belong ln another.

  275. I also feel the need to constantly check all forms of online communication that l participate ln. I check my email, school chat client, Skype, ect. multiple times a day, averaging out to about 6 times a day. I am positive that checking them this often, while others at my school check once a week. I will be back ln this forum at least twice later today.

    • You’re developing… 13 years old. are you kidding? I do not wish to be rude, but why are you torturing yourself? You are listing out all of the ideas that you KNOWINGLY associate with schizophrenic behavior, yet you cling to them as if you wish to claim it as your identity? True sufferers are typically UNWILLINGLY forced into psych wards on T.D.O’s or involuntary detainment due to symptoms that are “disrupting daily functioning” for their life or others. or they end up in jails because their mental health may be overlooked. They don’t go purusing the internet to find validation of what it is that makes them unique or different. While you’re developing, keep in mind that you can choose what to believe in. You don’t need a diagnosis to be different. We are unique enough as individuals – with or without the world of psychiatric labels. remember that

  276. Ha… I can’t even trust the results of this test…
    The voices tormenting me are my own. My delusions have nothing to do with magic or spirits. Just one sadistic author and a wall I cannot break. I don’t have magic powers, I’m just slightly less than sane…

  277. Uh, I’m 13 and I scored a 92 on this. Is that bad? Well, not as bad as 100. I mean, I know it’s bad, and I’ve had it for, like, a two years now, along with a bunch of other disorders — am I telling too much? — but it doesn’t make me feel that concerned. I don’t think it’s bad. Although, I know I should. The voice(s) in my head are comforting, in a way. Does that sound weird? I know it does. I’m a psychopath. Alugh.
    Does anyone else think something in their mind but then counter-argue themselves? I do that all the time. And I really want to speak to someone, to tell them all my jumbled up thoughts, because I really want someone to just understand me, even though I don’t understand me. I don’t want my parents knowing.
    But I’m doing fine. So that’s good, -ish. Is anybody out there kind of like me and is still sane and happy? I mean, I know there’s, like, thousands but I just want one of them to talk to me.

  278. I only scored 24 and I am an absolute fruit cake! This test either doesn’t touch base on enough variables or I am suffering with something else! Either way I need fucking help before I blow a gasket and end up in some serious shit! I have multiple personalities that show themselves in specific situations. I see into everything very deeply and extremely quickly, before a conversation is finished I have already worked out every conceivable ending, answer and solutions! I don’t like being around a lot of people and I talk to myself constantly, I need to find the keys as to unlock the doors and gain more knowledge. I play chess constantly as to amass a more powerful strategy as the key holders are very clever and are constantly evolving the game.. Ive lost my train of thought, sorry.

  279. I scored 16… I’m autistic and ADD, I was just curious because I know there is some cross over in some of the symtoms with social skills and cognitive behaviours and was just seeing what I would scored…. There’s not as much cross over as I thought. But word of advise, I had been mis diagnosed with Bipolar for a very long time. When I was question by a very close family friend that’s known me since I was 6 now 30 and my phycologist questioned it I did the AQ10 online screening test for ASD and I score 220, I needed to score 75 and above to be considered on the spectrum and I and the test was right.
    So if you have scored high and answered honestly on this test and are having difficulties please I erge you to go to your Doctor to refer you on to get diagnosed and the help you need, my mum didnt want to hear about the struggles I have, from 20 years old, I had to figure myself out all on my own, no support. I know how hard it is for me with autism, ADD and all the sensory processing that comes along with the autism day in and out but I could not imagine what it would like the be dealing with some of the things that people on the schizophrenia spectrum have to deal with. Dont stop and one doctor unless you find a fantastic one first up, as expensive as it gets, it’s worth find that right one. I wish all you guys that are undiagnosed or self diagnosed all the best in getting the help and support you need. ??

