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Reasons to Be Thankful for Schizophrenia!

Reasons to Be Thankful for Schizophrenia!

It might seem like a strange concept to even consider being thankful for schizophrenia, but with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us in the United States, it’s a chance for us to try to view life from a positive point of view. We all have reasons to be grateful and appreciative, and if we can anchor ourselves in that sense of contentment and peacefulness, then we will feel so much better!

So what do us schizophrenics have to be thankful about? I mean, isn’t schizophrenia a horrible illness that causes so much grief and sorrow? It definitely is. But let’s give it a whirl and see if we can find something positive about our situation. Of course, not everyone is the same and we don’t mean to minimize anyone’s symptoms or ignore or make light of the horrible features of something like catatonic schizophrenia. We just wish you the best Thanksgiving holiday possible!

Schizophrenia Offers a Magical Look at the World

How many people wish the world was less bland and more full of magic and wonder? Well, many of us have that! Our experiences are nothing less than that of a person walking through a fantastical and mystical world. Derealization, depersonalization, hallucinations, and even some delusions if we can keep them in check can add a huge touch of wonder and amazement to life. Try embracing these symptoms and see if you can find some aspect of them you can actually enjoy. Not resisting them may even make them reduce in intensity.

Schizophrenia Puts Us In Touch With Reality

That might sound backwards to some people, but think about it. Tons of people live life on autopilot with little self-awareness. Before they know it, they are 70 years old and wondering what happened. But those of us dealing with schizophrenia truly understand the preciousness of every moment, and although we may be hyper-aware or hypervigilant about things, we are alive, awake, and aware every moment. This is what most spiritual traditions are all about achieving. We definitely do not take things for granted!

We Find Out Who Really Cares

I’ve heard more people than I can count say something like, “I wish I could watch my funeral when I die and see how people really react and what they are really thinking.” People want to know who loves them truly. They want to know who would really pull through and be there for them when things get rough. We as schizophrenia sufferers know. Sometimes we can be a burden on our family and friends, and maybe even some of them abandoned us in a time of need. But there are those who didn’t. We are fortunate to know who our real friends are!

We Are Super Creative Individuals

People dealing with schizophrenia are possibly the most creative people on the planet. From fiction stories to painting or drawing, we come up with the most amazing, colorful, intricate, and complex ideas known to man (my favorite example Louis Wain’s Cats). We push to the forefront and fringes of consciousness and come back with these cool ideas for “normal” people to experience and find joy in. We are creative and can share that experience with others!

What Else Can We Be Thankful For?

I welcome you guys to help brainstorm more things we can be thankful for in the comments of this post. I’m sure there’s so much I can’t even think of that you guys might have more insight into. What else can we be thankful for during this great holiday season? Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. This article made me feel so much better. I have paranoid schizophrenia and I can relate and agree with everything in this article!

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