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Below are links to artwork that we have gathered or have been submitted to Schiz Life.  They have been drawn and painted by our very own!  Some of them are pictures that we have chosen that match poetry or stories that touched us and helped us understand.  Each picture can be clicked to either see a larger version of it, or clicked so that you will be taken to the post where we have not only originally shared it, but talked, commented, and given commentary about it.  The author or artist may submit notes that go along with the art, so if you find one you like in particular, make sure to click through and check out the details!  Each image takes you to the proper page that has many more images by the same artist.  If you like the cover image, you’ll love all of the other ones too!

And without further ado….

Schizophrenia Art

schizophrenia art art
schizophrenia artwork artwork
schizophrenic art Fairiy-Fellers-Master-Stroke1
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