  280. I scored a 32. I used to smoke a lot of weed but I honestly don’t think that is the reasoning for my symptoms. I think the paranoia has to do with my weed smoking but I havent smoked weed in almost a year. Also, I hear voices of my mother judging my mistakes and people around me commenting on my hypocritical actions (like claiming to be healthy, but I smoke cigarettes). I also have conversations with people to fantasize about what I would say. I also have the delusion that the guy that I love who has rejected me three times will one day realize he loves me and we will meet again one day. I have paraboid thoughts that there is always someone watching and judging me, and Im scared to get naked in my room or masturbate because I think that my male roommate has put cameras in my room. As he has come on to me multiple times and made me feel uncomfortable. I have a. Extreme associating problem where I will see a color or a car or a person and completely associate them to someone else that I know. And recently the most frightening thought Ive been obessessing over is a fear of pedophilia. Sometimes my groin makes twitches when I am in the presence of children or when someone says the word “kid” and I wonder why my body did that and what does that mean. And rhen I go in worldwind of self hate, judgment and shame. I also frequently think that people can hear these things that I think which makes it even worse. I was having sex with someone and was hatung every bit of it, I thought they could hear my thought of pure misery but they never stopped and then I became disguisted with myself for making myself go through that. But then the though arose where the people I was having sex with ( all at once) knew that I was nothing and then I would feel like maybe I was just here to.be uaed and that my misery or discomfort of things was just like something I deserved for something bad I did. I think that I do have some symptoms of schizophrenia but I think I also have major other problems like perfectionism, low self esteem, need for affection, approval
    approval, and attention. And I feel like Im an adult stuck in the mindset of a child due to terrible parenting. What do you guys think? Do any of you expeience any of the same issues.

    • Not at all at once!!!! But people that I knew!!

    • You’re growing up and you’ve been hurt a lot in life. Allow yourself to grow, focus on the positive. Listen to your subconscious ! It seems like you’re experiencing some sort of cognitive dissonance – most likely because you’re engaging in areas of life that you know you should not. So, your moral compass is telling you to go North, you read it, and walk South. The “voice” comes in, and after time and time of neglecting it, it gets angrier. hypocrital – name calling, self hate. Know that someone will love you, despite all you’ve been through.

  281. I scored 87 .-.

  282. I scored a 60. I get scared when I’m alone in my house and think someone’s so trying to hurt me. I always say ‘ don’t judge me’ whenever I do something, in fear of , you know, being judged. I hear voices in my head, I dint know where they’re coming from. Sometimes my mind thinks that I’m not really living, that my life is like a movie or something. Other times, I talk to myself, and ask questions to me. I always answer back, as if I was 2 people. Sometimes I give a name to my other ‘ self ‘ and talk to them like we were siblings. I get scared when walking in a slightly dark street, for fear of being killed or abducted. I get angry at inanimate things, like my dryer, my bed, my hairbrush. My mood changes so quickly I don’t even realize it until later. I used to think that cutting my wrist would take away the pain inside me. I have had dreams about school shootings, and murders to me or my family. Be written stories absentmidley about people being kidnapped,killed, or they are in a war. I draw things I wouldn’t normally draw, such as black, boring eyes in the center of my page. I write things in the corners of my notebooks like ” make it stop ” or ” let me die ” I don’t believe in Jesus anymore, because o thought before he could help me, but he never did. I always think someone’s watching me, and I get worried that someone will try talking to me at times that I don’t want to talk. If someone does talk to me duri one of those phases, I get angry, and yell “I’m fine ” I feel like I’m being controlled by something inside me. Somethi once told me ” when you get home, you’re gonna take your razor and slit it weight down your arm. ” I tried to do it to, even though I didn’t want to.

  283. i scored a 95

    • I became friends with someone, unaware initially that they had schizophrenia. I knew something was wrong when he lashed out at me really bad for not being able to do everything he “needs” me to do for him. He survived 40+ years on this earth without me. Why am I so crucial now? Because I’m the only one who continued to put up with his severe anger outbursts at ME, the only person I’ve seen to try to help this guy. He’s blaming me for every single thing in his life. For instance, he asked if I could pick up a nebbulizer that day. I said, “no, I can’t today but will be happy to get it tomorrow. He said it had to be today or never. So I can only be in one place at a time, so I told him there was no way I could get it today. Yet he sends me this 4 page letter of all the ways I have failed to meet HIS needs in our friendship. I had to walk away from the friendship because I was tired of being chastized to death and made to feel like a piece of crap. I don’t know if those are common traits in schizophrenia, but I’m out. Can’t. I am battling my own serious health issues (which he dismisses or downplays them). I am having my f-ing colon removed. I don’t have time for this “friend”. I’d rather be completely friendless than to subject myself to that monster again. I’m not saying that all schizophrenic’s can behave monstrously, but now that I’ve experienced it, never again. Oh, and he’s divinity of course. Thinks he’s God’s grandson and says he is only the 2nd person who ever saw God face to face. Now he says he’ll be homeless again and somehow it’s MY FAULT? I didn’t even know this person a year ago. I’ve never had such horrible things said to me by anyone in my life. If he actually SAW God face to face and was the next Messiah, I wouldn’t expect such behavior. I don’t care what delusions of grandeur anyone has (none of them are true by the way), but I’ll be damned if I ever befriend another schizophrenic, narcissistic or Borderline Personality Disordered friend again. Confused why God made their brains think they are divine beings when they are obviously NOT. I give up. I can’t take anymore abuse from this guy who thinks he is so damn superior and truly he’s acting like a piece of shit. I blocked him and no longer give a flying f what happens with his life after he’s threatened mine and, I’m sorry for these words, but he truly is crazy. If schizophrenics aren’t crazy, then who the hell IS? You think you’re the “chosen one” or next Messiah? Aren’t you so f-ing special. What in the world makes you think you are any more important, special, or spiritual than the rest of us? Because you hear voices? Trust me, they aren’t voices from God. Please get help if you scored anything on this test. None of those are normal thoughts, beliefs or behaviors. Get to a psychiatrist, tell him/her the truth and get some medication and TAKE IT! Why the f do schizophrenics always refuse their meds? No, Not crazy at all. If you’ve threatened to hurt someone or have hurt someone due to violence, words, whatever, please get help. Not just for your sake, but for the people who have to be around you. It’s not fair to them to be beaten down and abused.

  284. I scored a 87 . im always earing static around me and people calling out my name and sometimes i see things around me that others dont see

  285. I scored 26 which suggests that I do not have many or no symptoms of schizophrenia according to this test which is very interesting.

    In the past I have struggled maintaining a clear mind when in class, sometimes I was completely unable to understand the Teacher as he was speaking because the thoughts in my head were getting really loud. After a while, I realised that I was just overcontemplating it because I was nervous about upcoming tests. I passed it with 96% just so you know.

    There has been a time where I thought I was heard a voice in my head that was judging my appearance. I remember hearing a voice out of the blue whilst I was walking that said “that boy is standing too tall” clearly reffering to me; for a minute I thought I was getting schiz but I looked around and in the distance was a girl pointing at me about 100 feet away who tried to hide her face as I caught her. Not a voice in my head that was judging me but a girl instead… I’m not sure which is easier to understand… I think the voice might have been a littler easier.

    When I got home that day, I tried figuring out how the hell I even heard her and I found that our auditory perception can hear sounds as low as 0.5db which is very quiet. From this bit of info, I can induce that it was more likely that I heared a voice from a long distance away rather than hearing a voice in my head. Regardless, I’m either now less remarkable or my brain doesn’t tune in to sounds that far away anymore because it never happened to me again.

    For the people who have schizophrenia, I personally think that it may even have a purpose that only you alone can understand. When you think about it, schizophrenia is being caused by some part of you, maybe you need to take the time to understand it, but I’m not a doctor.

  286. I scored a 2. Funny enough I have Schizophrenia already and am on medication. But because I am on meds I experience virtually none of the symptoms except for lack of motivation (a negative symptom). I probably would have scored much higher had I taken this during my psychotic episode 2 years ago.

  287. If anyone is still allowing themselves to grow, distance yourself from any classification. You’re own “diagnosis” should be that you are a human who operates on a spectrum of ideas and emotions. Most of the comments appear to be from pre-teens to young adults, and if that is the case, why not allow your brain to grow? if in your late 20’s you are still choosing to lay focus to the innocuous quarks that come with being a human being (disruptive thought process, auditory hallucinations, etc.), then you may only be inhibiting yourself… I am not discrediting psychiatric disorders, or the help that can come along with proper intervention, but my Father. Some of these comments are ridiculous. WE ARE HUMANS! Wherever you invest your care and time (worrying about being schizophrenic) is where you will find yourself in life. Unless you are severely schizophrenic, then the reality will be forced upon you – not willingly walked into courtesy of an internet quiz. best of luck people. I love you